Downtown Sevierville Farmers Market Tomorrow



There are only a few weeks that I can go to the downtown Sevierville farmers market in the summer because of work obligations after mid-August so last Friday was a special occasion. I finally made it to the Friday farmers market!


Where do you park? I chose a parking area near Cedar Street.


With this handy bag, I was ready to shop.


The walk gave me an opportunity to observe the work on the Sevierville courthouse building. Then, I went into the thrift store to see if they still had those beautiful martini glasses. Alas, someone beat me to them.


The market was bustling by 11:00 a.m. There was a lot to see so I will just show a few things in this particular blog.

My first stop was a table by Courthouse Doughnuts. I stopped to watch as a lady was ordering home-made lemonade. It was delightful to see the steps and the final product.



It is made, and to be carried, in a Ball jar! They cost $3 for a pint jar and $5 for a quart jar. So charming—I love it!


The next table contained beautiful artisan soaps from Hartford, Tennessee. This was only her second Friday participating in our market. She was extremely nice and happy to talk about their work and products. The soap is organic,  made from either buttermilk or plant oils. The soap bars take a minimum of six weeks to ‘set.’


Cute bars of soap for kids!  (Or big kids too). In addition, Pat Brady said that they would soon be getting pink cotton candy soaps with gummy bears on top. Kids will love to lather up with gummy bears.


I was fascinated by the Geodes soap. Beautiful!


These Geode soaps would look so nice in the beautiful bathroom of my friend Janice. Janice’s bathroom sink has a beautiful dark counter with some sparkling pieces within it.

This artisan soap table was lovely so make sure you visit it at the market.


As I walked by the gazebo, I wished to hear music playing there. Although it was a little hot, music would be an exciting addition to the market some day. Singers! Musicians! It would be nice to hear in the background while we are shopping and a good way for musicians to get exposureIMG_4681


I found a booth selling poultry at one of the last tables around the corner of the market. These vendors come from Bulls Gap, Tennessee so they have a little drive early on Friday morning to get to Sevierville. They sell rare breeds of chickens. I asked her the names, but could not attempt to spell them myself. Instead,  I’ll let you see the pictures and maybe you will know the names. Comment below if you know them.


I asked how customers could transport the chickens home and they showed me that they were prepared for that too. Boxes will help get the birds to your house. (Millie, come and get some more chickens for the Big Ridge!)


Our condo association would probably not approve of a pet rooster so I only enjoyed looking at this booth, not buying anything.

Finally, it was time to get some tomatoes and vegetables to go. I usually end up here.


Henderson’s Produce hosts a stand at two farmer’s markets, plus their store on East Gate Road. They have a 10 acre farm to grow corn, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, watermelons and honeydew melons. They had just gotten fresh corn in that morning. Henderson’s store is  my favorite.


The downtown Sevierville farmer’s market will be open again tomorrow, Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The market is found at Bruce Street and the gazebo.


You will find over 30 vendors, both food and crafters. On your stroll, stop by other businesses there. I enjoyed a quick trip into the thrift store. I am meeting friends at Courthouse Doughnuts for a coffee first. Visit D. Garden, Moonshine Bakery, or grab a light lunch at Bistro 109.

Friday will be a fine day to go out and about in Sevierville. 

Frozen treats? Cruze Farm pop-up shop in Knoxville beats the heat!


You can’t miss the Cruze Farm milk truck at the downtown Knoxville farmer’s market on Saturdays …and there is usually a line so that means something is really good.


I heard about this special flavor of ice cream last summer while listening to Marc on Star 102.1 , but haven’t tried it yet. Have you? He said it is amazing.




There is a Sevier County link here…



Good news for those who have trouble getting to Knoxville on Saturdays before 2:00 because the Cruze Dairy Farm is opening a pop-up shop just a block away on Union Avenue for the next two months. Peak ice cream season!



I got a chance to go there last Saturday and it was full of cold treats. Don’t worry if you see a line because it goes fast. In fact, it will give you a chance to study the products in the cooler while you decide what flavor to order.

