Sevierville Downtown Farmers Market, July 29, 2016

I got a late start yesterday for the Farmers Market, but still managed to notice some cool things.

Artist, Millie Derrick, shopping at the market.

Linda Hyder showing recipe information and samples of broccoli salad for the U.T. Extension Office. So good!

You can get a free gift too. Yesterday, it was a collapsible colander.

The ‘Make and Take’ activity of the Sevierville Commons Arts Council remains quite popular.

Screen print T-shirts!


Bring a favorite tank and do that too.

County Mayor Waters supports the Arts Council activities.

He created two shirts for his grand-daughters. I am impressed!

Well done!

A family traveling from Houston stopped by the Sevierville Farmers Market to browse and relax before traveling on to Pigeon Forge.

The children were delighted to make a pretty shirt or jewelry to take home.

I love the jewelry too!

It was a good day to be out and about in Sevierville….

Art Happening in Downtown Sevierville! July 2016


It was a nice evening to go downtown for the July Art Happening event presented by the Sevierville Commons Arts Council. Featured artist was Jill Greene, a photographer and artist.

Thanks to my bank and the other sponsors listed in the flyer above!

Snacks were delightful. Notice the spinach dip atop of bricks (and a smart way to keep it warm). Cute watermelon fruit holder. Cheese!


Featured artist, Jill Greene, of Sevierville. Jill has been a photographer for more than 25 years. Her work includes commercial photography and the natural world. I saw prints on the wall that she had created from slides and digital sources. In her work, I could see her love of nature and East Tennessee. It made me want to learn to take photos with a better camera and learn how to develop film.

Her email is


And then there was something unexpected…


It was a surprise to run into former student, Jared Link, from the SCHS Class of 1991. Jared, son of Malcolm Link, was a memorable student and we were delighted to see him in town from his home in Los Angeles. Interestingly, Jared has acted in some T.V. shows and movies. For example, he portrayed Dennis Hopper’s bodyguard in the last 3 hours of the Keifer Sutherland series “24.” He said that he got to ‘beat up’ Sutherland in one episode. Also, he played a policeman in the Rob Schneider movie, “Hot Chick.” Jared has acted in various shows in the background, as an ‘extra.’ Now, Jared does specialty camera work for various television series. The show “Fear Factor” was one example.

Jared has just returned from Fuji where he was helping to film a new show called “Kicking and Screaming.” The new season of Survivor was filming on the other side of the island!


Jared Link and his English teacher, Melinda Derrick (on the right).


Jim McGill, membership co-ordinator for the Chamber of Commerce and Executive Director of the Sevierville Commons Association. Pictured with Sophia Conerly, also a board member on the Sevierville Commons Association. They are great supporters of the arts and downtown Sevierville!


I love purple!


These ladies described themselves as serious ” Jill Greene fans!”    They are (from left to right) Charlotte Wear, Gail Monson, and Mary Kathryn Crone.


Jared Link, Melinda Derrick, and artist, Millie Derrick are catching up.

Many pretty things to browse.


Jill Greene and local artist, Bev Gwinn Jones. Many people know Bev as artist and owner of the Two Coyotes Studio. She is moving her studio back to downtown Sevierville, which is exciting for the arts in downtown Sevierville. Here is a link to her website:

Bev is very busy in our community. She teaches three art camps this summer, is a member of the Sevier County Arts Council, and has helped with the student art show at Arrowmont for the past 23 years. When I asked  the origin of the Two Coyotes name for her studio, she told me that it has to do with her husband. Coyotes stay together for life—and that is quite romantic.

Before I left the reception, I met Kathryn and Greg Rutherford from Wears Valley. Greg is a commercial screen printer who also works for the National Park service in Cades Cove. Kathryn restores photos and fine art. Kathryn is Canadian and met her husband at Arrowmont.

Greg’s website is


Now this is very interesting… Kathryn paints portraits and ‘spirit’ or ‘ghost’ paintings. She explained how this works with the painting simultaneously telling a story about you in the present time and an ancestor. The idea is intriguing and the result is stunning. As is her website. I will visit this again and again. Go to her website at to see more. Click on the left menu, ‘paintings and portraits’ to see examples of the spirit paintings. I am hooked!

