A Look Back at 2020

I only wrote seven blog stories this year due to the impact of the COVID 19 virus on Sevierville from March to even now. Although my stories of Sevierville only ranged from February to June 2020, the year produced three of my favorite blog stories ever. To wit, this is a quick look back at a year that we will never forget. This is brief pictorial overview of 2020 in my blog, month by month.





This story honored our friend and colleague from SCHS, Deborah Webb. It may the one of my best works. Certainly, it is one of my favorite posts over the years. We still miss her.


I enjoyed reminiscing with this friend and learning about his work in Los Angeles on some of my favorite cable shows. Jared’s photos bring out the vagabond in us all. Truly, I enjoyed creating this story about his career and keep following Jared’s adventures on social media.


It is always enjoyable to attend the first farmers market of the summer—even if it is in a different location.

The next story was my last story of 2020 and is one of my favorites. After wishing for a mural downtown for several years, we were able to observe the first one in downtown Sevierville from beginning to completion. This is the most viewed story on my blog with over 3,574 views.







We made it through 2020 and look forward to the new year, 2021. It may start out tough, but I believe that better days are ahead. Hang in there and I will see you out and about in Sevierville.