Art Crawl@ the Sevierville Commons 2016


It was perfect weather for the Art Crawl @ the Sevierville Commons last Thursday evening. I must say…it could not have been an easier, more relaxing, enjoyable event!


We were greeted by Arts Commons members, Stefanie Johnson and Anne Hewitt. They told us how things worked since it was our first visit to the Art Crawl. There were two rows of booths flanking the gazebo containing food and beverage samples. We decided to start with the shaded side.


Old friends and new.

Melinda Derrick, pictured on the left, Sophia Conerly pictured in the middle, and Sofia’s daughter pictured on the right.


Jill Greene and a fellow artist in attendance.


Amelia and Louis duo. (John on Saxophone). What wonderful jazz music to accompany the evening festivities.


My favorite restaurant, Bistro 109. The Waldorf salad was divine, as was the orange cranberry chicken salad sandwich.



The Old Mill was well represented in both food and art. Here are potters who create wonderful things for the Pigeon River Pottery store. They explained the creative processes to me. I have visited that store many times and always enjoy it!




The Schmutzers enjoying an exceptional evening in downtown Severville at the Art Crawl.


David Elrod and colleague were most helpful during the evening ,  exuberant hosts.


Courthouse Donuts never disappoints! Always love the presentation.


Chuck never looked so good as he did posing in this picture!


This year, the Art Crawl event featured pottery. Everything was so beautiful. I wanted it all!




Dr. William Pippin and Emily Kile supporting the Art Crawl.


WineShop at Home with Charlotte Tatum.


Food was expertly paired with beverages. There were few lines and the vendors were eager to show you their products in a festive environment.


My friend Sheley and I enjoy Healthy Balance and highly recommend it!

A brisket slider topped with the best bacon.

The Diner may have the best desserts in town. I took a slice of cheesecake ‘to go’ for lunch the next day. Unbelievable!


This local business recently won international awards for this product produced in Wears Valley. It was paired with Mae Mae’s Lunchbag.








The sun began to set and the temps became very comfortable.


A light breeze stirred as we heard soft jazz playing from the gazebo. You won’t find a better way to get out and about in Sevierville. 

Support the Sevierville Commons

and the Sevierville Commons Arts Council.


For these pictures and more, go to the Out and About in Sevierville Facebook page.



Upcoming Events For the Next Two Weeks: September 20-30, 2016

A lot of activities are coming up in the next two weeks!

First, if there are enough signed up for this cooking class then  this is a guaranteed winner! Barbara Tenney is a cooking expert in the area and a favorite on WBIRTV too.

( I am going to use some screenshots in this blog post to share details quickly.)

In its third year, the Art Crawl will feature pottery by several local artists. Buy tickets for the Art Crawl at any branch of Citizens National bank.

Saturday will be the test for the Tennessee Volunteers. Florida!     GBO!

I love this meme that my friend Katherine posted recently.

Next week features my favorite event in Knoxvegas. Save some baklava for me!

Next week, Sevierville Sunrise Rotary Club serves up a lunch during the I Love Sevierville event downtown on the courthouse lawn.

If you work downtown, or will be visiting, call by this Wednesday to reserve your box lunch.

Proceeds benefit the following charities:

Boys and Girls Club

Sevierville 4 H

Food Ministry

Smoky Mountain Rescue Ministry

Mountain Hope Good Shepard Clinic

College scholarships

Christmas food baskets

These is a significant service to our community so they deserve a huge turnout! Come out to enjoy lunch and entertainment in downtown Sevierville.

There will be a lot going on in the next two weeks.

See you out and about in Sevierville…

Quite the Treasure: Treasures From the Heart store benefits Sevier County.


My friend Elaine volunteers at the Treasures From the Heart store in downtown Sevierville, sponsored by SMARM (Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministries). Two weeks ago, she asked us to come visit the store after our get-together at the downtown Farmer’s Market, followed lunch at Courthouse Donuts. If it is a store then we must go!

Treasures From the Heart is close to downtown. It is located on 230 Court Avenue, just a couple of blocks walk from downtown Sevierville.  So off we went to investigate further on foot.

Find their website at this link:

Facebook page :


There was a Ladies Night Out event last month to introduce people to this unique store. I was unable to attend; however, the pictures and comments on social media later showed that the event was a great success. I was curious. Now, I can see why it was so popular.