This is exactly what my grandmothers called it… light milk. A nice memory from the past!



I want to know what these taste like. Must be wonderful!


I enjoyed the ‘Knoxcentric’ decor, wood floors, and large windows. A great place to sit and enjoy a cone.




I love this street scene.



Kids of all ages need a cool treat.


Despite all these fabulous flavors…


I always end up with chocolate.

People were really ‘going for it’ because triple cones were common. This guy immediately saw his top scoop fall to the floor, but they just put on another one. No problem!



The Cruze pop-up store will serve biscuits and hot dogs along with milk products and bottled water. Also root beer floats, lemonade, limeade, and cherry limeade. What is a Mexican Coke float? They will sell that too.

Hours for the milk bar will be Monday – Thursday 11:00 a.m. -8:00 p.m.

Friday 9:00-9:00.  Saturday 2:00-9:00. Sunday 9:00 a.m.-6:00p.m.

The branding for Cruze milk is completely unique because the Cruze girls  wear gingham and bandanas. They are delightful and don’t mind stopping for a picture while taking your order. Lovely!


If you go to their website you can learn more about Cruze Farm and products. I didn’t realize that you can book them for parties and weddings. It is truly a local treasure!

Enjoy ice cream all summer while you are out and about…

Find them on Facebook at

Basketball in summer? Yes! Time for the Pilot Rocky Top League!

The games started with a long moment of silence for Pat Head Summitt. We knew that the end of her fight with Alzheimers disease was imminent.  It was the longest, most contemplative group- moment- of -silence that I have ever experienced. A truly somber crowd.

Then, the basketballs began flying at the Pilot Rocky Top League.img_4749


This video doesn’t exist

From what I understand, the Pilot Rocky Top League invites college players to participate in teams for two weeks in June as a way to keep them working out and practicing skills. It is free to the public! There is air conditioning. Popcorn too!



My basketball ‘friend’ and I decided to go last night because we liked the match-up between teams Rice Buick GMC and DeRoyal Industries. I like to watch my favorite Vol player, Detrick Mostella, plus Shembari Phillips. I passed Mostella as he walked in the door but was too shy to get a picture with him. The trick to that is to go up to them between the games when the young kids approach them. I think that would be a good time for taking pictures. Will try that next year.



The Rice Buick GMC team (in white shirts) also had 4 players from Carson Newman. I heard that they were freshmen so it was interesting to watch them play.You can see two of them here.  Love the CN teams!



A few players that we wanted to see  were not at the game, including incoming Vol, Lamonte Turner, and veteran Bobby Maze. Hopefully, they can play  tomorrow.


Lady Vols often come to the games too.



Mostella questioning a call in this picture. There is usually not a lot of defense, but lots of attempts to dunk. We got to see some dunks (and attempts) by Robert Hubbs in the previous game too. Fun!

There are always Sevier County basketball fans to be found at the Rocky Top League games, both on the court and in the stands. For the past two years, we enjoyed watching SCHS alumni Devin Schmidt play in the league. He is one of the most talented players that I have ever seen play the game.


You may recognize these Sevier County friends! These young players recently attended a U.T. basketball clinic so they got to meet players and get to know them a little bit then. I saw the boys go up to the Vol players for autographs between games. They had a ball! (No pun intended.)

This video doesn’t exist

The announcer for the games is rather crazy and animated, for lack of a better word. You will get used to it though. Kids like it and get to participate when the shot is ‘good.’ I liked to listen to his response when a player missed a shot. The announcer ‘ribs them’ a little when they do—which you don’t get to hear during actual games. They also endure crazy nicknames from the announcer like ‘hip hop John Stockton’ and the ‘evil sombrero.’ (I warned you it was crazy.)

Championship games will be tomorrow, Wednesday, June 29th at Catholic High School. Consolation game for teams #3 and #4 at 6:00.

Championship game at 7:30.

