Sevierville Responds to the Wildfires: November 29, 2016

We will never forget the wildfire that ravaged parts of our county last night. I generally blog about happy things, but felt compelled to get out and about today after the tragic losses to see what was going on. In just a couple of hours, I was able to see various examples of Sevierville wildfire response. There were many, many people mobilizing help and assistance. Here are just a few that I saw today.

Animal Welfare

When we saw video of the Spur (the road between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg) on fire last night, I know that a lot of us panicked thinking of the Humane Society in that area. Fortunately, they had mobilized and evacuated pets to the Young Williams Animal Center in Knoxville. In the meantime, they have mobilized a temporary shelter at the Sevierville Fairgrounds. I made a visit this afternoon and found it ready for incoming animals.


Actually, there was a large contingent of volunteers helping the Humane Society prepare the fairground buildings, one for dogs and one for cats. When I arrived, they were unloading big packs of newspaper which looked like donations from the Knoxville News Sentinel.

The Sevier County Humane Society was prepared and ready for intake.

Contrary to what you may think, the Humane Society doesn’t need food and crates as much as they need donations. Donations will help them in several ways. First, there will be some animals with medical care. For example, one dog there must be treated for burns. In addition, their building (they think) is still standing, but there must be some smoke damage and no telling what else. Donations will help them most since their building was in the path of the wildfire. Donate by going to their Facebook page and click the ‘donate’ tab

or go to their website at



Audrey, above, came from Asheville to drop off kennels and crates for the Humane Society. Thank you!

Last night, the Barker Lounge posted on Facebook that they could take in pets who needed shelter. I stopped by today to see how they were doing. There were many volunteers who had mobilized to accept the many item drop offs.


The volunteer told me that they began taking in pets last night about 8:00 p.m. and stayed throughout the night. Barker Lounge ended up with 40-50 (mostly) dogs and 3 cats of locals, tourists, those who had lost their homes.

The volunteer allowed me into a room that I have seen used for storage and training, but now giving shelter to some of the pets. It was feeding time so all was quiet and pets seemed content considering the circumstances that had brought them here. They were very well taken care of.


A few cats were chilling out in their area.

I asked what they needed at the Barker Lounge and here is the what they said this afternoon: feeding bowls, 30 gallon contractor trash bags, and canned chicken for animals with delicate digestive needs.


Helping First Responders and Those Displaced by the Fires

Next, I dropped by First Baptist Church of Sevierville because I remembered that they had been cooking for the LeConte Center shelter this morning. According to the guys that I talked to, church members had cooked hundreds of hot dogs that morning, but volunteers had mobilized to the LeConte Convention Center this afternoon to help on site.


On the way out, I passed by the downtown Sevierville Fire Station and stopped for a minute. They were loading a huge pallet of water to take to the Command Center at Rocky Top Sports World, the command center for the fire scene.


Captain Atchley is a 1987 alum of SCHS. His great grandfather was Fred C. Atchley and he is a cousin to Jim Atchley. That, my friends, is a firefighter pedigree!


Captain Atchley spent last night in the upper end of Gatlinburg on a ladder truck inspecting buildings. He said that it was very intense.

Interestingly, before I left, two senior citizens pulled in up their car to talk to him a moment. I heard them ask him directions to the Apple Barn Restaurant. When they left, I asked if people stopped by to ask directions a lot. He smiled and replied, “yes, all the time.”  At this moment, I remember that I have done that three times myself. 

Next, I moved on to Sevierville Primary School to donate to a family who had lost everything in the fires. Two teachers had mentioned the need on Facebook and were at the school from 3:00-6:00 to accept anything that could be donated.

People had clearly responded to the request. I was happy to see that Becca and Ashley had several bags of good things to give them this evening.


My last stop was the DreamMore Resort by Dollywood because the fire had looked so close to it last night in the pictures that I saw on Facebook. All looked well and I saw no sign of singeing or burned vegetation.


But it looked like they are not taking chances tonight.


No parking near the tree line.

At the ready.

I only had a couple of hours to get out and about in Sevierville today, but there was a lot of activity going on to assist our neighbors nearby. Pray for our friends in Sevier County.

Part 2: The Best Thanksgiving 5 K in Tennessee. The Smoky Bear Turkey Chase 2016.