Whoever fashioned these store windows did a fabulous job! Very inviting. Makes me want to run in and look at all the dresses!

I walked into Treasures From the Heart and spent at least 30-45 minutes in there looking around. Here are some things that impressed me…

  1. 100% of the profits stay here in Sevier County and benefit our citizens. Elaine said that a large portion of the proceeds directly help children.
  2. The store is very clean and organized. Very pleasant.
  3. I felt like I was in a regular department store.
  4. Someone told me that the building is where Dolly Parton held her first performance. That is a huge reason to visit!
  5. I found quite a few things that I would consider treasures—some things that I have looked for in Knoxville thrift stores, but had never found. Not found until I looked at Treasures of the Heart store in Sevierville.
  6. The price is right. And you never know what you may find.

Here are some of my favorite things…

Special occasion glassware.


Sports fan logo clothing. Go Vols!

Unfortunately, I didn’t see any Gator or Crimson Tide things in there on the day of our visit.     : )


Bangles, bracelets and other jewelry. Nicely arranged!


Is this silver? Martha Stewart would buy the whole box and use it for her table settings at her Maine house, not worrying if it matched exactly. I may have to go back and get this…

These dresses were exquisite. I was impressed with this area.

This dress is a showstopper! It had matching shoes too.

This may be a secret…

..but I heard that ladies come here to shop for a dress when they are going on a cruise. They can wear it a time or two, no one knows them so the dress would not have been seen before, plus they do not have to spend a great deal of money to look great. I loved this dress! Yes, I think that I need to go back soon…



Golf irons and woods to hit the greens.

This jacket was nice! Name brand, better price.

Did I mention that Treasures of the Heart in downtown Sevierville applies 100% profits to our county?

A great selection of beautiful glassware! Almost every kind. I don’t have room in my cabinets, but I may try to make some space.


Two perfectly good ‘rollators.’ (That is what I call them. My mom had one and I still have it. Very helpful when you need one. For a foot injury, etc. )


A player piano anyone?

This is the only store that donates 100 % of proceeds to our citizens in Sevier County.

A tuxedo jacket!

Costumes. I love these.


A snowsuit.


Did Dolly once use these steps on her way to her performance in this building? I’ll bet she did. Walk in Dolly’s footsteps here.


There was only one of these ‘horn of plenty ‘ holiday silicon baking forms. November is just around the corner.


Belts cost a ridiculous amount of money, even at discount stores. Look what you can find at Treasures of the Heart in Sevierville.

This store donates 100% of the proceeds to Sevier County citizens. Did I mention that already?

I was impressed with this store. It was on par with the one that I love to frequent at Litchfield Beach. Even better. I plan on returning in a couple of weeks. Hope that glassware and the blue dress are still there…

There is so much more to find at Treasures of the  Heart store in Sevierville. Find these pictures and more at the Out and About in Sevierville Facebook page.

You are sure to find a treasure or two here when you are out and about in Sevierville…

A Wonderful Evening : United Way of Sevier County Presents a Taste of Autumn, 2016


It was a nice September evening for our first Taste of Autumn event, presented by the United Way of Sevier County. We made our way through the Sevierville back roads to avoid rod run traffic and to arrive at the Gatlinburg Convention Center / the WL Mills Conference Center in time for this unique event.


Friends gathered at table five with our generous host, Dr. William Pippin. I was honored to sit with VIPs at the Pippin Dental Care table. And what a fun group it was!

It was nice to get out and about with VIPs like Sheley and Joey Rose.


It was a treat to sit with local VIPs, Larry and Janice Sorrell.




Food booths were along three sides of the room. There was almost too much to choose from.

The Margaritaville gumbo was great and I would definitely order it at the restaurant.

The beef brisket sliders from the Park Vista Grill were one of my favorites.


Bubba Gump’s shrimp and grits helped them win most of the tokens that attendees used to vote for ‘favorite restaurant.’ They won the event for most popular food, the Golden Spoon Award. Who can argue with shrimp and grits?


This is a shrimp.


Some people don’t mind if you take their picture. Super nice booth for Fox and Parrot and Wine a Little Wine Bar. Need to revisit the Fox and Parrot Tavern on Glades road in Gatlinburg in the near future.