If you like basketball then it is a great way to get out and about! 

Website for Pilot Rocky Top League.

Play ball!


Get the scoop tomorrow! Apple Valley Creamery celebrates 25 years

The best deal in town tomorrow (Saturday, June 25th) will be found at the Apple Valley Creamery. To celebrate 25 years, the Creamery will sell ice cream scoops for a dollar! Families, take heed!

I have not been to the Creamery in a while so I decided to drop by this morning after shopping the 50% off sale at Banana Republic, Tanger Mall. (The sale is good!)

Turn right at Walgreens on the Parkway then you will find it on Apple Valley Road. Upon entering the parking lot, I saw the nearby hot air balloon ride. Fun! Maybe that will be a blog for another day. Message me if you would like to go some time because I am nervous about heights.

Samples are always a great idea!

It was nice to walk by the apple trees growing along the way to the Creamery. The green apples are growing well.


I follow, and contribute, to TripAdvisor so this certificate is always a good sign!


The view within the front door reminds you of ice cream parlor memories from childhood. The bakery smells are so nice!


I would advise going early or later tomorrow to get $1 scoops!

Gifts that you can take and make at home.


I was wondering if this was an original ice cream churn for the Creamery.

Buy a machine and make your own!


So many decisions!

So many flavors! Here were my favorites.

Alas, it was a bit early in the morning for me to eat ice cream so I didn’t sample anything. However, the Creamery will be a great place to come with my nieces and nephews some summer day when we are out and about in Sevierville. 

Here is the website for the Apple Barn Creamery.

Our favorite boutique is back: Loralei’s!

An old friend is back in town and we are so glad. Lorelei’s is my favorite boutique anywhere. Today is opening day. You can take some friends and drop in from 5:00 – 9:00 this evening for the VIP Diva Night. There will be refreshments and treats from Pink Squirrel Cupcakes. Beverages.


The new location is 1235 Dolly Parton Parkway in The Shoppes at Bears Landing. This location is across the street from Sevier County High School and beside of Burger King. Parking is easy too.

Also, you can find this store on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



Lorie Lea Yount had a Loralei’s store in a different location in Sevierville six years ago, but the building was sold so she had only a few months to make a move, eventually opening a store in Knoxville Center Mall. It is very successful so she is opening a second store here, in her hometown. I have fond memories of a previous Sevierville location, an older white house, because she allowed us to take Tai Chi lessons in an empty upstairs room. How many places can you do that?


Lorie is a 1992 graduate of S.C.H.S. so you will always be able to find some purple and white treasures in her boutique. I, personally, own an adjustable band ring with purple and white bear paw design. Love it!


There are different sections in the boutique: bath, baby, ladies apparel, jewelry, fragrances, and food. Two featured jewelry companies are Gingersnaps and Endless, a which is a company owned by the originator of Pandora jewelry. I like them because they use interchangeable stones and inserts.


Make your own bath salts bar! They smelled divine!



Who knew that Judge Rader makes honey? I would like to see him making it some time! Here it is: Mojo Bee Co. This is extremely local if you are interested in taking honey to fight off allergies.



A local lady creates many of the skin care items.




Lorie says that many of the candles, room sprays, and scents are made in Charleston.

I want to investigate the area pictured below more on my next visit because it offers several products using coconut oil. Very healthy!



Beautiful presentation and merchandise!


The bottom shelf has a unique gift idea. These are puzzles made in Nashville, specializing in scenes from Tennessee. You can work the puzzle, glue it together, and then frame it. A fun, yet consumable gift!

Books, cards, scented labels. All your gift needs.




I hope that some of these bangles will be still be there next week!



Ladies wear has a plus size section that goes up to 3X. These pieces are so pretty! I like the dress featured below.


Lorie says that store  primarily sells merchandise from local vendors, 95% made in the U.S.A.

If you like this orange and white Tennessee scarf pictured below then you need to buy it before I return next week!


Cute dressing rooms.

Next week, I want to go back to look at these cute things. Grab them while you can!

