Comedy Barn Amazing Animals Show : Helping Sevier County Humane Society

Yesterday, the Fee /Headrick Family Entertainment Group once again demonstrated great heart for our community as it rescued the Sevier County Humane Society. The organization was in danger of closing doors to new animals due to a lack of funds. Instead of closing indefinitely, the Humane Society received timely help from the Comedy Barn. I was able to see this happen first-hand and was quite touched by the donation. Here is what happened.

It was lucky that we only had to work a half -day yesterday so I could attend the special benefit show at 2:00 at the Comedy Barn. I saw the full page ad in the newspaper that morning so I wanted to do something to help the animal shelter.


I especially liked the wording within the ad because it used inclusive language. “Let’s save our animal shelter together.” “Our furry friends can’t ask. But we can!”     The ad was very well done and made us feel included in the benefit.



This blog will tell about good news for the shelter as well as my assessment of the new show, Amazing Animals. (It is very good!)

First, I arrived to find the parking lot full. In addition, I was glad to see a crowd of people milling around the lobby, especially for just 2:00 in the afternoon. I could not find a space so I nervously parked in the front near the street. Fingers were crossed that I wouldn’t get a parking ticket.


FYI. This was my first visit to the Comedy Barn so I didn’t know that you can also park around the Happy Days Restaurant and near the next hotel. Keep that in mind!


I LOVE animals so it was an easy decision to come to this show to benefit the shelter. The cashier merely asked for a donation. You could choose any seat you liked so an aisle seat was my preference. It looked like a big crowd so I hoped that the shelter would be able to earn sufficient money for their  needs. All proceeds from tickets/donations, concessions, show DVDs, and toys sold during the show were to be matched  by the Comedy Barn. I was hopeful.


Amazingly, good news was announced during the intermission. David Fee and Jim Headrick took the microphone to address the audience. They explained that the Amazing Animals Show uses rescue animals and stated their support for the Sevier County Animal Shelter board, employees, and volunteers. However, they warned that shelter would need continued support from the community to keep it running. We need to donate as we can.

Next, David Fee revealed that the Comedy Barn was able to match the funds for a total of a $50,000 donation. That is amazing! It will help the shelter stay open for the next few weeks. Humane Society Board of Directors President Martha Gilchrist appeared overwhelmed with gratitude. She is pictured below in the blue T-shirt.


The current shelter is in a 42 year old building. I have seen a Youtube Video of it and look forward to seeing them move into a new building some day. Frankly, some parts of it look like a biohazard area. The organization has been patient and will some day have a new facility. Click this link to see the current facility and their situation.

I have seen a video of the shelter before so the good news from David Fee was uplifting and exciting.


At the end of the show, I was able to go out to the lobby to meet others associated with the Humane Society and two of their furry friends.


The presentation of the real check for $50,000 soon followed. I wish that I had a picture of that!


Humane Society Board of Directors President Martha Gilchrist with David Fee.

David Fee stated that his family had adopted their animal from a shelter so they have a appreciation of the work done by the Humane Society. He also got a chance to tell more to WBIR TV in a live remote broadcast. It was interesting to watch so I stood quietly nearby to see it happen live. I would have been terribly nervous, but they were pros.




WBIR TV story link

The Sevier County Humane Society will still need our help. Donations to the Sevier County Humane Society may be made using these links.

As for the Amazing Animals show, I ended up staying for the whole thing. I was entertained and found myself laughing out loud. I laughed at animal tricks. I giggled at the ventriloquist’s quips. I chuckled at the antics of the cast. And I chortled at the funny things that audience volunteers did during the performances. I have already texted my sister that we must bring my niece and nephews here for an Amazing Animal show this summer.

They tape each show so you can buy a DVD of the performance. If your child or another family member should end up in the show then you will have a chance to buy a copy and show all your friends. A true memento. The 20 minute intermission allows the audience to not only stretch their legs, but to buy toys and interact with the cast and a few animals from the show. There are photo opportunities.

I will show only a few pictures here in order to maintain the surprises that you are sure to experience during a performance of Amazing Animals.


Can you see the white cockatoo flying over the heads of the audience? (Look in the center of the picture.)


The ventriloquist was humorous and well utilized in the show. There are some surprises that I really enjoyed!     I’m not telling!


Dog show!  They are so comical and lively. The dogs didn’t miss their mark. I loved the little feisty brown and white one pictured above.

My favorite performance was the finale with the house cats. I have never seen anything like these cats. What tricks! Acrobats!

The animal trainers are exceptional. Well done.

And there is much more. More, more amazing animals.

In summary, it warmed hearts to see the concern shown to the most vulnerable in our community—homeless animals. David Fee,  Jim Headrick, and their employees deserve the highest commendation for their generous and benevolent support of our county. Even though they are known for their altruism, this result was stunning. We are blessed to have them here. Equally, we are blessed to have a chapter of the Humane Society here, working hard to give homeless pets a second chance.

So if you get a chance this summer, go enjoy the Amazing Animals show at the Comedy Barn with your family.

It is an excellent place to get out and about




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