First Downtown Sevierville Farmers Market 2021

I saw the Facebook announcement and was ready for the new season for the Downtown Sevierville farmers market. Not only will it return to downtown Sevierville this summer, but it will take place on Saturdays. This is exciting for those of us who did not work in the downtown area and could not make it on Fridays. It is great to have the market back for the summer!

The new streetscape downtown is looking nice. I parked in the lot on Main Street and Court Avenue, across from the Historic Sevierville Hotel. There is a little shortcut that I like to take to access the gazebo area on Bruce Street.

This is my favorite short cut from Court Avenue.

Here is a time lapse of the shortcut to the downtown farmers market.

Or, you can park behind the vendors near the gazebo area. This can come in handy if you make some larger purchases.
There were many gift ideas at this table. The vendors were so friendly as well.
I was well impressed with this vendor from Dandridge and must park closer next time so I can buy one of his herb planters. The plants were healthy and ready to use or plant at home.

Everyone’s favorite! The pastry pictured above is an Almond Tea Cake. Wonderful!

Olde Virden’s is a popular vendor at the Knoxville farmers market so it was good to see them in downtown Sevierville.
The top photo in the collage above would make a good Father’s Day gift. I bought the two items pictured below. One for a gift, and the other a treat for my sister at the lake this summer. I love the Spicy Cheese Straws!
The gazebo is one of my favorite spots in the downtown area.
You will notice some new things downtown as well as the streetscape so enjoy your visit to the farmers market.

See you out and about in Sevierville this summer.

Barbara Tenney’s ‘Berried Treasure’ Cooking Class at KaTom

Strawberries are in season so when I saw the menu for Barbara Tenney’s cooking class for May 13th, I signed up right away. I alerted friends and marked the calendar for a class that was sure to please everyone. Janice and I can report that it was an absolute treat.

A nice table was waiting for us when we walked into KaTom kitchen.


Green salad with berries and raspberry vinaigrette

Steamed asparagus

Grilled chicken with strawberry barbecue sauce and strawberry salsa

Strawberry lemonade cake

The kitchen was prepped and ready to go.

The salad was so fresh and full of flavor. The dressing would make anyone crave more.

I was very interested in the strawberry barbecue sauce. It was worth all the work and ingredients to make it.

I learned an important tip: tenderized chicken breasts cook quickly and are more flavorful. What a colorful spring plate!

The strawberry salsa was light and complemented the main course without being very sweet. I would have never thought to combine strawberries with avocado—but it was very nice.

And now, for the piece de resistance!

The strawberry lemonade cake was perfection!

The cake was a perfect blend of flavors, with a delicate lemon undertone throughout the confection. The icing was not too sweet and balanced the two fruit flavors perfectly.

One more view…a slice of heaven!

At the table next to us, we saw local friends enjoying an evening out. You never know who you will see at at KaTom cooking class.

I always enjoy arriving a few minutes early so we have time to shop. There are many grilling utensils and summer items on the showroom floor now. This gadget looks convenient.

Make sure you check the ‘discount’ area because you never know what treasure you may find there. I have purchased several pieces of glassware in my recent trips to KaTom.

To find out about more cooking classes, follow KaTom Restaurant Supply on Facebook. On the menu, click ‘events’ to see classes, demos, and other information. They are planning more summer events so stay tuned!

Here is a link.