This is part 2 of the story about the Best Thanksgiving 5K in Tennessee —right here in Sevierville ! If you missed part 1, it will be under this post or can be found in archives. This part will begin with a couple of the awards presentations and an adventure sport celebrity racing in our midst. First, here are the overall male and female award winners.


Brandon Mayo was the overall male winner with 17:25.31 time.


Overall female winner was Wesley Daniels with 22:07. 76  time.

There were many winners in the various age groups. Awards went to the top three in each category so you definitely have a shot in your age group. img_0334

My friend Kristi won first in her group! Proud of her!


My friend Kariss Waite won first place in her group too.

Then I won first place in my event! Even set a new personal record, two minutes faster than any race before. I can’t wait to run next year!

There were so many more winners that I couldn’t keep up with them and didn’t have my notebook to write down names, but you can look yourself by taking this link to the SCHS Foundation Facebook page.


Here is a link to the Facebook page for the SCHS Foundation 5 K.


As if the race wasn’t enough, there were a lot of cool door prizes. I won the second one, a rafting / zip lining adventure basket. Can’t wait for spring!

Now here comes the next surprise…


I ran into Joel Brannon on the way out of the stadium. We chatted a second, then Joel mentioned that there was a rather famous Spartan racer who had been with us in the race. I asked where he was and found him nearby. Here is the scoop…


This is Jamie McCart from Cincinnati, Ohio. He came to town to spend the holiday with his mother and sister who live here in the county. He also wanted to race in the 5K to keep in training. Interestingly, they couldn’t find the high school and almost were too late to be in the race. Fortunately, they arrived in time, but he said that he had no time to warm up. He literally walked from the car to the starting line then took off with the starting gun. What a story!    I just checked the stats and saw that he won his age group, 31-35, with a time of 18:21.35.


Jamie McCart says that he runs 5Ks to stay in shape and limber because he usually likes to compete in 10 miles or more. In fact, he said that he is preparing for a 200 mile race with a team. Each leg is virtually equivalent to a marathon. McCart is in the Hall of Fame at his high school for cross country and track. No doubt!

It should be noted that one of the special things Jamie McCart mentioned about the Smoky Bear Turkey Chase is that it starts and begins on a track. That makes it special because I can’t think of any 5K race that has that asset. I heard McCart ask his mother if that brought back memories of his high school days and she said yes. Lots of good memories. It is a great way to start and end a race! And what a nice track it is!


Jamie McCart pictured in the middle. His mother is on the left and his sister on the right. He is planning to move to Sevier County soon. What fun to have them here! If you are a male from 31-35 years old, your competition in races just got a lot tougher!

To see more about this adventure sport celebrity, just Google his name. Make sure you use a term like ‘Spartan’ or ‘Spartan racer’ so you don’t get the Scottish soccer player instead.

Here are some races and times for McCart.

Here are some pictures of a Battle Frog race and McCart is listed as an elite racer.

BattleFrog: Inaugural Louisville Race – 2016 Recap

And there is a lot more.

What a great way to get out and about in Sevierville on Thanksgiving morning. I’ll be there every year they have it from now on. Go run!

For more pictures, go to the blog Facebook page for pictures only. Click this link to access pictures now.

The Best Thanksgiving 5 K Race in Tennessee ( Part 1) : Smoky Bear Turkey Chase 2016


I found the best little Thanksgiving 5K in Tennessee—and it is right here in Sevierville. Although I wasn’t feeling that great Thanksgiving morning, I made my way to SCHS to see the race for myself, and maybe just to run a 1 K.. It held a lot of fun surprises. Here is what happened…


There were a lot of cars in the vocational school area. Racers, volunteers, and well wishers were heading to the stadium.


These racers were ready to go.


Registration, T-shirts, food, merchandise, and rest rooms under the stadium roof.


Check in was quick and easy. Nancy Trundle Hewitt, Executive Director of the SCHS Foundation, wished us well. She is the force behind this group and we appreciated all her leadership, especially on Thanksgiving morning.


Kristi Sims Atchley and her daughters were ready to run. At least one of them has run in a St. Jude’s race in Nashville. Young veteran racers here.


Leia Loveday is a veteran runner and was ready move!


Kariss Waite and her husband support the SCHS Foundation and raced really well. A SCHS alum, Kariss hasn’t raced in about a year, but wanted to support the science classes.


The Smoky Bear mascot and a turkey encouraged the racers minutes before the race.


Always take a camera to this race. So fun!