The crowd mingling and enjoying the evening.


Malcolm Link provides music for the art reception.

I really enjoy Courthouse Donuts as a meeting place.




I think that it makes everyone happy who enters there.

See you out and about in Sevierville! 


Teachers rally for Senator Overbey at Sevierville Civic Center today.

Sevier County Education Association and TEA hosted a ‘meet and greet’ event with Senator Doug Overbey today at the Sevierville Civic Center. A teacher, myself, I knew that this would be a great time to meet other colleagues in support of Senator Overbey’s re-election. I also wanted to meet the candidate again. What a nice morning it was!

First, I saw our Sevier County Mayor speaking with the candidate.


County Mayor Waters told me that Senator Overbey has been a strong supporter of Sevier County over the years. “He has been a strong advocate for Sevier County, especially for education and transportation.” Therefore, he wholeheartedly endorses the candidate for re-election. On a side note, I was delighted to hear Waters tell me that he was previously a teacher and principal at Jones Cove school from 1974-1978. He taught 6th – 8th grade and sometimes averaged 52 kids in his classes. There are probably some interesting stories there!

Next, I talked with Sevier County teacher Mary Jones, pictured below with her husband, Rusty.


Mary said, ” I know that my professional organization supports Overbey because he is paying attention to what teachers need. Furthermore, he shows that he is protecting us from ‘anti-teacher’ legislation. ” I can think of several of these things over the years and appreciate his actions as well.


More supporters for Doug Overbey: Allen Newton, Bryan McCarter, and Emily Whaley.


Retired Sevier County Teachers support Senator Overbey. Front row (left to right) : Tammy Waters, Senator Overbey, and Edna Loveday Rogers. Back row (left to right) : Nancy Sims, Roy Rogers, Dick Ramsey, and Sue Ramsey.

It is important to consider retired teachers in a constituency. Consequently,  these Sevier County retired teachers report that Doug Overbey is a good friend to retired teachers. Tammy Waters, President of the Sevier County Retired Teachers Association said, “I support Senator Overbey because he supports both active and retired teachers.” There is a lot at stake.

These teachers may retire, but they remain active in the community. Edna Loveday Rogers, for example, is on the Dollywood Foundation and Imagination Library.

She is also a director for Dolly Parton’s Chasing Rainbows Award, presented to a teacher each year who has overcome challenges and makes a difference in others’ lives.

Past winners include a blind teacher with a seeing eye dog who still teaches in a public school. Edna said that Dolly presents the award herself, making it quite special. This year, Rogers noted that the Home and Family Show on the Hallmark Channel taped the event.

Next, I saw two especially loved Sevier County retired teachers!


Brooke Blair and Norma Blair support Senator Doug Overbey. Need I say more?


I saw more teachers from our Sevier County Education Association such as Melina Brackins, Mary Jones, and Bridgette McCarter.


Teachers appreciate the work that Senator Overbey has done for our county, especially in regard to school funding and a more equal BEP distribution. Thank you!


The meet and greet was very comfortable and relaxed. Everyone had a chance to speak to the candidate. The lady pictured to the left goes to my church. Her mother is in her late 90’s and still a member of TEA. In addition, the mother is an Overbey supporter. When the lady (pictured left)  got the news about the meeting, she came to meet Overbey and take some pictures for her mother.


Senator Overbey speaking with S.C.E.A. member, Melinda Derrick.

Effective elected officials, and leaders in general, must be good listeners. I have observed that Senator Overbey clearly has that skill. I have seen him demonstrate this during the past two Sevier County rallies, in addition to his committee work televised from Nashville on cable TV.


Overbey supporters: Judy Bailey Ogle, school counselor from Seymour Intermediate school, and Charles Ogle.

I really enjoyed this meeting with Senator Overbey, teachers, retired teachers, and city officials. Truth be told, there were Democrats, Republicans, and Independents attending the event because the candidate crosses all party lines. He is a thoughtful, effective, and responsible candidate—and this appeals to everyone. Simply put, I wish there were more officials like Doug Overbey. We need more people in office with these leadership characteristics.

