Formal Treasures, From the Heart

Proms, weddings, cruises, Derby parties, debutante events, and more…Treasures From the Heart has a dress for you. Located at 230 Court Avenue, Treasures From the Heart is only a block or so from the Sevier County courthouse and very walkable from downtown. In fact, it was quite busy on Saturday. Here is the story about our photo shoot to highlight the beautiful dresses at this special store.

I made my first visit to Treasures From the Heart last August at the behest of my friend Elaine, a volunteer on Fridays. She told me that it is the only thrift store in town from which all funds benefit citizens in Sevier County. The store was extremely nice and I was impressed with it all. One thing caught my attention though—the collection of beautiful special occasion dresses! I had seen an article in the Mountain Press last year about these special dresses and remembered it immediately. Elaine said that some ladies in town would come to buy a dress for a cruise there because the prices were so good and they may only wear it one time. Most prices that I saw were under $30.

Now that spring approaches, there will be all kinds of special occasions to attend so you need to know about the ‘formal treasures, from the heart’ at this store. I asked a  friend, Danyelle Bledsoe, who is also a local photographer, if she could help me. Owner of DB Photography, Danyelle donated her time and expertise to benefit Treasures From the Heart, capturing the beauty of the special occasion dresses on Saturday. Many thanks to her for donating her time and expertise.

Here is a link to her Facebook page.


We had a great time. Here is what we found last Saturday.

First, it became quickly obvious that there were a lot more nice dresses than I was expecting so we improvised with three models from three age ranges: teenager, young adult, mature lady with style. The two dressing rooms are very good so we were able to set up quickly. Danyelle styled and posed all the shots and it was so much fun. She is truly talented!







You need to try things on that are not your size because there were a lot of surprises. Most ladies know that sizes are ‘relative.’ Different sizes depending on the maker and designer. For example, the dress above is actually a 14 and several sizes above what I wear now, but the jacket tied and made it fit almost perfectly. I didn’t want to take it off! Shoes by Capezio. So experiment with sizes. You will be surprised.


Loved this one! We called it the ‘show stopper!’ It won’t be there long so act quickly!

img_3572This dress was so comfortable. Some lady will feel like a queen in this one.



A dropped waist, elegant black gown. Looks like an Instagram fashion blogger shot.


We fell in love with this gown. Danyelle said that it looks vintage. Divine!


And there are more! There were too many to try on in one day. Go try them yourself. You will have a great time looking at everything. I advise bringing friends to help.

Before we left, we looked at the wedding dresses and were amazed. They are in pristine condition. One was only $98 compared to thousands that some people will pay.




This one is so regal!


The train on this dress is several feet long. We discussed how it could be a dress on “The Bold and the Beautiful” or “Young and the Restless” on daytime TV.



Jewelry! This was lovely.


And shoes.


You can find formal and special attire all here at Treasures From the Heart.

Great things happen when you collaborate. Danyelle took wonderful photos, styled them, and came up with the name for this blog story as well. The photoshoot was great fun so I can only imagine the excitement when DB Photography does a photo shoot at an outdoor setting, such as the covered bridge or the Smoky Mountains. She is very relaxed and comfortable to work with. I will hire her some day for real. Here is her contact info again.


Check my Facebook picture page for more photos of special occasion dresses waiting for you at Treasures of the Heart. Here is the link to the picture page.

When shopping out and about in Sevierville, don’t forget Treasures From the Heart at 230 Court Avenue,  the former location of Carl Hatcher’s store. It is full of surprises and well worth the trip! Treasures from the heart.


Out and About this Saturday in Downtown Sevierville: February 18, 2017

With some people having a 3 day weekend, it is a great time to visit downtown Sevierville this Saturday. Such good things within only 3 blocks of each other. Here are my recommendations for this Saturday!

First, Coffee and Cabi. Ladies can start with a Cabi fashion experience after 10:00 a.m. Clothes, shoes, jewelry. This is the first Cabi presentation in Sevierville so join us at Courthouse Donuts for this event. Coffee, treats, and you can try on clothes, if you like. Stylist, Amy Quincy Whaley, can answer your questions about this clothing line. The event is 10:00-11:30 at Courthouse Donuts, 160 Court Avenue, Sevierville.

I want to order the top on the right for my reunion this fall! A ‘cold shoulder’ look.

Next, exit Courthouse Donuts to the left and visit the Bees Knees. Open until 5:00, according to online sources.