Finish line ready to go.


Front line racers warming up and ready to go.

When the starting gun rang out, I was actually tying my shoe! I couldn’t believe it. However, all went well and I didn’t lose any seconds. Many thanks to the SCHS Junior who videoed the start so I could be in line with the racers and not lose any time. Thanks!


Official time keeper for the race. He was busy taking pictures, video, stats, etc. The course included one lap on the track, run up the road by the visitor’s gate, up to the back parking lot, run across the back row toward the vocational school, take a right on the main entrance, return to the stadium and down to the track. Repeat 2 more times. It was mostly flat, except for the slight incline up to the visitors gate. However it was great because you were always on campus and near help, bathrooms, shelter, etc.


Dean of LMU Law School, Gary Wade, and Coppley Vickers support the Sevier County High School Foundation to raise money for Dr. Suzanne South’s Science lab. Proceeds also support a STEM scholarship.


Waiting for racers to finish and to hear the awards presentation.


Having fun waiting for the awards results.


This family came from two separate states to spend the Thanksgiving holiday in Sevier County. They like to run 5 Ks and Googled to find this race. They rented a cabin for the holiday, but started Thanksgiving with this 5 K.


This is a Sevier County family out for an early run. The mother works at Pigeon Forge Primary School.


SCHS volunteers got to the stadium at 6:00 a.m. to prepare for the Smoky Bear Turkey Trot. Thank you!


It was fun to read the posters meant to motivate runners.


That must have been a workout pushing up the hill to the visitor’s gate.


Gary Wade finishes strong. The Smoky Bear mascot congratulates with a high five.


The crowd waiting for awards presentations.

I am dividing this blog story into two parts because there was an adventure sports celebrity in attendance for the event. In an hour, I will publish the second part of this article. We will see some awards and I’ll introduce you to the adventure sports celebrity. I got the scoop!


Candy Canes and Cocktails Reception For Boys and Girls Clubs of the Smoky Mountains: Prelude to the Gatlinburg Festival of Trees


There was a lot a lot of holiday cheer Tuesday evening at the W.L. Mills Conference Center in Gatlinburg because the proceeds benefit the Boys and Girls Club of the Smoky Mountains. Christmas regalia was everywhere. Holiday treats were around. Here is what it was like at the event last night.



Brooke and Kevin Ownby pose for a festive photo.


A special friend met us at the entrance for a special photo.


Mignonne and Logan Coykendall have been planning for the event since last January. Well done!


Jay and Brenda Adams in festive holiday colors for the event.


Blake Maples, Anne Hewitt, Jody Ramsey, and David Moore from Citizens National Bank, a Silver Sponsor for the event.


Mark Ross, on the left. He is Chief Operating Officer for the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Smoky Mountains.

This was my favorite tree. If you notice, it is upside down! Purple ornaments too.


My HIIT class friend is Anne Barry, on the left. On the right, Marci Claude, Public Relations Manager for the Gatlinburg Convention and Visitors Bureau.


Corrine Hampton and Steve Hartford.


Becky Loomis and Lessie Koopman dressed in festive attire. Our group has known them for years. In addition, Lessie owns 3D Fitness in Sevierville.


An elf on the shelf got caught in this tree!


I love this picture of Mignonne with her mother, Carol.


Marguerite and Darren Schmidt. Pictured right, Chad Will.


The best little tree!


I wandered over and met Mrs. Lorraine Hendrix. We were having a wonderful chat when I noticed someone special nearby so I asked if I could get her picture with Santa. This one is my favorite photo of the evening! She is delightful and I can’t wait to meet her again.


This Santa was very special. He even had a little bear on his sleeve. It was almost a European kind of suit. He was witty and fun!


Take a close look at the ornaments on the Paula Deen tree. Very clever!


We ran into another S.C.H.S. alumni, Davy Thomas, now Chief Operating Officer for Hospitality Solutions.


Mixx 105.5 morning radio personalities Jay Adams and Steve Hartford hosting and encouraging the crowd to support the Boys and Girls Club during the evening.

Introduction of Mike McCroskey, President of the Board of Directors for Boys and Girls Club of the Smoky Mountains.

Pretty things to buy or to bid on during the evening.

Mike McCroskey introducing Logan Coykendall and telling of his work for the Boys and Girls Club of the Smoky Mountains.