As a side note…

I was amazed by the 3D sculpture on the wall above the kitchen window. When you visit the Civic Center be sure to take a look. Incredible!


Courthouse Doughnuts can’t be beat. As he was leaving, Senator Overbey remarked he had thought about stopping there on the way into town to grab a bite to eat, but continued on to the S.C.E.A meeting. He walked into the event and …voila! There they were. He was very pleased.



After this blog post, I am sure that you know my recommendation for state senate for this district. Make sure that you get out and vote on August 4th if you have not done early voting already.


Don’t forget that there will be an Art Happening event downtown Sevierville this evening, Thursday, July 28th from 5-7:00.


It is another good time to get out and about in Sevierville…

Upcoming events: July 21-July 29

Here are some events that may interest you in the upcoming week as you are out and about…

Support Relay For Life of Sevier County by wearing purple (my favorite color) and attending the game tonight at Smokies Stadium. Keep your eye on the ball. 

 (Graphic taken from )

Contact KaTom to make your reservation to see local favorite, Barbara Tenney, cook a wonderful meal next Wednesday. You get the recipes, watch her cook, and eat a 3 course meal—plus time to shop in the KaTom store. 

(Can you say Pina Colada cheesecake?)

I am looking forward to the next Art Happening downtown next week!

Come meet featured artist, Jill Greene, and see examples of her work. Meet more  local artists and learn about arts in the community. Hear music from local favorite, Malcolm Link. Enjoy an evening event downtown. I am going to arrive early this time so see you there!

Tomorrow and next Friday you can enjoy the downtown Farmers Market. 

Meet these artists and let them help you create something pretty to take home in the ‘make and take area’ near the history museum. I was impressed by the T-shirt screen printing last week. It is free!

Kids crafts and fun! 

My friend Melinda will be helping them next week so go and say hello! 

There is a lot going on in the next week out and about in Sevierville. 

See you there!

Senator Doug Overbey Rallies Voters at Sevierville Golf Club Today

Senator Doug Overbey visited the Sevierville Golf Club today for a rally from 5:00-7:00 to encourage voters to support his re-election. People were able to talk to Senator Overbey, meet his family, mingle with other supporters, listen to great music, and eat ice cream under the roof of the outdoor meeting area at the golf course. I arrived at 6:00 and was able to do all of that just in time.


Pictured left, Sen. Overbey’s campaign manager, Erika Ivey, with Dr. Melinda Hallem. Melinda and I chatted for a few minutes and then we went to talk with the candidate. Melinda says that “the purpose of the rally is to encourage people to get out and vote. As a young adult in Sevier County, our state officials make a large impact on our lives. I am excited to re-elect Doug Overbey.” I agree!

Next, I met Joe Karl from the Seymour Herald.


Joe Karl and his family supporting Doug Overbey today.

When asked about Overbey, Karl replied that he knows several politicians, but he cannot think of anyone who he could vote for again—except for Doug Overbey. Karl says that Senator Overbey is accessible. You can talk to him when you need to reach him. Clearly, this is a strength that Overbey brings to our county.

Next, I introduced myself to Senator Overbey’s wife and met his family.


Daughter, Kathleen Overbey Thomas, said “It has been rewarding to meet people, particularly at these rallies. We enjoy getting feedback from people about what they think about issues. We see everything that our father does behind the scenes, all the work that he does, and we appreciate meeting supporters. We also enjoy seeing the smiles.”


I was excited to meet Senator Overbey again, having met him in May at Harriet’s retirement celebration. He was very accessible then and allowed me to take a picture with Mayor Atchley as they were standing together.

After I introduced myself as a local blogger, I had to think fast on my feet when Senator Overbey told me to ask him a question. After a few seconds, I asked him this: When you are re-elected, what is something that you would like to do that you haven’t had a chance to try or to finish yet?

Overbey responded: “We need to keep our ‘eye on the ball.’ So many things are happening in our state, but it is important not to get distracted. We need to keep making Tennessee a great place to live, a great place for children, for education, and for creating jobs.”