Have lunch at Bistro 109. Open from 11:00-9:00. Check my blog from last week to see this restaurant highlighted. I love the small plates and orange cranberry chicken salad! The daily specials—everything.

Continue down the street to 230 Court Avenue to the Treasures of the Heart thrift store. This is the only store in town that benefits Sevierville and SMARM. We are going to go there in the early afternoon to work on a upcoming blog story featuring the party dresses there. A photographer will be donating her time for that story and will be taking pictures for that story. Stay tuned!

Finally, stop at Bloomingtails Boutique at 202 Parkway, Sevierville on your way home. You can find jewelry for as little as $3-$5. Other treasures as well. Look what I found a couple of weeks ago.

A silver plated (?) tea service!

Volunteer, Dennis Chambers, shows me a lamp from 1961? Still works perfectly. I can envision it by a child’s bedside table.

A Sunday School lesson book from 1898!

And my friend, Maddie the cat. Love her! She likes to be petted. I always stay a longer because of her. All proceeds benefit Pets Without Parents. Hours this Saturday are 10:00 -2:00 so get there quickly and browse!

There are some great things going on Saturday downtown so get out and about in Sevierville. 

Don’t forget Coffee and Cabi! 

Coffee and Cabi: A fashion experience this Saturday, Feb.18, 2017

Attention ladies! There will be a Cabi fashion experience this Saturday, Feb. 18 from 10:00 a.m. -11:30 a.m. at Courthouse Donuts/Dyers Downtown in  Sevierville. I am hosting this event and you are welcome to come and see the Spring 2017 line. We hope you can join us. Bring a friend!

Courthouse Donuts is closed on Saturdays during the winter, but they will be open Saturday for our event, Coffee and Cabi. There will be coffee and treats. Here is a link to their webpage. There will be plenty of easy parking downtown.

I have used screenshots here to show a few of my favorite things that you can try on Saturday. It is important to try things on to see exactly which size works best for you in this line.


Stylist Amy Quincy Whaley will show the Spring 2017 line then you will have time to try on sample items, if you like. I know that I will! After running your errands, come join us and enjoy coffee and Cabi next Saturday morning! 


If possible, message me to RSVP. Come and enjoy the fun! Stop by, grab a coffee and treat, and have a look at the Spring 2017 line. 

Saturday, February 18


at Courthouse Donuts

160 Court Avenue

(across from the Courthouse)


Here is a link to the Cabi website to see the new Spring 2017 line.


Experience a new way to shop. Shop in a comfortable setting with a stylist who can help you find for what is right for you and your style. Enjoy an hour with your friends, treats, coffee and Cabi.


It will be a new fashion experience in Sevierville so drop by and join the fun.



It is a new way of shopping for fashion with a subtle, updated look. Come experience Coffee and Cabi this Saturday in historic downtown Sevierville at Courthouse Donuts /Dyers Downtown. Get ready for spring and summer 2017 when you are out and about in Sevierville this Saturday…

A Favorite Downtown Sevierville Restaurant: Bistro 109 !

Whatever the occasion, I always enjoy going to Bistro 109! To prove it, this story has pictures from at least three different visits: summer, fall, and winter. It is quite a delightful experience. In addition, it won the Diner’s Choice in 2015. Let me tell you more about my favorite restaurant in downtown Sevierville.


Bistro 109 is located at 109 Bruce Street in downtown Sevierville. Hence, the name. Here is a link to the Facebook page   . In addition, they have a very nice website at . The webpage has additional photos and a copy of the menu. Really nice photos!


Schools were out for flu on Thursday so that presented a rare opportunity to have lunch downtown. I enjoy looking at the specials of the day posted in the window. Tiramisu! Chocolate! Parking is always easy. Usually a space is located in front of the restaurant or not far up the street.



As you walk in the door, you will see a beautiful Baby Grand (?) piano. Come on Friday and Saturday evenings to hear American standards and other songs played by Brian Whitcomb and Bobby Aiken.

Can you name that tune? This is from last May.




My favorite part of the restaurant, by far, is the long copper bar. I always find my eyes drifting in that direction. So beautiful.


Unfortunately, I am a failed blogger as I forgot to take pictures of our lunch yesterday. I ordered the Orange Cranberry Chicken Salad sandwich. It was gone by the time I remembered my camera. I had seen Andrea Wilson at the bar waiting for her lunch order. She recommended the fried okra and told that they serve it year round. I got it for a side with my sandwich and was not disappointed.