Logan Coykendall speaks about the Boys and Girls Club and the work to benefit the clubs. He and Mignonne were a driving force for this event last night.

 This was a great event to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of the Smoky Mountains, which serves over 1,600 children in our county. You could not ask for a better place to take pictures with a Christmas theme. I was excited to get to get a preview before it was open to the public. Bravo to the Coykendalls , Mary Ellen Rader, the Convention Center, and all the volunteers who made it happen.

My friends and I had a wonderful time and will go back again and again. The Festival of Trees is open from November 23-26 from 10:00-7:00 p.m. and Sunday, November 27 from 10:00- 5:00 p.m. Admission is free! There is an interactive Santa’s Workshop area for children too.

In conclusion, you can’t find a more festive way to get out and about in Sevier County than the Festival of Trees. Look for the donation box on the way in and if you feel so inclined, make a small donation to the Boys and Girls Club of the Smoky Mountains.

To see more pictures of Candy Canes and Cocktails reception and more Festival of Trees, go to my Facebook page for blog pictures.

Dairy Queen Week 2 Promotion: Free Combo Meals for a Year, November 22, 2016

At the first Dairy Queen promotion last week (for free Blizzards for a year) we learned of another one for this week: free combo meals for a year. The requirement was to be one of the first 100 people to buy a cake at 6:00 a.m. Were there many people in line? Here is what I saw when I arrived at 5:58 a.m.


The first people in line appeared to be a family and were in great spirits having had little sleep during the evening. I barely got there in time to ask their arrival time in line because the door would open in two minutes. They said that they arrived at 3:15 a.m. to be first at the door. In addition, each one bought a cake; thus each member receives two combo meals per month for a year. This was a good way to maximize waiting time together. I asked if they had a big freezer to which the father responded that he had organized it the night before and there was plenty of room for 4 cakes. Well done!


I looked at the line and decided that I may make the first 100 cut so I jumped in and was soon this far by 6:05 a.m.


No one was behind me for several minutes.


The line movement forward slowed down after a while because they had to bring more cakes from the kitchen. I noticed that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cakes were very popular.


I chose a cake for my work colleagues called Chocolate Extreme.


Cake in the break room ready for lunch! (Sorry 10:00 -11:00 friends. I couldn’t get in there in time. Owe you one!)


However, next time I’ll have to remember to bring little bowls for serving.


If you want to know what the ticket looks like then here is a picture of it. Who will be my friend in January? I’ll be ready to go!

It wasn’t a bad way to spend 38 minutes out and about in Sevierville. 


Sevierville Downtown Streetscapes Meeting: November 17, 2016


There was a gathering last Thursday from 4:00-6:00 at Courthouse Donuts to present ideas for developing downtown Sevierville. I went to see what was going on and what the future may hold for our downtown. There are a lot of good ideas.

Every city is judged by its downtown.”  Jack Neely, “Subterranean Knoxville: The Buried Narrative of a Distracted City,” lecture at McClung Museum, Oct. 25, 2016. 

I entered Courthouse Donuts around 4:45pm and saw various picture boards around the room illustrating possible renovations to our downtown business district. Right now, there is a tight focus on a couple of blocks of Court Avenue and Bruce Street.

The picture above shows Court Avenue looking toward Main Street. On the left you can see the Courthouse, with Courthouse Donuts on the right. Eliminating 4 parking spaces and adding landscaping makes it more walkable and possible to host more events in that area.


The picture board above shows Bruce Street looking toward the community center. The picture shows parking on both sides of the street , similar to what we have now.


An overhead view.


Two other options would allow parking on only one side of the street or no parking on the street. The nice thing about no street parking would be that sidewalks could be enlarged allowing outdoor cafe seating at restaurants, ice cream shops, coffee shops, etc. I rather like the idea of those kinds of places in downtown Sevierville!

The goals for renovating downtown are to make it more walkable and more useable. Other good ideas are ‘way finding’ signage to direct visitors historic things, the Dolly Parton statue, parking, etc.


I had a chance to speak with Andrew and James Temple about their preferences in this renovation, particularly parking and the landscaping options.


Pinkie Mistry and Stefanie Johnson are interested in downtown renovation and shared some of their ideas as well.


Charlie and Alex Johnson also are interested in a revitalized downtown. I spent at least 15 minutes chatting with Charlie and think that he has a good vision for this project, as well as the others there. On a side note: Alex told me a funny story about running into his high school Latin teacher (and my good friend, Laura Lindsey Long) at the baggage area of the Rome airport. She was leading a trip with students and he was traveling on his own. It is a small world!