Definitely, I think that all teachers in Tennessee agree and thank him for his work for public education. Harriet Berrier, retired principal from Sevierville Primary School, approves of the job that Senator Overbey has done for public schools during his time in the Senate. Harriet says, “Doug Overbey has the best interests of his constituents always on his mind. I admire Senator Overbey because even though his stance may not be the most popular —he does what he feels is best.” Certainly, Overbey has her full support as a voter.

As a teacher myself, I have appreciated his work to improve public education. In addition, I have watched Senator Overbey in meetings for the Senate Education Committee, broadcast live on TV from Nashville. Everyone needs to do that some time to see public servants in action. I watched Senator Overbey conduct the meeting gracefully, efficiently, and professionally. It was well done and I was very pleased.

Meet Doug


Rally entertainment was provided by Sevier County’s most popular group, Jimbo Whaley and Greenbriar.


I was excited to see this group play music today. Afterwards, I was able to talk to Jimbo, a SCHS 1988 alumni who was a former student of mine. He was quarterback of the football team and a lively student in my Spanish class. Now, he has a son going to U.T. this year! Has it been that long? So good to see him today!


I was expecting Mayfields Ice Cream, but as I talked to the vendor, it turned out to be a brand that I was unfamiliar with: Chadwicks Churn from Friendsville, Tennessee. It was very good!


The vendor said that several friends got together to start the business. Unfortunately, one of them has become seriously ill, but the other two co-owners carry on with the business. There were several good flavors there and attendess enjoyed them.



Love the name! It is gourmet. Worth the drive, I think! IMG_5228

It was a nice day for a rally at the Sevierville Golf Club. Storms were in the distance, but moved on toward the lake. Temperatures were nice so I moved out to the course with my pitching wedge and putter to get a little practice in after the rally. After all, this needs a bit of work.


In conclusion, I was excited to give well wishes and support to Senator Overbey, who has been such a friend to Sevier and Blount Counties, not to mention teachers and students in Tennessee. I have friends who are Democrats and Republicans. I, myself, am Independent. We all like Senator Overbey, his work, and his goals for our state. He crosses all party lines—and that is special, especially this year. I support him in this re-election and will celebrate when he wins.

Best wishes to Senator Doug Overbey in the coming weeks!  Many, many Sevier Countians are pulling for him!

On August 4th, get out and vote!

See you out and about in Sevierville…

July 15, 2016: Sevierville Downtown Farmers Market

What a difference a day makes! This was downtown between storms yesterday.


This was the courthouse today at 10:30.


It was only 79 degrees, mostly cloudy, and so comfortable. The best weather of any of my visits so far.

Everything is so pretty right now. Come and see!

I met my friend Janice at Courthouse Doughnuts. We saw Sofia Connerly there too. I ordered a coffee and my friend had lunch, a Maui Waui (sp?) sandwich on pretzel bread. It looked fabulous!


Next, we strolled to the Downtown Sevierville Farmers Market. We saw Anne Marie on her way home. While walking by 20/20 Optical, Janice pointed out an interesting way to plant now. I saw it was in a pot in front of the business. Do you see the peppers amid the blooms?


The Sevierville Commons Arts Council had several tables set up by the history museum. You could ‘make and take’ art home!



Sophia Conerly, Member of the Sevierville Commons Association, and my friend, Janice Sorrell. Supporting the Sevierville Commons Arts Council!



I had never noticed this area beside of the Sevier County history museum, but it is very nice! Plenty of room for several tents and shady— a plus in summer months.

You could screen print your own T-shirt.  Loved this!

We tried a demonstration for taking sheep’s wool and hand spinning it into yarn. I now have a greater appreciation for how this works. Many thanks to the artists and volunteers who manned this area by the history center. Can’t wait to come back—and I will come earlier next time. Bring kids, because it is fun!

On to the market…


We talked with the guy selling local honey. It is made in Gatlinburg. The beekeeper apparently has over 1500 bee hives!

You can get a sample too. There is a recipe to reduce cholesterol on the left side of the label. The comb itself is so interesting to view. Have you ever tried to chew it like gum?