Others like to make a memorable photo too. Fun booth, this one!


This one was one of my favorite booths. Please come back next year!


An excellent Master of Ceremonies.


Amy Harper, Executive Director of the United Way of Sevier County.

So fun meeting Henry Cho before the show. Here is a picture of Henry Cho having his picture made with Dr. Pippin.


I had wanted to see Henry Cho last year when the tour brought him to Knoxville, his home town. When I heard that he was performing at the Taste of Autumn then I knew it was a ‘must see’ event. It did not disappoint! His humor is clean, yet it has a keen edge. He points out truths that we all see in life. He also deals with stereotypes in a gentle, playful, yet hilarious way. Married couples and parents will really appreciate his comical observations of life.


We had a great view and laughed for the duration of the show. My favorite jokes were too many to name.


He picked people out of the audience during parts of the show and we were nervous that he may turn his attention to us. All was well. We were spared any comedic jabs and enjoyed it all. He is one of the best comedians around today. If you ever get a chance, you must see Knoxville’s own Henry Cho!


As we walked out of the convention center, we enjoyed the nice evening sunset with nice temperatures.


And an iconic Gatlinburg night scene.

To be sure, the Taste of Autumn 2016, presented by the United Way of Sevier County, was a wonderful  event and should not be missed. It takes a bit of effort for me to leave from work to arrive by 5:00, but it was worth it. Even more, it helps the United Way of Sevier County, an agency helps more than 15 non-profits in our area.

The United Way goal this year is to raise more than $525,000. This event kicks off the fund raising year so let’s get behind them to meet this goal!

 Go ahead and pencil The Taste of Autumn into your calendar for next year. It is one of the best  September happenings in Sevier County.

Look for more pictures on the United Way Facebook page.

 I will post more pictures tonight on the Out and About in Sevierville  Facebook page.

ALDI store open in Sevierville


I have never been in an Aldi store so I took off after work and went there yesterday, opening day. Boy, was it crowded! Lots of people had the same idea on the grand opening day.


I had a quarter ready because I had heard that you used them to get a cart, then got the quarter back when you returned the cart. Thus, reducing a need for employees constantly returning carts. However, for grand opening week, they have quarters in the carts for your shopping convenience. A grace period for carts free of charge.


A great first impression! And just what some of us can use after work—a sample of chocolate! The prices were very good for organic dark chocolate bars.


I liked the German foods and am getting into the mood for fall. Octoberfest on the way.


Lots of unique vino brands.


Good prices on produce. Here is an example.


I can only find a hummus quartet at Costco or Trader Joes, so I’ll definitely go back for this.


And this too.


This is popular on grand opening day.

For my friend Leisa. Strudel!


Some interesting desserts in the cooler.


Restrooms by the front door. Be warned—it is a single. Just so you know.

I enjoyed seeing the store and will go back when the crowds go down. It was so crowded yesterday that I returned my cart so I could just walk freely without it. Aldi brings some unique products to Sevierville. There is even more to see.

There will be more pictures posted on the Out and About in Sevierville Facebook page today.



Sevier County Humane Society Dog Show gets two paws up!

We saw some great  dogs on Saturday at the Sevier County Humane Society dog show! First of all, here is a link to their website and Facebook page.

I parked close to the tent because the fair would not open for two more hours. There is always a jar in which to make a donation so I did that as I walked in.

The judges, pictured here, were ready to begin the show. Contestants were getting warmed up. Friends and family took their places on bleachers.

 Prizes were waiting to be awarded.
Ava ,the Rottweiler ,didn’t seem to mind her tutu.

Gaia, the Great Dane, was very well behaved and walked well on a leash. She won second place in the large dog contest.

I think this was Doxie, 19 years old! What a sweetheart!

Maggie Pie is a well behaved Yorkie mix.

Kia is an adorable Pomeranian. It would would end up winning an award.
 Bruiser, the Yorkie.

Kameko is a 16 year old Jack Russell terrier. So sweet.

Only one dog was signed up for the Best Trick category. Gaia won best trick.

Start getting your dog tricks ready for next year!

Best dressed pup.

Lando is a 4 year old Bull Mastiff adopted from our shelter. He weighs about  150 pounds! The family always adopts from the shelter.