I could not partake of any snacks because I was heading to a HIIT class…but it looked fabulous!


I always admire this platter!

I think that renovating downtown Sevierville will be a big job, but feel confident in the ones ‘leading the charge.’ It is exciting to see something take shape from the beginning stage. Click on this link to see more, sign up for project updates, and share your input. The opening page of the website shows a wonderful illustration of what our downtown may become one day. Go see it!

The completed project is sure to make it even more fun to get out and about in Sevierville. 

Small Business Saturday

This Saturday is a good time to shop locally and with small businesses. They are the backbone of our economy. Although I have some appointments on Saturday, here are places I want to visit this week, and through the holidays. I’ll use screenshots here from their Facebook posts. Excellent pics and info.

I want this from Loralei’s!


A trip to Treasures From the Heart to look for holiday finery.

Then a dinner at Bistro 109.

Have a great weekend! Get out and about in Sevierville.



Babalu Tapas and Tacos Cooking Class at KaTom


Babalu Tapas and Tacos Executive Chef Warren Weiss conducted a cooking class at KaTom yesterday afternoon. I have visited the restaurant several times with friends and knew that this demonstration was not to be missed so I booked the class several weeks ago. Here is what I saw…


The KaTom store and complex is already decorated beautifully for the holidays, inside and out. I was happy to enter the store to see my friends Harriet and Sarah Berrier. We had a front table with a great view. I went up to meet Chef Weiss and his restaurant assistants, Teagan and Sara. Babalu Tapas and Tacos is located in Knoxville on Gay St., just a few doors down from the Downtown Brewery. It is a fun, lively place to eat so go there soon! Click this link to go their website. Nice!

Babalu Tapas & Tacos – Knoxville, TN


They were excited to be there and cook for an audience of ‘foodies’ in a state of the art demo kitchen. I enjoyed talking to them a few minutes before the class began. Chef Weiss trained in a culinary school in Hyde Park, New York.


We were delighted to see 4 courses on the menu. Plus, complete recipes on the following pages.


Great view of kitchen techniques from the KaTom overhead TV. No bad seat in the house.

At the restaurant, they use two avocados to make each tableside guacamole. The most guacamole sold in one day at the restaurant: 300 orders.


Extra Babalu Guacamole served with  chips.


Guacamole on grilled country toast points with radish and micro cilantro.


It was fabulous! A secret to their guac is that they use sundries tomatoes rather than salsa, pico de gallo, or chopped tomatoes. It is creamy beyond belief.

I forgot to take a picture of the tuna ceviche. It was excellent—and I don’t usually do ceviche. Above, you can see the chopped salad. We all agreed that the lime vinaigrette was sublime! The Anaheim peppers gave it a little spicy ‘kick’ and complexity. I get tired of my own salads at home, but could eat this one every day.


A nice version of paella!


Mexican Fudge with pepitas. Looks like pistachios, but they are crushed and toasted pumpkin seeds. Delightful!


A crowd pleaser that concluded the class with applause.

I enjoy all the cooking classes at KaTom, of course, but enjoyed this presentation very much due to the relaxed and informative delivery provided by Chef Weiss. He told us interesting things about the Babalu Restaurant. There are several locations: Jackson, MS; Charlotte, N.C.; Overton Square in Memphis, TN.; Atlanta, GA, and Knoxville.

Chef Weiss answered questions from the audience throughout the demonstration. For example, his favorite food is macaroni and cheese. His favorite restaurants in Knoxvegas are the Northshore Brasserie, Stock and Barrel (best hamburgers), and Jig and Reel (fish and chips). He enjoys living and working downtown.

Chef Weiss gave us cooking tips for chopping onions and putting them in the fridge for 30 minutes before cutting them to prevent eye irritation. Put avocados in a paper bag for a few days if you need to ripen them. Trader Joe’s sells frozen cubes of garlic that are great value and taste for cooking.

The next cooking class will be on Tuesday, December 6th with a chef from Blackberry Farm. There were only a few seats left for that class so you need to call and book today if you want to get in on that one. Harriet, Sarah, and I already have our spots reserved. Melinda should be joining us too. There isn’t a better way to spend a couple of hours learning new recipes and dining with friends while you are out and about in Sevierville. 

