Casual Pint Craft Beer Market Open in Sevierville


If we were in England right now, then this would probably be your local pub. 

Sevierville saw a new business open last week: the Casual Pint Craft Beer Market. I made it to the ribbon cutting ceremony by the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce. Luckily, I was in time to see them give the business a big Sevierville welcome. This new business opens a lot of options for Sevierville citizens and visitors alike. Here is what I saw.

First of all, there are two food establishments beside the Casual Pint. Buddy’s Bar-b-q (pictured above) and Penn Station subs. This is good for patrons who would like to eat a meal while there and watching a game.  The Pint will share an outdoor patio with Penn Station subs, which will be nice on warm days. (FYI …A nice convenience, I picked up free wifi from Buddy’s and Penn Station.)


Here is the Sevierville franchise owner, Roger McGee, pictured right. He is from Blount County, but preferred to locate the business here. He was drawn here by the opportunity for this franchise in Sevier County, as well as warmth from the people in our county. He had great praise for the mayor and the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce for helping to open his business.


In attendance was Jon Robinette, the Casual Pint franchise owner and director. His first franchise is located in Knoxville in the Bearden area. Robinette is pictured here with his children. He attributes the creation of the Casual Pint to his son Nathan, pictured right. Here is a link to the story of the Robinette family and the beginnings of the Casual Pint franchise.

The Sevierville Casual Pint franchise is the 17th opened by the Robinette family. The Pints are located in 5 different states.


The ribbon-cutting went flawlessly as the Casual Pint was welcomed by members of the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce and the mayor. Pictured from left to right are Jim McGill, Membership Co-ordinator for the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce;  Mayor Atchley;  franchise owner, Roger McGee; general manager, Matthew Bolt; and Casual Pint franchise owner and director, Jon Robinette.


It is very comfortable and there are three TV screens to watch a game. Two are pictured here.


There are 28 taps and over a hundred bottles from which to choose. The tap wall is impressive and will constantly change. When one tap empties then they will replace it with a new brew. Get the Casual Pint app to keep up with the flavors. Here is a link to the info.


The cooler offers many varieties, from bottles to cans.


There are more things on the shelves as well. The Pint will be serving low gravity beer until January 1st, then will be able to serve higher gravity pints. Prices range from $4.40 to $7 a serving. These are craft brews so most fans will say that the price is worth it.


Once they settle in, Roger McGee,  said that they would like to begin Trivia Nights and other events at the Pint. The Pint can be found on Instagram, Untapped, Facebook, and Twitter.

Hours are

Sunday 1-8, Monday – Thursday 11-10, Fridays and Saturdays 11-11.

To see more pictures of the grand opening and ribbon cutting at the Sevierville Casual Pint, go to my Facebook blog picture page. Here is the link.





Sevierville Commons Arts Council Holiday Market: Saturday, December 17th, 2016.


The Sevierville Commons Arts Council ended a successful 2016 with the Holiday Market Christmas on Bruce Street. The day was chilly and festive. There was much to see and I left with some things to take home. Here is what I saw on Saturday.

I had only an hour for the market as I had to meet a friend in Knoxville for a special event later in the day. It was a quick day. First, I ran into my former classmate from Morristown West, Carol Bridgewater Rouse, who had come from Morristown to attend the market and to go to the Two Coyotes Studio to buy a special necklace. Carol is the art teacher at Morristown East and had seen Bev Guinn Jones’ necklace on my Facebook post. It is special and goes with our current situation after the wildfires in Sevier County. Here is another picture of it.



Featured artist for the December Art Happening, Crystal Lynn Sharp, with beautiful creations. I need the light colored bracelets on the left.


More lovely things from Jill Green and more.


I love beautiful things made of glass. Jill makes these by hand herself.


Artists, and council members, Christina Crofoot and Crystal Lynn Sharp hanging out with a fur friend.


This is real and it really works. A Batman spotlight. They used it for a special event one time and were contacted by someone that the light was too strong at night and to reduce the power.  I want one!

Too many cool things by this vendor to put on the blog. Check the Facebook page I use for extra pictures to see more. The Facebook link will be at the bottom of this article.


The Move Factory entertained with a special participant!


The ‘make-it-and take-it’ area was busy with people eager to make something special to take home. I was well impressed with the two ornaments that I saw there. Fabulous!


Santa approves! fe792a2c-f677-47e2-b0cd-dfaccac76177



I bought one of these repurposed wood trees to hang Christmas cards. Love them!


The Holiday Market is dog friendly!

fullsizerender2 Sevierville Arts Council members with the the Sevier County Courthouse in the background.


Beautiful yarn, textiles, and more.


