The Bees Knees and Moonshine Bakery

There will be an Open House tomorrow (Thursday, April 28) for a downtown business that many have been anticipating: The Bees Knees & Moonshine Bakery.

The Open House will be on Thursday from 4:00-7:00.

Friday 10:00-6:00.

Saturday 10:00-2:00

I was excited to visit this afternoon after work and to see this delightful store. Extra excitement to get a sneak preview too. The store baker was very welcoming and showed me around. Make sure you stop by tomorrow to see this business. Here is what Sevierville citizens and visitors can look forward to…

13112411_10204318840010921_754669861_oThe store is easy to find—beside 20/20 Optical, at 118 Bruce Street.

13078388_10204318840490933_1162980400_oFirst, you notice the wonderful aroma of cinnamon and other spices from the baked goods as you enter the store. It was quite intoxicating! Cookies can be wrapped and suitable as gifts.


Fresh baked pies were just out of the oven. I admired how deep the pies were and saw that they could easily satisfy one or more people. Gluten-free items will also be sold at the store.

13113176_10204318841050947_1845190583_oIn fact, looking at this picture and remembering the smell makes me want a pie all the more.  Such wonderful fruit pies!

13113175_10204318840850942_345361213_oA coffee bar!

Areas to enjoy coffee.

13112700_10204318840650937_1746360044_o-2Mother’s Day ideas. Buy a platter then receive it full of cookies!

13091738_10204318840570935_1344729609_o And so many more things!

I am excited to see the Bees Knees and Moonshine Bakery opening in our downtown and know that we will be visiting them often. Come by and visit during the Open House tomorrow between 4:00 and 7:00.  Or on Friday or Saturday at the hours listed at the top of this post.

Find Open House info on Facebook

Moonshine Bakery  Open House info

Moonshine Bakery Facebook page

We’ll see you there!

Out and about in downtown Sevierville tomorrow.

Out & About near Sevierville

Last weekend was more out and about near Sevierville.

First, the International Rossini Festival in Knoxville. Great music and street fair on Saturday. Not to be missed.

Dignitaries welcome the crowd at 2:30. Burchett could not make it.

Photobombing Knoxville Mayor before she goes on stage.



Knoxville Opera Gospel Choir

This video doesn’t exist

WATE Weatherman Ken Weathers interested in the severe hail storm that we experienced last Friday. Knoxville didn’t get it.


Knoxville Opera Gospel Choir
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2016 Tour of Homes

in the Historic Fourth & Gill neighborhood

Took a tour of 7 homes in old Knoxville. Made you fall in love with older homes and the Fourth & Gill community as a whole.



Beautiful interiors.

13091710_10204307009155157_760577662_o13106086_10204307009595168_998402821_oBalconies suspended from overhead in the front. What do you call this?


Beautiful Central United Methodist Church, 1891.


Stop #5 on the Tour

Greystone Mansion, 1889

WATE studios



I had always heard the building was haunted. An employee of WATE recounted some tales. Building was investigated by Appalachian Paranormal Investigations. They want to come back.

Ghost stories, as told by a WATE employee.

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Volunteers Helping to Keep Sevierville Beautiful


The line did not take too long for the Extreme Cleanup this morning. Even if it were long, I didn’t care because I had to get rid of some things.



What a service! My garage already looks better after dropping off my old computer, speakers, monitor, and keyboards. Plus my first generation Fitbit.

Live-it Ministries was at Extreme Cleanup accepting clothing and other donations. Paul Danis said that they are located at 11935 Chapman Highway in Seymour. They accept donations throughout the year and even have a 10,000 foot warehouse to use for these items.


He said they gladly accept many household items that still have some use left in them. He was very gracious and wished me a ‘blessed day.’

As I approached my electronics drop-off point, I noticed a familiar face. Someone that I see every day at work. Someone who puts his energy into helping the community and the planet itself. An environmental superman.

I saw Mark Mundo!


Thank you so much to Mark Mundo and all the volunteers for helping to Keep Sevierville Beautiful. I, for one, am extremely grateful for the opportunity to dispose of electronic equipment in a way that is not an insult to the environment. I waited months for this event and feel relieved to have more room in my garage. Mr. Mark gets my superhero award for this week!

Enjoy this weekend.

On to the Rossini Festival.

We are out and about…

A grand event: Night at the Derby

The Night at the Derby benefit for the United Way of Sevier County was quite an event and a grand time for all! What a soiree! Probably the best time that I have had in Sevier County to date.