My friends and I enjoyed our December dinner at Bistro 109. One of us ordered a vegetable plate and we all wished that we had ordered it too.


Breaded fried goat cheese was a delectable appetizer with tomato jam. Will order again and again.



I often order a Cobb salad. The presentation is so nice!


Karen ordered a pesto pasta dish and some extra cheese. She loved it!

Bread and dipping oil with Italian seasonings. Wonderful.

Bistro 109 offers on and off-site catering. We noticed that  the room was set up and apparently something special was scheduled  for after our visit. Maybe a wedding reception? I’ll bet it was grand.

Here is the back dining room in holiday festive decoration.


This is one of my favorite places to frequent in Sevierville due to several factors. First, I love the decor and the ambiance because I feel that I have entered a special place. The building is in a historic area of downtown and has great character. Second, the menu offers ‘small plates,’ where you can order some items in a large or a smaller quantity. I rarely see small plates offered on menus so this quite special. Third, the piano music on weekends! Oh my, what a nice touch. Make a request and the talented musicians will surely know the tune you want to hear. Leave a small gratuity to show your appreciation for such artistry. Fourth, it feels like such a special place; yet, you can dress casually if you like. Fifth, the general manager and wait staff are the most professional that I have seen in Sevierville. You won’t find better food and beverage service in the county. Zach is observant, friendly, and has a good sense of humor. He keeps things flowing well. Finally, the owner, Dustin Manning, has kept downtown Sevierville alive in the evenings for years with his restaurant. Dustin is friendly and wants to make sure all customers are happy with their experience. His many talents are evident throughout the restaurant. It is a pleasure to all the senses. You can also see Dustin at his other business, D Garden, in downtown Sevierville. That must be a future blog post this spring!

Here is a link to that business.

The webpage can be found here for D Garden. Nice!

If you are out and about in Sevierville then follow the sound of piano music and walk into one of the best experiences downtown. You will enjoy your experience at Bistro 109.

Cooking with Barbara Tenney at KaTom

Renowned East Tennessee cook, Barbara Tenney, presented a menu at KaTom Wednesday evening. I have seen at least 10 of her presentations so I couldn’t wait to see her at KaTom. Here is how our cooking event went at KaTom.

It is fun to walk in and find your place at a table. I had a great seat.

Tables were set in a simple, elegant display. You get a copy of each recipe too.

A friend, Sophia Connerly, joined me for this presentation. Also at our table were a mother and daughter from Morristown, a professor from U.T., and a personal chef/ chef from the Lonesome Dove restaurant in Knoxville.

Notice the home- made treats from Barbara at each place setting. Cookies and a sweet mix. Divine!

The menu featured chicken and dumplings and pot roast with a Barbara Tenney flair!

I am one of her devoted fans. Barbara Tenney, the legend, is pictured on the right. Love her style too.

Get there early so you can shop!

Every seat has a great view.

Chicken breasts cooked to perfection. Broth to cook the dumplings.

Dumplings measured to perfection by a scoop.

Par excellence!

It was wonderfull!

View from the overhead screen.

And the pot roast extraordinaire. I took leftovers for lunch the next day.

We can’t wait to see Barbara Tenney again out and about in Sevierville.

See more pictures on my blog Facebook page.

Shopping at Bloomingtails Boutique in downtown Sevierville


After reading a recent article in the Mountain Press,  I decided to check out the new space for Bloomingtails Boutique, a thrift store that supports Pets Without Parents animal shelter. It is located on the Parkway in Sevierville, across the street from the Sevierville Heritage Museum and Bruce Street. I went Saturday morning and was happy with what I found there. Here is how it went.



The space is located adjacent to back parking lot of the First United Methodist Church in Sevierville. I was impressed with so much parking and easy access to the back door, as seen in the picture above. Lots of parking! Looks very handicapped accessible.


To my delight, I walked in to see two volunteers that I know: Dennis and Becky Chambers. They were organizing merchandise and greeting shoppers. They gave me a great tour and told me more information about the thrift boutique. The Chambers also introduced me to Maddie, the cat.


My personal shopper, Maddie!

Of course, dishes and glassware are where I like to shop first. Here were some good things on the shelves.


A beautiful glass pineapple  serving platter.


Loved these smaller salad/dessert plates!