Calling out the winners. Plus, telling the crowd about opportunities to foster puppies and kittens . This is to give the babies a good chance to stay healthy as well as to socialize them for their new homes.

Bella is a 4 month female boxer. Look at that friendly face!

Bruiser wins a prize, tying with Fanny.

And the Small Dog category winner is…

Picking out her prize!


The Humane Society reminded us of the information on their website and animals that you can see at Petsense for adoption. Don’t forget to give your dog monthly heartworm medicine because even one mosquito bite can start that painful and deadly canine illness. The shelter can always use volunteers to walk dogs, play with cats, foster animals, or help with fund raising events.

Bring your dog to the Humane Society Dog Show next year. It is a fun way for you and your fur baby to get out and about in Sevierville  together.

See these pictures and more on the blog Facebook page for Out and About in Sevierville. Below is the link.

Dog Show Tomorrow!

My favorite event at the Sevier County Fair is tomorrow—the Sevier County Humane Society dog show!

I attended last year and was completely delighted. If you or family members love dogs then you need to see this event! It is free and you can park pretty close to the gate because the fair doesn’t open until 3:00. 

I park close. I make a donation at the door. Mingle with pet owners and see cute dogs. Sit on the bleachers and watch the show!

The Fair website says 1:00, but the Humane Society website says 12:30 so get there early. You can park near the gate and enter the Cattle Barn free because the Fair does not open for a couple of hours. 


The dogs are so cute and I was inspired to teach my older dog some new tricks. Get out and about in Sevierville tomorrow and see this fun event for the whole family. 

The Sevier County Fair is here!


It is our favorite time of year—time for the Sevier County Fair!  The lines were a little long within a few minutes of opening on Labor Day 2016.

The previous blog story recommended the Sevierville First United Methodist Church food booth for the best food at the fair. Hope I get to go back before it ends! Remember the Million Dollar pie!

During lunch, there was live music by the Shaun Abbott group. They rocked it.  I heard them mention a song released on iTunes and I liked it a lot. Here is a link to their Facebook page.



Craig Mintz and friends from First Baptist Church giving out free balloons to children at the Sevier County Fair.


A lot of balloons! I am looking forward to the FBC Corn Maze, coming soon. Here is some info below so you can mark the date on your calendar. Love a hayride!


It looks like great fun! Must see if my niece and nephews want to come to town to try the FBC Corn Maze.


A local celebrity was spotted at the fair soon after it opened— Big L ! What a beloved and admired man at SCHS. Anyone was lucky to work with Leroy Helton. His son Darren is a good one too! Pictured here with Mrs. Helton.


WATE Channel 6 reporter Mona Nair and cameraman preparing a news segment about the Sevier County Fair and safety in general for traveling fairs. In the spirit of things, Mona took advantage of the face painting booth and was ready to report. Here is a link to the first report.

Sevier County Fair to bring family fun to Sevierville


Check the second video there on the WATE webpage about fair safety because they are reporting from the moving ferris wheel! What a great view of everything!


You can see beauty queens on Labor Day at the fair. They were so poised, pretty, and sweet. Next year, must stay later and see the Fairest of the Fair Pageant too.

There are things that are truly Americana!

And then there was a unique food cart that came from Morristown. Very authentic!

Lots of tempting things you can’t find anywhere else…


This vendor said that fried Oreos were the most popular. 6 for $5?


There were some vendors as well as some free things in the Main Street Market. You can always use a ‘church fan’ in the south!

On the way out, I ran into Farmer Charlie from Farm Bureau. They had announced on the intercom that he would be there and I ran right into him.

A very friendly guy from nearby Knoxville.

No rides for me—I like to watch the young kids enjoy them.

These were just a few of the things we enjoy at the Sevier County Fair while out and about in Sevierville.

See these pictures and more at the Out and About in Sevierville Facebook page. Here is a link.

P.S. Make sure that you go on Saturday at 1:00 to see the Humane Society Dog Show! Too much fun!


Best food at the Sevier County Fair! Labor Day, 2016


I had heard this fact for a long time. I tried it and found it to be so a couple of years ago. But today, I stopped by for lunch after a golf game and the truth was completely obvious to me…

The. best. food. at. the. fair!


