The Sevier County Fair is here!


It is our favorite time of year—time for the Sevier County Fair!  The lines were a little long within a few minutes of opening on Labor Day 2016.

The previous blog story recommended the Sevierville First United Methodist Church food booth for the best food at the fair. Hope I get to go back before it ends! Remember the Million Dollar pie!

During lunch, there was live music by the Shaun Abbott group. They rocked it.  I heard them mention a song released on iTunes and I liked it a lot. Here is a link to their Facebook page.



Craig Mintz and friends from First Baptist Church giving out free balloons to children at the Sevier County Fair.


A lot of balloons! I am looking forward to the FBC Corn Maze, coming soon. Here is some info below so you can mark the date on your calendar. Love a hayride!


It looks like great fun! Must see if my niece and nephews want to come to town to try the FBC Corn Maze.


A local celebrity was spotted at the fair soon after it opened— Big L ! What a beloved and admired man at SCHS. Anyone was lucky to work with Leroy Helton. His son Darren is a good one too! Pictured here with Mrs. Helton.


WATE Channel 6 reporter Mona Nair and cameraman preparing a news segment about the Sevier County Fair and safety in general for traveling fairs. In the spirit of things, Mona took advantage of the face painting booth and was ready to report. Here is a link to the first report.

Sevier County Fair to bring family fun to Sevierville


Check the second video there on the WATE webpage about fair safety because they are reporting from the moving ferris wheel! What a great view of everything!


You can see beauty queens on Labor Day at the fair. They were so poised, pretty, and sweet. Next year, must stay later and see the Fairest of the Fair Pageant too.

There are things that are truly Americana!

And then there was a unique food cart that came from Morristown. Very authentic!

Lots of tempting things you can’t find anywhere else…


This vendor said that fried Oreos were the most popular. 6 for $5?


There were some vendors as well as some free things in the Main Street Market. You can always use a ‘church fan’ in the south!

On the way out, I ran into Farmer Charlie from Farm Bureau. They had announced on the intercom that he would be there and I ran right into him.

A very friendly guy from nearby Knoxville.

No rides for me—I like to watch the young kids enjoy them.

These were just a few of the things we enjoy at the Sevier County Fair while out and about in Sevierville.

See these pictures and more at the Out and About in Sevierville Facebook page. Here is a link.

P.S. Make sure that you go on Saturday at 1:00 to see the Humane Society Dog Show! Too much fun!


Best food at the Sevier County Fair! Labor Day, 2016


I had heard this fact for a long time. I tried it and found it to be so a couple of years ago. But today, I stopped by for lunch after a golf game and the truth was completely obvious to me…

The. best. food. at. the. fair!


Walk into the Sevier County Fair and then take a right. Walk to the ‘tented’ dining area, then look there and you will find the best food at any fair in the U.S. It is the food from the First United Methodist Church of Sevierville. The picture above is the top seller: chicken and dumplings.


This may the the next runner up in popularity: soup beans and cornbread. My friend let me try a bite. So good and the dish stayed very hot for quite a while. Very hot!




Life is Good! Especially if you are lucky enough to eat at the FUMC food booth at the fair. Pastor Jeff says that it is made at the church then transported to the fair. Come to our church services to meet Pastor Jeff in person!


David Elrod is keeping things going in the back of the booth. He told me that the fair booth actually started decades ago at the old fair grounds, near our current middle school. Can you imagine it where the football field is now? Ladies made the chicken and dumplings back then, and they are still popular to this day.


Gina Davis and her family keeping things moving smoothly in the kitchen and the front of the booth.

You can order grilled burgers or hot dogs.

I ordered barbecue, cole slaw, and a drink. Only $5 !


Pastor Jeff highly recommends the soup beans, cornbread, and chicken and dumplings. Now, let’s get to what is really fabulous…



This is the best pie that I have ever had in my life…

Million Dollar Pie!


A tropical dream of coconut, pineapple, whipped cream, nuts…divine!

Proceeds from the fair booth go to the church youth and mission trips.



FUMC youth members working on Monday, Labor Day 2016.


It is a group effort every year, but with amazing results. I enjoy sitting at the counter which has built in benches. So cool and enjoyable!


Girl Scouts love the food too! Bring your family to the fair and enjoy the best food that can be found in the U.S. And come visit us on Sundays at the First United Methodist Church in Sevierville, Tennessee!

I think that I need to visit the fair again this week just to have dinner again at the food booth by the First Methodist Church of Sevierville. And the wonderful Million Dollar Pie! Save me a seat at the counter!

One thing is for sure, with the fair in town this week, Sevier County will be out and about in Sevierville…