They had several Duraclear items. I look for Duraclear glassware at Williams Sonoma stores because it looks like glass, but it is a clear, light plastic kind of material. You can find some here at Bloomingtails for a deal.


Maddie likes this large Margarita  glass, only $2.


Some nice jewelry, one of their best selling items according to the Chambers. I will go back in a week to look at the turquoise. I hope it is still there!


I found a small microwave and refrigerator. That is the perfect size for dorm rooms or assisted living places. You better get there soon because the store has only one each.


The new location allows Bloomingtails so much more space than before. Proceeds pay for animal care, not only shelter, but food, medicine, medical treatment, and spaying and neutering to decrease pet over population.


A juicer only used one time!



Nostalgic items.


Free pet food for those who need it. Simply walk in and ask. Share this detail with anyone who may need help feeding their pets. They are ready to help pet owners who are having a hard time making ends meet.


This Indian thing may be a car hood ornament or go on a motorcycle. It has a light and a small cable inside. Only $2 ! It was cool. Would it look good on a Toyota RAV-4 ?


This view is from the Sevier County Heritage Center across the street. You can see Bloomingtails with the large window visible under the tree.  There is a front door, but parking in the back makes the back door the prime place to enter the store.

Pets Without Parents operates Bloomingtails to benefit the animal shelter. I was impressed with the merchandise and organization therein. If you would like to donate household items, jewelry, books, pictures, children’s items, and more, then drop by and talk with their volunteers from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Say hello to Maddie the cat when you visit!


I like this place and will frequent it often. The manager, Karen,  is from Australia so you can have a nice chat when you visit Bloomingtails in Sevierville. This is a store that deserves your attention when you go out and about in Sevierville. See you there!

To see more pictures, and to shop at home, click my Facebook page for blog photos. Here is the link.


Amazing Art Studio in the Smokies!


Lately, there is fun trend: painting with friends for a relaxing hour or two. As a blogger, I need to learn Photoshop and digital photography skills. Amazingly, there are some studios in our county where you can do these activities. In fact, I found a studio where you can do both, and more! This is the first art studio that I have visited and it impressed me. Here is what I found at the Art Studio of the Smokies. 
I took the back roads to the Glades, where it intersects with Highway 321 in Gatlinburg. At the traffic light, you barely turn right then you will see Buie’s Landing on the left, location of the Art Studio of the Smokies. This studio is owned by Camille Barton Spires, an artist from Augusta, Georgia. Camille has 20 years of teaching experience and is a certified art and graphics instructor. She relocated to Gatlinburg to realize her dream to open her own art studio one and a half years ago.   
The address for the studio is
 1360 East Parkway, Suite 6, Buies’ Landing,
 Gatlinburg, Tennessee 37738. 

Here is a link to her website.


It is quite an attractive doorway, as you would imagine. So pretty!


I admired the comfortable sunroom like waiting area by the front door.


This is the view from one of the sofas. I can imagine that parents would be happy here waiting for children to finish their classes/projects.

Camille is pictured below on the right. I took this photo at a  Sevierville Commons Arts Council Art Happening last summer. You can make some helpful contacts at those Art Happenings gatherings and learn some helpful skills! Plus, the people are really super nice.


When I arrived, Camille told me that WBIR Channel 10 had just contacted her to ask permission to film her studio for a segment on Live At Five At Four. I was alternately excited for her and chagrined that I had worn an older sweater in case I was to be filmed. Lesson learned—always dress nicer than you think. It was exciting to know that the station was sending a reporter nonetheless!


The painting room set-up is excellent. You can see the natural lighting from the big windows and the aisle from which the instructor can stroll and coach students with their creations.

Camille says, “I love teaching art lessons so that people grow confident and develop their own approach and love of art….both locals as well as vacations and school breaks when people can relax and explore new ways to get creative and have some ‘me time’.” She says that the ratio seems to be about 80% locals who visit her studio.


Look at all the art fun that you can have with friends!
Art parties, art camps, ‘paint and sip’ get-togethers. theme parties, birthday parties, showers, etc.
Art classes work especially well  in groups. Individual instruction may also be scheduled.



An art teacher’s dream setup for materials!

Camille says, “Couples painting is a big hit with dual canvases that go together…for anniversaries and honeymoon memories….and Valentine’s is coming up! Also, personalized paint parties with friends or family painting is a great indoor activity for the winter months. In addition, birthday parties and painting certificates as birthday gifts are growing in popularity.” It is the perfect winter activity.