I know that Loralei’s owner, Lorie Yount, has faced some challenges over the years due to a devastating motorcycle accident. She and her husband were hit head on by a drunk driver. She was not expected to live, but she did. She was not expected to walk. Doctors told her to find something that she liked to do to keep busy. Lorie started the store in a wheelchair. Then, she progressed to using a walker. Later, after six months of physical therapy walking in a pool, her movement improved beyond the doctor’s expectations. Lorie was able to walk. She says that she still has a lot of metal in her body, but she has overcome those bad days. Lorie says that she loves her stores and meets a lot of good people. Clearly, she loves them because it is a delight to visit such a lovely place.

I have bought several birthday and Christmas gifts from Loralei’s boutique. In fact, my sister Suzanne still enjoys her orange scarf that I gave her a few years ago. Even though she lives in Morristown, Suz recognizes the store name: Loralei’s. You are guaranteed to find a gift or treasure there every time. So glad this store is back in Sevierville! Welcome home!


Go see Loralei’s boutique when you are out and about in Sevierville.



Citizens National Bank: Serving the Community


Imagine that you are working outside in the hot sun for four or five hours. Imagine that you are in non-stop motion and speaking loudly for that entire time. You start feeling the heat, fatigue, a little hoarseness. Then, imagine that someone grills you a sizzling burger right there on site. You can choose a grilled hamburger or hot dog, chips, and a drink. Next, you get to take a break and have an impromptu picnic with co-workers and students.

That visual becomes real every year for us due to the efforts of Citizens National Bank. We have Fun Days (field days) in May at Sevierville Primary. On the first day of the games, Citizens National Bank sends a team to grill lunch for all our students, teachers, staff, and administrators. Over 800 people. I absolutely look forward to this lunch every year!


(Pictured: Grilling team for Citizens National Bank of Sevierville.)

Jodi Ramsey, Marketing Director, told me that Sevierville Primary was the first school adopted by Citizens National Bank almost 20 years ago. Since then, the bank has adopted 13 more schools in Sevier County. That is 13 days of grilling in May!

Jodi was excited as she told me how the lunch is a way that the bank can offer an ‘end of the year reward’ for the kids. In addition, she explained that it is a way to demonstrate appreciation to the teachers, staff, and school administrators. What a great service to our school.


Pictured : Grilling team for Citizens National Bank Sevierville.

The grilling team arrives two hours before lunch to make preparations. Next, they cook (in the case of our school) about 400 hot dogs and 480 hamburgers. After everyone receives a lunch then the team works another hour to take everything down, about three hours for the entire event.

Jodi Ramsey described Sevierville Primary School as an ideal setup for the grillers due to the close parking lot, grass, and outdoor classroom with multiple tables to set up everything. Plus, they enjoy seeing children having fun nearby, with the mountains in the background. I agree—it is a perfect setting.

The month of May is over and team may be finished grilling for a while, but I know that about 800 children at my school will always remember the smiling, gracious people from Citizens National Bank who came to see them and cook great burgers and hot dogs. In fact, all the teachers and principals always remember the service with gratitude.

I look forward to this lunch every year! Thanks to Jodi Ramsey and her team from Citizens National Bank! You guys make our Fun Days a special event. Thank you for your service to the community!




Art Is Happening Downtown!


Melinda and I enjoyed the inaugural Art Happening exhibition by the Sevierville Commons Arts Council this evening. We arrived about 8:00 p.m. at Courthouse Donuts not really knowing what to expect, yet ended up spending an nice hour chatting with local artists and enjoying the visual exhibition. Here is what we saw…


Exhibition featured artist, Andrea Wilson on the left. Laurel Kiewitt, Sevierville Commons Arts Council President on the  right.

Andrea Wilson specializes in watercolors, etchings, and botanicals. She has won several prestigious awards for her work.