Gary Wade and son, Zach, stop by to support the Sevierville Holiday Art Market.

Pictured from left to right: Jill Green, Gary Wade, Andrea Wilson, and Zach Wade.


I found the perfect man at the Holiday Market!


One quick stop at the pork rinds vendor for a couple of barbecue bags to go. He said that they are also sold at Bass Pro Shop, Old Mill, and an Apple Wood store.

Excellent paleo snack!

I hated to leave the Holiday Market on Saturday. I enjoyed it immensely.

The Sevierville Commons Arts Council deserves kudos and applause for their work this year invigorating our downtown. I just learned of them last spring and have followed their work since then. The Art Happenings, summer farmer’s market, Christmas on Bruce Street Holiday Market, and more, have made my life, and that of my friends, much richer. Consequently, they have had great impact in revitalizing downtown Sevierville this year. What a great job they have done in 2016. They are already planning things for next year. Next year, 2017 will be even grander. Stay tuned for more!

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See you out and about in Sevierville…

Christmas on Bruce Street Holiday Market Today and Tomorrow


The Sevierville Commons Arts Council presents Christmas on Bruce Street today and tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Come see 30 local artists, find a special gift, and enjoy a special Christmas treat with friends downtown. From 11:00-3:00 p.m. you can go to the ‘make-it-and take-it’ station to create a special Christmas ornament to take home. It is free!

Today, I only had a few minutes after work to check out the holiday market. Despite the cold temps, there were a lot of good things there. Also, there are sure to be many more tomorrow. In fact, tomorrow should be very warm compared to today. It will be a great time to attend the downtown Holiday Market.

Here is what I saw today.


Beautiful pottery was there today.


Unique jewelry and other gifts.

This promises to be a very good place to check out for snacks tomorrow.


I bought two bags of pork rinds. They are $5 per bag or two for $9. I got the bar-be-que, but there was also a regular bag to choose from. Very paleo and Adkins approved.


I saw some other unique gifts that may be specific for the ‘hard to shop for guy.’


Arthur Young has a lot of very nice jewelry to choose from. I liked everything that I saw in his display.


My favorite animal sculptors will also be back tomorrow. The smaller figures are only $5. The bag contains some surprises for some people I know.


One special visitor will be especially popular in the gazebo!

A newspaper article said that Pets Without Parents volunteers will be there to help with wrapping presents ( make a nice little donation) and Move Dance Factory will drop by for a special performance. It will be the best way to get out and about in Sevierville tomorrow. See you there!

For more information, visit  .

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Sevierville Commons Arts Council Hosts Art Happening: December 8, 2016


The courthouse was festive as I walked to Courthouse Donuts to see the Sevierville Art Happening last Thursday evening. As luck would have it, I was able to park right in front of the courthouse, with the event only steps away. Although I couldn’t stay long due to fighting off a cold, I was able to meet the artist and hear the best singing duo in East Tennessee. Here is what I saw at the Happening.


It is always nice strolling by the windows of Courthouse Donuts to see the art on display. Warm and cheery inside.


First, I ran into my friends Sheeley and Joey Rose. They had arrived earlier and were chatting with artists in attendance. We talked about the wildfires and quickly caught up with other December news.

Next, I saw the Pea Pickin’ Hearts singing at the front of the room. How nice to hear them again. Their harmonies really create a lovely, relaxed atmosphere.



I met the featured artist of the month, Crystal Lynn Sharp. Notice the canvas behind her has a special technique where it is gathered or ruched to add to the texture of the scene. I loved the colors too.


Here is a side view of a painting so you see the folds more closely. I had never seen that done before! Multi-dimensional.


Here is a copy of her business card so you can find her online, by email, or by telephone.



Sorry for the light reflections. I am trying to figure out how to manage them in photos. However, this summarizes Crystal’s professional background and techniques.


It is amazing how beautiful art is on a brick wall backdrop.


Here are a few more paintings by the featured artist for December, Crystal Lynn Sharp.


Some Art Council members, pictured from left to right. Crystal Lynn Sharp, Andrea Wilson, and Christina Crofoot. I forgot to take a picture of the refreshments behind them. Will do that next month. Refreshments are always good here.


Here is a table of the Art Council members as they talk with Steven Jenkins from an Knoxville Artenprenuer group.


Pictured from left to right: Laurel Kiewitt, Elizabeth Cole, daughter of Crystal Lynn Sharp. Next, Crystal Lynn Sharp, Andrea Wilson, Christina Crofoot, Jill Green, and Stephen Jenkins.

I hated to leave because I found out that more people arrived later who I really enjoy seeing. Hopefully, there will be no cold for me to fight off next time. The Sevierville Commons Arts Council will be sure to host many Art Happenings next year. It is one of my favorite ways to get out and about in Sevierville. 