First, my evening started with a snafu on the drive to pick up Melinda. I heard a ‘bump’ sound from the back seat in my car. To my horror, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that the back seat wasn’t latched and had fallen on my new Derby hat! It was getting smashed flat! The next red light gave me a chance to jump out of the car to rescue it. Yikes! It survived the trip and all was well.

Upon arrival at the event, attendees started the fun with a chance to walk down a red carpet and be photographed. Check-in, then another photo with more a formal background. You received ‘fun money’ and instructions on how it could be used.

The ticket price was a great value, in my opinion. A great value, indeed. It provided admittance, a free photo, play money for games, and all you cared to eat or drink. Honestly, this event could charge DOUBLE the ticket price for what we received at that event. I advise you to go next year in case the price should ever go up in the future. You have to experience it.


The building areas were well planned and made good use of space. The outdoor seating area was spacious, with plenty of tables and chairs for everyone. It was such a pleasant evening, talking with friends in the outdoors with the evening  breeze and sunset. The music playing in the background was festive and upbeat.

Food was fabulous! My favorite treat was the sweet corn tamale cake from the Chop House. Also, the salted caramel cheesecake from the Diner was divine. There were many healthy and decadent options.

The organized games were entertaining and quite fun. My friends quickly helped me ‘get up to speed’ on how to play the games. The trip auctions were very exciting! Destinations were popular. Next year, I would really get excited to see another trip auction to California, Chicago, or Las Vegas. It will be fun to see what they offer next year.

I offer congratulations to those who worked on this wonderful event.  The United Way helps so many people in our community. It was gratifying to see that they exceeded their goal this evening. Well done.

In summary, my friends and I had a grand time and will plan on attending the Night at the Derby again. We enjoyed three and a half hours of fun, food, drink, frivolity, and Derby fashion. My assessment is that Night at the Derby is the best event of the year in Sevierville. Don’t miss it next time!

Out and about in Sevierville…



Saturday Extreme Clean Up

My computer ‘bit the dust ‘and stopped working last summer. It has been sitting in my home since then so I can’t wait to take it to the Extreme Clean Up this Saturday, organized by Keep Sevier Beautiful. What a service to our community! Old computer, cords, speakers, and other electronics.

In addition to the usual items, they are accepting clothing donations for Live-It Ministries.

Just wish that I had more time to round up more things to take them on Saturday morning. For a list of accepted items for the  Extreme CleanUp event, click the link below.

Click to access EHH_poster_2016PROOF.pdf

Don’t forget the Night at the Derby event this evening!

Have a good weekend and get …out and about in Sevierville.

Derby Event this Friday to benefit the United Way of Sevier County.

I walked into Marilyn’s Derby party 3 years ago and realized that I was the only one there without a hat. Yikes! How embarrassing. Consequently, it became a goal of mine to find one. I couldn’t find one in stores nor on so I was delighted to find one at the Derby Hat Social a couple of weeks ago. I only wanted the hat, with no thought to going to the event this Friday; however, a lady at my table had attended last year and had great praise for it. Wonderful treats, beverages, and auctions. She said that the auctions for trips went for incredible prices, especially considering the destinations and airfare vouchers. She said that she had attended alone since her husband had to work and still had an amazing time!

So now I have a hat and I am planning to attend the Night at the Derby for the United Way of Sevierville this Friday night, beginning at 6:00. There will be several of us there at a table so if you were thinking about going then you should attend! In fact, come and sit with us!

I saw the pictures from last year and can tell that it looks quite fun. A soiree!  Water, tea, lemonade, spirits! The food from local restaurants looked divine!

Hats are optional, but you can find lovely ones at Sassafras store, near the Old Mill Pottery House Cafe in Pigeon Forge.


I think that the United Way of Sevier County is probably one of our most valuable organizations due to the many groups that they help annually. If you help any group this year, I would recommend the United Way of Sevier County. The Night at the Derby would be a fun way to help the United Way, plus mingle with your friends and fellow Sevier Countians.

The tickets to this event are tax deductible. You may buy tickets at the door. Pay with cash, check, or credit card, including the auction items. They will probably post more information on their Facebook page tomorrow.

I will be wearing the hat pictured above.  (Several ladies assured me looked OK.) Remember the Night at the Derby on Friday evening to benefit the United Way of Sevier County. Come by and say hello to our group there. This Friday, we will certainly be …out and about in Sevierville.