A nice thing about this event was the ability to talk to the artist face to face,  see many examples of their work, then ask more questions. From that, I also found out that Andrea Wilson is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild. According to that website, “membership means that an artist has made an achievement in their craft.” (


Bill May, Executive Director of the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, stands with featured artist, Andrea Wilson.


Board members of Sevierville Commons Arts Council.

Vince Stormes (pictured left) does metal smithing and creates jewelry. Often using beautiful stones. Jewelry always piques my interest! Especially if it is amethyst.


Artists Ronda Thayer and Camille Barton Spires.

Ronda is owner of Twisted Stix Art Studio. She teaches various types of art. In addition, I was interested in the fact that she can bring a Wine and Paint class to one’s home. Check her studio Facebook page for more details. Camille has a studio and teaches students of all ages. She teaches traditional and digital art such as Photoshop, page layout, and illustrated drawing. Without doubt, I would like to learn more of that kind of art some day.

Of course, everything was lovely! This room is perfect for showcasing art.


I never fail to be amazed at the delights found at events hosted at Courthouse Donuts. It is clearly the center of gravity in downtown Sevierville. What a gem it is and we are lucky to have that business here. In addition, what an asset that the owner is interested in other businesses and fostering activity and downtown events after hours.


Exhibits of student art.



Laurel told me that members of the Sevierville Commons Arts Council are very interested in the revitalization of downtown, which in turn invigorates the arts. Bringing the arts downtown can be a key component in that equation for both groups.

For now, Courthouse Donuts will host a rotating exhibition for local artists. Walk by the windows and take a look. Future events may include hands -on ‘make it & take it’ events with local artists as well as musical performances.

Board members want to stay downtown and to eventually obtain a space of their own. A Creative Center facility. Their vision includes obtaining a building to create mini-studios, retail and performance space, as well as an outlet for artists to sell their art.


As Melinda and I were about to leave the event, we noticed that the man on the far right was Malcolm Link, a local music legend. We both taught his son Jared at S.C.H.S. The opportunity was not wasted in telling Malcolm a few stories about his son, a natural comic—and a very nice student. If you knew Jared at S.C.H.S. then here is what he is doing now… Jared works in Los Angeles behind the camera on various T.V. shows  including Fear Factor, Wipe Out, and Guy’s Grocery Games on the Food Network. He is currently in Fuji for several weeks shooting the pilot for a new reality show. We don’t think that it is Survivor though.   What fun to catch up on that memorable student!

In conclusion,  there are several ways that we can help the Sevierville Commons Art Council. Offer to donate funds or equipment. Volunteer or offer your services to the group. Attend fundraisers. Follow them on Facebook at

What a great time Melinda and I had at the Art Happening this evening at Courthouse Donuts. I am so glad that we went!

I believe that Sevierville is near a ‘tipping point’ as far as revitalization and development downtown. Groups and events like this make me excited for the future. It will certainly give us more opportunities to get out and about in Sevierville…

Comedy Barn Amazing Animals Show : Helping Sevier County Humane Society

Yesterday, the Fee /Headrick Family Entertainment Group once again demonstrated great heart for our community as it rescued the Sevier County Humane Society. The organization was in danger of closing doors to new animals due to a lack of funds. Instead of closing indefinitely, the Humane Society received timely help from the Comedy Barn. I was able to see this happen first-hand and was quite touched by the donation. Here is what happened.

It was lucky that we only had to work a half -day yesterday so I could attend the special benefit show at 2:00 at the Comedy Barn. I saw the full page ad in the newspaper that morning so I wanted to do something to help the animal shelter.


I especially liked the wording within the ad because it used inclusive language. “Let’s save our animal shelter together.” “Our furry friends can’t ask. But we can!”     The ad was very well done and made us feel included in the benefit.



This blog will tell about good news for the shelter as well as my assessment of the new show, Amazing Animals. (It is very good!)

First, I arrived to find the parking lot full. In addition, I was glad to see a crowd of people milling around the lobby, especially for just 2:00 in the afternoon. I could not find a space so I nervously parked in the front near the street. Fingers were crossed that I wouldn’t get a parking ticket.