Here is a student project in progress. I like the projection on the screen to enhance instruction.

Here are a few student projects.



The computer lab is upstairs. I was amazed at what I found.


I was expecting 2 or 3 computers, but this lab can accommodate 8-12 people at a time. This is quite impressive!


The desktops have a perfect view of the screen which was projecting a slideshow of student projects. We sat down for about an hour comparing Photoshop to Lightroom and which may best suit my needs. Camille guided me through some basic Photoshop points, creating messages and watermarks on pictures. I can’t wait to go back and learn more.

The reporter from WBIR-TV 10 arrived on time and taped quietly in the back of the room during my lesson. It was warm enough upstairs that I changed from the old sweater to my long sleeve black T-shirt. You can only see part of my face in the last seconds of the video shown today so all was well! Click this link to see the WBIR TV segment today on Camille Barton Spires and her Art Studio in the Smokies. The segment is only a couple of minutes, but gives you a good overview of her studio. It is fabulous!


Here are some things that you can learn in the computer lab.

  • Digital and computer based instruction in photography and Photoshop
  • Illustration and graphics
  • Compositions and layout techniques
  • Portfolio development

These are listed on the brochure for live sound and digital recording

  • basics for running live sound
  • beginning classes for digital recording
  • instruction on analog and digital consoles

This is an outstanding studio in which to learn, create, and enjoy your time. Call to find an open appointment with Camille. I highly recommend a visit soon.

To see these pictures and more, go to my blog Facebook page for pictures only. Click this link to go there now.

Get out and about 

Casual Pint Craft Beer Market Open in Sevierville


If we were in England right now, then this would probably be your local pub. 

Sevierville saw a new business open last week: the Casual Pint Craft Beer Market. I made it to the ribbon cutting ceremony by the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce. Luckily, I was in time to see them give the business a big Sevierville welcome. This new business opens a lot of options for Sevierville citizens and visitors alike. Here is what I saw.

First of all, there are two food establishments beside the Casual Pint. Buddy’s Bar-b-q (pictured above) and Penn Station subs. This is good for patrons who would like to eat a meal while there and watching a game.  The Pint will share an outdoor patio with Penn Station subs, which will be nice on warm days. (FYI …A nice convenience, I picked up free wifi from Buddy’s and Penn Station.)


Here is the Sevierville franchise owner, Roger McGee, pictured right. He is from Blount County, but preferred to locate the business here. He was drawn here by the opportunity for this franchise in Sevier County, as well as warmth from the people in our county. He had great praise for the mayor and the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce for helping to open his business.


In attendance was Jon Robinette, the Casual Pint franchise owner and director. His first franchise is located in Knoxville in the Bearden area. Robinette is pictured here with his children. He attributes the creation of the Casual Pint to his son Nathan, pictured right. Here is a link to the story of the Robinette family and the beginnings of the Casual Pint franchise.

The Sevierville Casual Pint franchise is the 17th opened by the Robinette family. The Pints are located in 5 different states.


The ribbon-cutting went flawlessly as the Casual Pint was welcomed by members of the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce and the mayor. Pictured from left to right are Jim McGill, Membership Co-ordinator for the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce;  Mayor Atchley;  franchise owner, Roger McGee; general manager, Matthew Bolt; and Casual Pint franchise owner and director, Jon Robinette.


It is very comfortable and there are three TV screens to watch a game. Two are pictured here.


There are 28 taps and over a hundred bottles from which to choose. The tap wall is impressive and will constantly change. When one tap empties then they will replace it with a new brew. Get the Casual Pint app to keep up with the flavors. Here is a link to the info.


The cooler offers many varieties, from bottles to cans.


There are more things on the shelves as well. The Pint will be serving low gravity beer until January 1st, then will be able to serve higher gravity pints. Prices range from $4.40 to $7 a serving. These are craft brews so most fans will say that the price is worth it.


Once they settle in, Roger McGee,  said that they would like to begin Trivia Nights and other events at the Pint. The Pint can be found on Instagram, Untapped, Facebook, and Twitter.

Hours are

Sunday 1-8, Monday – Thursday 11-10, Fridays and Saturdays 11-11.

To see more pictures of the grand opening and ribbon cutting at the Sevierville Casual Pint, go to my Facebook blog picture page. Here is the link.





Sevierville Commons Arts Council Holiday Market: Saturday, December 17th, 2016.