See you next time!

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Barbara Tenney Christmas Appetizer Demo Tomorrow at KaTom (It is free!)

Barbara Tenney will be creating Christmas appetizers in the KaTom kitchen tomorrow from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. She will show you how to create a few special appetizers, give you a copy of the recipe, and probably let you sample them. This is all free tomorrow at KaTom. Just walk in and sit at the kitchen counter to see some holiday goodies. I went to her presentation two weeks ago. This is what it was like…


Barbara Tenney is a well known cook/caterer/instructor in East Tennessee, especially the Knoxville area. She has done cooking demonstrations for years at Williams Sonoma at West Town Mall, and more recently, Butler and Bailey in the Rocky Hill area of West Knoxville. She is frequently featured on WBIR cooking segments and did the Thanksgiving Day turkey demo last year. She has quite a following and we love to attend her classes when we can.


Two weeks ago, I walked into the KaTom Chef Supplies store and was thrilled to find an open area at the counter. Barbara has a distinct fashion sense and fun to chat with. She told me that she was very busy Thanksgiving Day catering a special dinner in Knoxville. Wish that I could have been there!

She offered two holiday treats a couple of weeks ago: Mexican Mocha mix and Mexican Snack Mix. I include the recipes below because they were wonderful!




I ended up buying a canister of this in preparation for snow days ahead.


I got to go behind the counter and get a closer view. May I point out the beautiful countertops with a shiny silver component.


Here is a better view of the countertops. So nice!

Let me say that the Mexican Mocha was fabulous, with just a little spice. It will be my preferred chocolate drink this winter. Barbara poured a sample into a Christmas gift bag to take home. It would be easy to make as a homemade gift to friends and family as well. Loved the packaging!


The Mexican Snack Mix was a perfect blend of sweet and spicy. Loved it, but will have to keep my distance. Like Chex Mix, you could really eat a lot of it before you know it.


Here is view from the inside of the bag. Jump in!


And the gift bag was ready to go home. Voila!

If you click this link to the KaTom Facebook page then you can see their video of Barbara Tenney making spiced pecans for their Twelve Days of Christmas ideas.

I am not sure which appetizers that Barbara Tenney will be making tomorrow at KaTom, but I don’t care—it is Barbara Tenny! She is amazing and we are lucky to have her visiting us so close to home so we don’t have to fight the Knoxville traffic. She is quite the treasure. It is a great way to get out and about in Sevierville tomorrow. Plus, a way to get some new ideas for Christmas treats.

Save me a space at the counter!

Chef Jeff Ross of Blackberry Farm Cooks Christmas Dinner at KaTom: A Meal to Remember!


It was the best cooking class of the year! All my friends agreed. We were so thrilled to attend the last class of the year at KaTom, instructed by Jeff Ross of the famous Blackberry Farm. Read on and I will share the delights!


A cool, damp evening was considerably cheered up by festive lights and regalia at the KaTom Chef Supplies store. I couldn’t wait to get inside!


Our favorite table was decorated and ready to go. We loved the centerpiece. Here is another view. We certainly missed Harriet and Sarah, but look forward to seeing them next month.



Little ramekins held good things ready to spread. KaTom sells jars of these: pumpkin butter, strawberry butter, and rhubarb marmalade. So good! One of my friends may have bought some.


Jeff Ross is a chef at the Blackberry Farm luxury hotel and resort. He was very friendly and glad to answer any questions during the evening. His delivery is comfortable, informative, and humorous. In his introduction, we learned that Jeff started in the garden at Blackberry Farm and now creates wonderful meals in the kitchen as well. “Horticulture to kitchen.” We are glad! He also gave us a lot of tips about cooking that I had never heard before. Also, good restaurants and stores that he, himself, likes to visit. That says a lot.


We received full recipes at our tables to take home. Here is the special Christmas Dinner menu:

Crispy Brussel Sprouts with Benton’s Sausage and Pepper Jam

Fig Simmered Benton’s Holiday Ham with Fig Mostarda

Steamed Puddings with Tennessee Hard Sauce


The KaTom cooking demonstration experience is very comfortable and fun. Notice the large screen TV over the kitchen area so every seat has a great view.


Getting ready.


Benton’s Holiday Ham.

A good tip for me to remember: slowly simmer the ham in water for a couple of hours to reduce the salt.

A good view from the overhead screen. Preparing the steamed puddings, which he explained would be more like moist cake. Oh my!


A view from the back of the room during class.


We were getting excited at this point. Below are the ingredients for the Tennessee Hard Sauce. Divine!