FYI. This was my first visit to the Comedy Barn so I didn’t know that you can also park around the Happy Days Restaurant and near the next hotel. Keep that in mind!


I LOVE animals so it was an easy decision to come to this show to benefit the shelter. The cashier merely asked for a donation. You could choose any seat you liked so an aisle seat was my preference. It looked like a big crowd so I hoped that the shelter would be able to earn sufficient money for their  needs. All proceeds from tickets/donations, concessions, show DVDs, and toys sold during the show were to be matched  by the Comedy Barn. I was hopeful.


Amazingly, good news was announced during the intermission. David Fee and Jim Headrick took the microphone to address the audience. They explained that the Amazing Animals Show uses rescue animals and stated their support for the Sevier County Animal Shelter board, employees, and volunteers. However, they warned that shelter would need continued support from the community to keep it running. We need to donate as we can.

Next, David Fee revealed that the Comedy Barn was able to match the funds for a total of a $50,000 donation. That is amazing! It will help the shelter stay open for the next few weeks. Humane Society Board of Directors President Martha Gilchrist appeared overwhelmed with gratitude. She is pictured below in the blue T-shirt.


The current shelter is in a 42 year old building. I have seen a Youtube Video of it and look forward to seeing them move into a new building some day. Frankly, some parts of it look like a biohazard area. The organization has been patient and will some day have a new facility. Click this link to see the current facility and their situation.

I have seen a video of the shelter before so the good news from David Fee was uplifting and exciting.


At the end of the show, I was able to go out to the lobby to meet others associated with the Humane Society and two of their furry friends.


The presentation of the real check for $50,000 soon followed. I wish that I had a picture of that!


Humane Society Board of Directors President Martha Gilchrist with David Fee.

David Fee stated that his family had adopted their animal from a shelter so they have a appreciation of the work done by the Humane Society. He also got a chance to tell more to WBIR TV in a live remote broadcast. It was interesting to watch so I stood quietly nearby to see it happen live. I would have been terribly nervous, but they were pros.




WBIR TV story link

The Sevier County Humane Society will still need our help. Donations to the Sevier County Humane Society may be made using these links.

As for the Amazing Animals show, I ended up staying for the whole thing. I was entertained and found myself laughing out loud. I laughed at animal tricks. I giggled at the ventriloquist’s quips. I chuckled at the antics of the cast. And I chortled at the funny things that audience volunteers did during the performances. I have already texted my sister that we must bring my niece and nephews here for an Amazing Animal show this summer.

They tape each show so you can buy a DVD of the performance. If your child or another family member should end up in the show then you will have a chance to buy a copy and show all your friends. A true memento. The 20 minute intermission allows the audience to not only stretch their legs, but to buy toys and interact with the cast and a few animals from the show. There are photo opportunities.

I will show only a few pictures here in order to maintain the surprises that you are sure to experience during a performance of Amazing Animals.


Can you see the white cockatoo flying over the heads of the audience? (Look in the center of the picture.)


The ventriloquist was humorous and well utilized in the show. There are some surprises that I really enjoyed!     I’m not telling!


Dog show!  They are so comical and lively. The dogs didn’t miss their mark. I loved the little feisty brown and white one pictured above.

My favorite performance was the finale with the house cats. I have never seen anything like these cats. What tricks! Acrobats!

The animal trainers are exceptional. Well done.

And there is much more. More, more amazing animals.

In summary, it warmed hearts to see the concern shown to the most vulnerable in our community—homeless animals. David Fee,  Jim Headrick, and their employees deserve the highest commendation for their generous and benevolent support of our county. Even though they are known for their altruism, this result was stunning. We are blessed to have them here. Equally, we are blessed to have a chapter of the Humane Society here, working hard to give homeless pets a second chance.

So if you get a chance this summer, go enjoy the Amazing Animals show at the Comedy Barn with your family.

It is an excellent place to get out and about