Walk into the Sevier County Fair and then take a right. Walk to the ‘tented’ dining area, then look there and you will find the best food at any fair in the U.S. It is the food from the First United Methodist Church of Sevierville. The picture above is the top seller: chicken and dumplings.


This may the the next runner up in popularity: soup beans and cornbread. My friend let me try a bite. So good and the dish stayed very hot for quite a while. Very hot!




Life is Good! Especially if you are lucky enough to eat at the FUMC food booth at the fair. Pastor Jeff says that it is made at the church then transported to the fair. Come to our church services to meet Pastor Jeff in person!


David Elrod is keeping things going in the back of the booth. He told me that the fair booth actually started decades ago at the old fair grounds, near our current middle school. Can you imagine it where the football field is now? Ladies made the chicken and dumplings back then, and they are still popular to this day.


Gina Davis and her family keeping things moving smoothly in the kitchen and the front of the booth.

You can order grilled burgers or hot dogs.

I ordered barbecue, cole slaw, and a drink. Only $5 !


Pastor Jeff highly recommends the soup beans, cornbread, and chicken and dumplings. Now, let’s get to what is really fabulous…



This is the best pie that I have ever had in my life…

Million Dollar Pie!


A tropical dream of coconut, pineapple, whipped cream, nuts…divine!

Proceeds from the fair booth go to the church youth and mission trips.



FUMC youth members working on Monday, Labor Day 2016.


It is a group effort every year, but with amazing results. I enjoy sitting at the counter which has built in benches. So cool and enjoyable!


Girl Scouts love the food too! Bring your family to the fair and enjoy the best food that can be found in the U.S. And come visit us on Sundays at the First United Methodist Church in Sevierville, Tennessee!

I think that I need to visit the fair again this week just to have dinner again at the food booth by the First Methodist Church of Sevierville. And the wonderful Million Dollar Pie! Save me a seat at the counter!

One thing is for sure, with the fair in town this week, Sevier County will be out and about in Sevierville…


A Visit to Downtown Sevierville Farmers Market, Labor Day Weekend 2016


Since we were off work on Friday, it was a good time to meet Melinda and Elaine for a trip downtown Sevierville. The day started with coffee, a stroll around the downtown Sevierville Farmers Market for shopping , then back to Courthouse Donuts for lunch. The weather could not have been better. Here is some of what we saw…


First stop at the market found unique jewelry, some pieces using Indian nickels. There are some in the upper, right picture below.

Next, we found the Sevier County Humane Society in the gazebo. They brought four beautiful dogs ready for adoption. So sweet! You could visit the dogs, pet them, and take a walk with them to get to know them. The big, white one is named ‘Pee Wee.’

Members of the Sevierville Commons Arts Council at their table to promote the group as well as the upcoming Art Crawl at the Commons.

The event this year will feature local potters. I can’t wait! The Sevierville Commons Arts Council has a new website too. Here is a link to their new website.


They screen printed these shirts. Love them!


Heirloom tomatoes from Belmont Farms in Jones Cove.


Last month, a vendor who makes animal figures took a sketch of my dog, little Dolly, from a picture on my cell phone. It was ready for me today! It was only $5 and I was delighted with the figure!


Below is my dog figurine in a larger size so you can get a better view.


Some nice orange and white accessories. Go Vols!



Then, my friends and I made our way back to Courthouse Donuts for lunch. We love the big windows, art, and a view of street and courthouse activity. Plus, the food! We tried the cuban sandwich, chicken salad on pretzel bread, and the spinach salad. Divine! The half and half combo is my favorite way to order too. Doughnuts are good!

A new thing that I noticed was music during lunch in the back of the big room, Dyers Downtown. A talented duo called the Pea Pickin’ Hearts performed a variety of tunes. I have heard of them, but had yet to hear them live. What a nice way to spend the afternoon!

The duo travels around the Southeast, spending 80% of their time on the road. We’ll try to catch them again when they are in the area. Truly talented and created a wonderful atmosphere in the room. I think that I have found a new -favorite- local- group!

Here is a link to their Facebook page for more info, photos, and videos.

All in all, it was a great day at the Farmers Market. Maybe one of my favorites this summer. Find more pictures on the Out and About in Sevierville  Facebook page at this link

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

We are out and about