Next, we stopped at a table with handmade clay figurines. They are quite good!


Noah’s Ark.


The Nativity figures.


I showed her a picture of my chihuahua. She may try to make a figure of that. If you have a beloved pet, I’ll bet that she would make a figure of the pet. So reasonable!



And the mother even does alterations!

A healthy new recipe to try from the U.T. Extension office. Good!

Several of these volunteers are Master Gardeners as well.

If you buy a hot dog or lemonade they you can contribute!

Gift ideas for manly man! I know a couple of people who may get this for Christmas…


Janice and I lingered over the flower seller’s table as my friend has great luck growing plants. Her yard looks like Southern Living outdoors. This vendor’s flower farm is only 2 miles from downtown.

Prices were so good. Sunflowers a dollar each. Can’t wait to go there next time.


Here is the name of their business and a link.

They do arrangements for events, weddings, etc.


Their book has many examples of work they have done.


So nice to run into my friend, Danyelle Bledsoe!

That’s what happens when you get out and about in Sevierville on a Friday afternoon.  


Rotary Club ‘Packs the Park’ to ‘End Polio Now’

I like to go to at least one baseball game at Smokies Park during the summer so the game yesterday to support Rotary Club International to ‘End Polio Now ‘seemed like a good choice.


I know that the Sevierville Sunrise Rotary Club is very active. They have pictures in the Mountain Press every week with speakers, projects, and scholarships. It seems to be the most active chapter in the county.

Below, we see Sevierville Sunrise Rotary member, Dr. William H. Pippin, of Pippin Dental Care, getting tickets to support the cause.



If you are searching for a club that works for both the local and world community then check out a Rotary Club in your area.


Look who is a member of the Farragut Rotary Club. It was good to see Alex Barnwell at the game. He is a financial advisor with Horace Mann. I recommend his services!


An afternoon storm made for cooler weather by the first pitch.


Perfect weather!


There is a saying…”no matter where you are in the world, you can always find someone wearing a sombrero.”


Smokies Stadium announces the goal of Rotary International.


The message is clear: end polio now.

Well done!


My favorite time during any ball game…


…is when the lights come up in the night sky.


See you at the ballpark when we are out and about in Sevierville. 

Cooking With Class: Cherokee Country Club Chef David Pinckney at KaTom

I noticed a cooking class offered at KaTom Chef Supplies in Kodak and knew that I had to go when I saw that David Pinckney, Executive Chef for Cherokee Country Club, was doing the presentation. Long interested in the KaTom company since it arrived here, I picked up the phone and made a reservation. I set my GPS to that address and found it easily past Bass Pro Shop. What a pleasure it was to experience not only the store, but the recipes from possibly the top chef in Knoxville.


The drive is easy and there is plenty of parking.


If you like Williams Sonoma then you will go crazy in KaTom!


David Pinckney, Executive Chef for Cherokee Country Club.


There were eleven of us sitting at tables with a  full view of the kitchen demonstration area from an overhead mirror reflecting each step of the recipe. Everyone received water and you could bring your own beverage to enjoy with dinner.


Everyone receives a copy of recipes for the three course meal. Write notes as needed. The atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable. At my table, I met a retired couple from South Knoxville. The lady worked at the University of Tennessee. She said that they had attended these classes many times. Also at my table were two ladies who lived in Kodak, in the Grandview subdivision. Everyone seemed to know cooking basics, but you don’t need to in order to enjoy these classes.

Dessert takes more work so we saw that recipe first.



Chocolate Pate (Pa- tay) is gluten free and moist, almost compact like a brownie. I am a choco-holic so this was most anticipated. It must have been one of the best chocolate desserts that I have ever tasted.


Voila! Perfection on a plate!


Lobster Salad with Truffle Pommery Vinaigrette.


Pistachio Crusted Salmon.



With purple ‘sticky rice.’  I had never tried Norwegian Steelhead Salmon. It was divine!



Chef Pinckney first apprenticed at the Orangery Restaurant in Knoxville and was part owner for years. Then, he went to the Sunspot, another lcoal favorite. Chef Pinckney has been at Cherokee Country Club for the past 10 years. I have long wanted to try his creations so this was a wonderful opportunity to do so.