Save me a seat at the table!

For more pictures, click this link to go to the blog Facebook page for photos.

Big Kickoff for New Sevierville Dairy Queen, November 2016

There has been much anticipation for the new Sevierville Dairy Queen and the wait is over. It opened this morning at 6:00 a.m. with a big promotion: free Blizzards all year (2 per month) to the first 100 people in line to buy a breakfast platter. Did I make the cut? Read on to see what happened this morning.


If there is another promotion like this then you may have to park in the Walmart Marketplace parking lot and walk over some curbs, dirt, and grass.


I could see the line wrap around the back of the building. I didn’t feel good about my chances to be in the first 100 people.

I walked up to the first guy in line (after assuring everyone that I wasn’t cutting line) and asked him what time he arrived to maintain first place. He replied that he arrived  at 8:00 the night before and set up camp, which you can see above. He said that he had camped out once before for a Krispy Kreme promotion and won doughnuts for a year. The next guy in line arrived at 3:15 a.m. to take second place.


Since I was already there, I counted people in line and found myself to be in the 70s, which made me eligible for free Blizzards for a year. So I thought, “why not?” I jumped in line at 6:00 a.m. and was in the door by 6:35a.m. img_8547



Will Connell, marketing manager from Murfreesboro, greeted customers and handed out a flyer for a new promotion next week. I’ll show you at the end of this blog. He said they have opened Dairy Queens in Seymour, Sevierville, and White House, Tennessee. There are 10% discounts for military, seniors, and students.

The counter was fast and efficient. They make breakfast to order so I got a number and it was brought out to me within two minutes.


The coffee is excellent!!! Make sure you get a refillable ‘to go’ cup. You will want one.

Now here is the promotion for next Tuesday…but be aware that this one is different. It could be a little tricky for some people; therefore, I don’t expect the long line that I saw this morning.


The first 100 customers must buy a DQ cake. Let me repeat…they must buy a cake. See the sizes in the small print above.


Cake prices vary from $20-30. (I Googled the prices.) However, do the math and you will see that it is worth it. A combo meal varies from $4 to $6.50. You get two per month. For two people, it will be $8 to $13 multiplied by 12 months. That is certainly worth a cake and Thanksgiving is just two days away.


I think that I will go back next Tuesday morning at 6:00 a.m. and predict that the primary school break room will have a DQ cake for lunch! It is a little early in the morning, but a fun way to invite a friend and get out and about in Sevierville all year.

See you at the new DQ!

For more pictures, go to the Facebook page for  blog pictures. Here is the link.


Sevierville 7 Day Planner: November 12 – 19, 2016

Things start getting busier in Sevierville next week, plus more things approaching the holidays. Here are some fun happenings coming up in Sevierville to mark on your calendar. I am going to use screen shots because the information is excellent.

First, this just popped up on my Facebook feed. Everyone loves the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge. While not in Sevierville, it is only minutes away with great food, shopping, and photo opportunities. My favorite store is Sassafras so this looks like a ‘must do’ on Saturday. Red Velvet Fudge? Oh my…



We are (finally) getting a new Dairy Queen across the street from Sevier County High School. Will you be in line early next Tuesday morning? Worth it!


There is a cooking demo at KaTom next Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. presented by the Executive Chef from Babalu Tapas and Tacos in downtown Knoxville. It is a fun place to eat so I can’t miss this class. Call KaTom at 865-225-1545 to RSVP.  Save me a seat near the counter!

Here is a link to the website.


This event is more than a week away, but you need time to register and, perhaps, train for it. Get ready for the Thanksgiving Day 5K at Sevier County High School. The race this year, if I remember correctly, stays on the high school campus rather than out on the streets. The campus is quite large and will easily accommodate a 5K. You walk it or you can run it. Proceeds benefit Dr. Suzanne South’s science lab.

Go to the Foundation Facebook page and scroll down to learn more about the race and to see pictures of the science lab. The upgrades from previous fundraising have really made a difference so come and support the school.


This is what it looks like when you open Eventbrite to register for the race. Run and be home by 9:30 a.m. to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner! Don’t worry about the buffet lunch after this race.


(If you have an event that you want for me to share then send me an invitation or announcement via email or Facebook two weeks before the date. A month in advance would be even better.)

I see several fun events coming up at the end of the month and into early December so get ready to get out and about in Sevierville for the holidays!