The Sevierville Commons Arts Council ended a successful 2016 with the Holiday Market Christmas on Bruce Street. The day was chilly and festive. There was much to see and I left with some things to take home. Here is what I saw on Saturday.

I had only an hour for the market as I had to meet a friend in Knoxville for a special event later in the day. It was a quick day. First, I ran into my former classmate from Morristown West, Carol Bridgewater Rouse, who had come from Morristown to attend the market and to go to the Two Coyotes Studio to buy a special necklace. Carol is the art teacher at Morristown East and had seen Bev Guinn Jones’ necklace on my Facebook post. It is special and goes with our current situation after the wildfires in Sevier County. Here is another picture of it.



Featured artist for the December Art Happening, Crystal Lynn Sharp, with beautiful creations. I need the light colored bracelets on the left.


More lovely things from Jill Green and more.


I love beautiful things made of glass. Jill makes these by hand herself.


Artists, and council members, Christina Crofoot and Crystal Lynn Sharp hanging out with a fur friend.


This is real and it really works. A Batman spotlight. They used it for a special event one time and were contacted by someone that the light was too strong at night and to reduce the power.  I want one!

Too many cool things by this vendor to put on the blog. Check the Facebook page I use for extra pictures to see more. The Facebook link will be at the bottom of this article.


The Move Factory entertained with a special participant!


The ‘make-it-and take-it’ area was busy with people eager to make something special to take home. I was well impressed with the two ornaments that I saw there. Fabulous!


Santa approves! fe792a2c-f677-47e2-b0cd-dfaccac76177



I bought one of these repurposed wood trees to hang Christmas cards. Love them!


The Holiday Market is dog friendly!

fullsizerender2 Sevierville Arts Council members with the the Sevier County Courthouse in the background.


Beautiful yarn, textiles, and more.


Gary Wade and son, Zach, stop by to support the Sevierville Holiday Art Market.

Pictured from left to right: Jill Green, Gary Wade, Andrea Wilson, and Zach Wade.


I found the perfect man at the Holiday Market!


One quick stop at the pork rinds vendor for a couple of barbecue bags to go. He said that they are also sold at Bass Pro Shop, Old Mill, and an Apple Wood store.

Excellent paleo snack!

I hated to leave the Holiday Market on Saturday. I enjoyed it immensely.

The Sevierville Commons Arts Council deserves kudos and applause for their work this year invigorating our downtown. I just learned of them last spring and have followed their work since then. The Art Happenings, summer farmer’s market, Christmas on Bruce Street Holiday Market, and more, have made my life, and that of my friends, much richer. Consequently, they have had great impact in revitalizing downtown Sevierville this year. What a great job they have done in 2016. They are already planning things for next year. Next year, 2017 will be even grander. Stay tuned for more!

Go to my Facebook page for more blog pictures. Here is the link

See you out and about in Sevierville…

Christmas on Bruce Street Holiday Market Today and Tomorrow


The Sevierville Commons Arts Council presents Christmas on Bruce Street today and tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Come see 30 local artists, find a special gift, and enjoy a special Christmas treat with friends downtown. From 11:00-3:00 p.m. you can go to the ‘make-it-and take-it’ station to create a special Christmas ornament to take home. It is free!

Today, I only had a few minutes after work to check out the holiday market. Despite the cold temps, there were a lot of good things there. Also, there are sure to be many more tomorrow. In fact, tomorrow should be very warm compared to today. It will be a great time to attend the downtown Holiday Market.

Here is what I saw today.


Beautiful pottery was there today.


Unique jewelry and other gifts.

This promises to be a very good place to check out for snacks tomorrow.


I bought two bags of pork rinds. They are $5 per bag or two for $9. I got the bar-be-que, but there was also a regular bag to choose from. Very paleo and Adkins approved.


I saw some other unique gifts that may be specific for the ‘hard to shop for guy.’


Arthur Young has a lot of very nice jewelry to choose from. I liked everything that I saw in his display.


My favorite animal sculptors will also be back tomorrow. The smaller figures are only $5. The bag contains some surprises for some people I know.


One special visitor will be especially popular in the gazebo!

A newspaper article said that Pets Without Parents volunteers will be there to help with wrapping presents ( make a nice little donation) and Move Dance Factory will drop by for a special performance. It will be the best way to get out and about in Sevierville tomorrow. See you there!

For more information, visit  .

For more pictures from today, visit my Facebook page for blog pictures only. Here is the link.