KaTom has offered cooking demonstrations for about two years. This was Chef Pinckney’s fourth visit for presentations.

Before the meal is ready, attendees have a change to browse the store and shop. I bought a few birthday gifts for someone.

Here are some things that I also liked on the showroom floor.



If I win the lottery then I will buy this for the Sevierville Primary School teacher break-room. Then one for SCHS. Then for the other Sevier County Schools!


This must be incredible! However, I should have asked Chef Pinckney how to use it.


Every color of KitchenAid mixer that you could ever want!


Cake pops!

The biggest selection of Zoku popsicle/ice cream products that I have ever seen.



Make your own cotton candy!

The cooking classes start at 6:00 and end no later than 8:00 p.m. To be honest, they are half the price of classes in Knoxville. It is rather unbelieveable.

To keep informed, simply look for the listings in the Knoxville News Sentinel, or even better, ‘like’ KaTom on Facebook.

Click on the events there.

I am a follower of Barbara Tenney who is doing a demonstration on Wednesday, July 27th. Love her!

Jeff Ross, from Blackberry Farm, will demonstrate on August 9th.

In conclusion, this is an incredible opportunity in our own backyard to enjoy recipes and learn from leading chefs in East Tennessee. The store is fabulous and at least three times larger than Williams Sonoma. I thought that only chefs could shop there, but it is open to everyone. When I mentioned that to the store clerk, she replied “arrive a shopper, but leave as a chef.”

I believe that Chef Pinckney is a world class chef and we are lucky to have him in East Tennessee demonstrating what he knows. In fact, he was the perfect person to introduce me to the  cooking demonstrations at KaTom Chef Supplies store in Kodak. His menu was perfect and the results were exquisite. I even think that I could try to make them myself after watching his presentation.

If you like to cook, or eat, then KaTom cooking demonstrations are a great way to enjoy a late afternoon meal while you are out and about in Sevierville. 

See you at the table!











July 11- 20: Events in the next 10 days

Even though it is mid-summer, there are many things going on around Sevierville. In fact, team members from the Chattanooga Lookouts entering National Fitness Center this morning reminded me of two events in our area that will appeal to baseball fans. Both events happen tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 12

I have passed by this new baseball complex several times and have wondered about the facilities at the Ripken Experience. A development that cost $22.5 million dollars must be amazing to see in full! A press release states that over 400 teams have come to play there since opening in March.  Even more fascinating is that each field has a design similar to a famous American baseball park. In addition, the press release states that it will have tournaments nine months during the year and host events all year round in a clubhouse that is 14,000 square feet! Fun!

Click the link here for more info on the Ripken complex.

Click to access Ripken%20Experience%20at%20three%20months.pdf

Clearly, this is a great opportunity to have a tour of “The Ripken Experience” in Pigeon Forge while learning more about the Pigeon Forge Hospitality and Tourism Association. Non-members of the hospitality association (like me!) can pay $20 for the tour, which will include refreshments catered by the Ripken Experience. Some people may even get a chance to run some bases or something so it may be a good idea to dress sportily!

Click this link to learn more, or contact Kenny Maples, Pigeon Forge County Commissioner.

The announcement below is a screenshot from the Facebook invitation. FullSizeRender


After visiting the Ripken Experience, you can get more baseball in by hurrying to Smokies Stadium. See a matchup against the Chattanooga  Lookouts while helping Rotary Clubs fight to end polio. The event is called “Pack the Park to End Polio Now.” This is a noble goal by Rotary Clubs internationally to eradicate polio forever. Join the fight tomorrow by packing the park!


Sevier County has several active Rotary Clubs. An excellent Rotary chapter, Sevierville Sunrise Rotary, meets on Thursday mornings at Courthouse Doughnuts. Contact them for more information on events and how to join the group.


Friday, July 15

When you visit the Downtown Sevierville Farmers Market on Friday, there will be something special going on for all ages: a ‘make it and take it’ workshop. This sounds like fun for kids and adults so you have several consecutive Fridays to ‘make and take’ something special home from the market.