Brussel sprouts will roast in the oven soon.



Dinner is served! Barley is on the upper left of the plate to give a winter crunch and balance out the flavors.

The piece de resistance!


Serve the steamed puddings like this…


Or this!


In summary, my friends were delighted with this class and the dinner. In fact, we believe it was one of the best that we have ever had anywhere. When Jeff Ross comes back to KaTom for a demonstration/class then we will be there. This was the best of the year!

It was an extraordinary gastronomic adventure while we were out and about in Sevierville.

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Sevierville 10 Day planner: December 6-17, 2016

There are several things coming up in Sevierville for the next 10 days amidst the other holiday goings on. Here are some good things that I see in the next 10 days.

Tomorrow, you can drop by Courthouse Donuts from 5:30-8:00 for the December Art Happening. Mingle with artists and enjoy the works of the featured artist of the month, Crystal Lynn Sharp. There will be an Artreprenuer talk at 6:00 p.m. (Art + business)

At the Art Happening, you will have a chance to hear local duo the Pea Pickin’ Hearts. They are one of our favorite local musical groups. Follow them on Facebook at


KaTom is hosting Barbara Tenney on Saturday from 11:00-1:00 for a holiday appetizer demonstration. It is free! Just drop in any time, sit at the counter, and watch Barbara work her magic. You will probably get to sample it too. Barbara Tenney is well known in Knoxville for cooking classes, catering, and demonstrations on WBIR TV. She did the Thanksgiving Day demonstration last year on WBIR.


I attended Barbara Tenney’s demonstration a couple of weeks ago. It was a Mexican hot chocolate and spicy snack mix. I got to watch, sample, and bring something home. Plus catch up with her because I have attended about ten of her cooking classes over the years. She has taught at Williams Sonoma at West Town Mall and Butler and Bailey Marker in the Rocky Hill area of West Knoxville. We love Barbara Tenney!


The Downtown Sevierville Holiday Market has been postponed to next weekend. Plan to attend and support your local downtown artists and small businesses! It will be a great time to pick up last minute gifts for Christmas too. For example, here is a necklace that I bought last weekend from local artist Bev Guinn Jones and her Two Coyotes Studio. Wear the mountains. Find her studio on Facebook at


The flyer for the Holiday Market shows all the things available: pictures with Santa, food, drink, and make-it-and-take- Christmas ornaments.


There are some good things happening in town. See you out and about in Sevierville!


Sevierville’s 54th Annual Christmas Parade: December 3, 2016

The Sevierville Christmas parade was held on Saturday morning at 11:00a.m. through downtown. After a terrible week with the wildfires in the county,  it was cheering to see a sign of normalcy and tradition in the parade. I met friends at Courthouse Donuts downtown for coffee and a big window view of the street to watch for the beginning of the event.


It was cozy inside with the courthouse just in view.


People were lining up for these as we waited so I was able to snap a picture.


A nice crowd was gathering at the intersection and ready to see the parade.


It takes a little while to leave the staging area at FBC, go down the parkway, then turn down Court Avenue, but you get plenty of warning when the procession is heading your way. We were ready to cheer them on.


First in line were the fire trucks and first responders. Well deserved applause from the crowd.


Here is a one minute video clip of the beginning of the parade.



Opening banner.

Parade Grand Marshall was Sevierville’s Citizen of the Year, Ellen Wilhoit.


Here is a 25 second video clip of the Grand Marshall.


Chamber of Commerce and community leaders.

Here is a one minute video clip of community leaders, peanut butter collection, and the Sevier County High School Band.

If it is a parade, then you have to have majorettes!


The S.C.H.S band never sounded better!



Every parade must have beauty queens!


Festive tractors.

A line of festive Benzes.


Cory Anderson leading the scouts.


More scout friends.

Here is a video of the scouts procession.


If you have a dog with you then you have a good chance of being in this blog.


Festive pup!


Love the horses with reindeer antlers. So pretty!


We were especially amused by the pest control company float with these two unexpected Christmas guests, pictures above. Love the kid in the middle!

There were a number of church floats reminding us of the reason for the season.



For some reason, my camera didn’t snap the ultimate parade unit—Santa! I have borrowed a photo from artist, Bev Guinn Jones, who owns Two Coyotes Studio on Court Avenue. She took some photos of the parade from her upstairs studio window. She is letting me use the one she took of Santa here. Thanks, Bev!


Kids were excited!  Mr. Claus was riding in a nice carriage with a beautiful white horse. If you took a good picture of Santa, send it to me and I’ll edit and insert it below.

There were too many pictures to use in this story. To see more of your kids, friends, and neighbors in the parade, go to the blog Facebook page for pictures. Click this link now.