The Sevierville Commons Arts Council is an exciting new group with a goal to increase art in our town, particularly downtown. They welcome us to come and enjoy art in a variety of ways. I can’t think of a better way to enjoy art on a personal level than making something with my own hands to take home. We will be able to do that starting this Friday!

Click the link to get more information.

(This announcement is taken from the Art Council’s Facebook page.)


Here is a link to the Downtown Sevierville Farmers Market.

If you would like to keep up with downtown events, then follow them on this Facebook link.

This is a group devoted to the revitalization of downtown Sevierville. They are doing a great job and getting people downtown. Stay tuned because several exciting events will be coming in the next few months!

I can’t wait!

Saturday, July 16

I admire State Senator Doug Overbey for his work on behalf of  Sevier County schools. He worked with the Governor to add $3,000,000 in additional funding for Sevier County Schools—and we really needed it!  In addition, he worked for an extra $261 million for Tennessee public schools without a tax increase, more local control for schools, more options for military veterans interested in higher ed, and expanded HOPE scholarships. Thank you!

Plus he came to Harriet’s retirement party!     Imagine how busy he must be; yet, Senator Overbey came to our school to speak for Harriet’s retirement celebration. He is an exceptional public servant so I hope to attend this rally at the Sevierville Golf Club on Saturday afternoon. (Bring your clubs and hit the driving range before you leave!)


Wednesday, July 20

Next week, there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at 12:00 noon to welcome Lorelei’s boutique to the new 1235 Dolly Parton Parkway location. This celebration will also have refreshments so stop by to see this delightful store next Wednesday.


The announcement above is from her Facebook page. Click the link for more information about Lorelei’s.

It is my favorite store in Sevierville!

That is a lot going on around town…

so see you out and about Sevierville! 

Sevierville Downtown Farmers Market, July 1st

I decided to park in a new location for my second visit to the Downtown Farmers Market so the lot across the street from Sevier County Bank was a good choice. It was on Main Street and only a short walk to meet my friends, Anita and Melinda, at Courthouse Doughnuts. This is the best place to meet because good coffee is waiting for you there.

The courthouse area was festive and ready for the July 4th holiday.


We decided to first meet for coffee at Courthouse Doughnuts, chat, then continue to the downtown farmers market after a caffeine fix.


Anita said that the iced coffee was wonderful—almost like a dessert. My regular coffee was very good. In addition, I liked the set up to serve yourself. So convenient and inviting. No doughnuts for us today. We have to get ready for the beach!



 Cute sign! I need to learn some gossip to earn some coffee.


Courthouse Doughnuts is truly the ‘hub’ of downtown, especially during the daytime hours.  This business offers window and wall space for local artists. In addition, it allows groups to meet in the adjoining room.

My friends and I sat over our coffees and chatted, catching up on summer news and plans. Soon, we saw Sofia Connerly , who joined us at our table. We met her in April at the United Way Ladies’ Derby Hat Social and had a splendid time. She told us about some exciting plans for downtown in the coming months. Stay tuned!


Soon, we ventured out to the market. I was glad to see the truck from the Humane Society nearby. They had some adoptable pets in the gazebo area. I went to say hello and met a sweet, friendly pup. You can make a donation in their box on the table as well. They are doing a good work for the community.


There were some fabulous door decorations to browse. Orange and white, please!


Anita and Linda catching up!


It was nice to see the Lees.


 Linda Hyder is a Family Consumer Science Extension agent from U.T. If you see her at the farmers market then you must stop by and see what recipe she has to sample. Today, it was a refreshing cantaloupe salad with mint and a ‘secret ingredient.’ (You will have to ask her about that when you see her.)

Linda gave us a sample in a small cup along with a copy of the recipe. I will try to make this salad soon. It reminds me of my friend Elaine’s watermelon salad. Delicious!


Here is a link to her webpage.


We ran into another S.C.H.S. colleague!  Mr. Hanlon was enjoying the good weather and low humidity today.

So glad to run into friends today.


It is pretty downtown nowadays.

Try to pay a visit to the Downtown Farmers Market on Fridays when you are out and about in Sevierville…