What is going on in Sevierville during Labor Day weekend 2017

Someone used search terms  ” what to do in Sevierville on Labor Day weekend” on my website so I decided to list a few things that I know are going on this weekend. Blog traffic picks up on holidays so here are some suggestions for our visitors this weekend. Most activities are in Sevierville, but a couple are nearby. I used some screenshots to get this blog completed quickly. Here are some local Labor Day activities. 

Check out the Sevierville Commons Farmers Market tomorrow. There will be great vendors with many gift ideas and fresh produce. I have been doing some Christmas shopping there already. 

For the first time, our fair will last nine days and two weekends. This is a wonderful small town fair with food and fun for the whole family. The best food from the booth by Sevierville First United Methodist Church. Step right up! 

Do you like Jeeps? Then this may be for you! 

Something new is opening in Gatlinburg and it looks like fun. 

Labor Day weekend means BBQ. Find some at Bass Pro Shops. 

Bring your lawn chair and snacks to the Sevierville downtown gazebo for a free movie. I love the 80s! 

This may be the greatest thing in town this weekend. Go to the Dollywood website for tickets and more information. 

Go just up the road to enjoy this equestrian event. 

I think that my friend Tad Wynn may attend this event. It is just up Chapman Highway from downtown Sevierville. 

Art is downtown Sevierville. Check out several artist gallerys. This is one of my favorites! 

Find a bargain at Bloomingtales Boutique at 202 Parkway in Sevierville. Proceeds go to to Pets Without Parents, a local no-kill animal shelter. 

Also, find more treasures at Treasures From the Heart thrift store at 230 Court Avenue, Sevierville. 

We have one of the best boutiques in Tennessee. Congratulations to Loralei’s! Find it easily at 1235 Dolly Parton Parkway, Suite 7, Sevierville, Tennessee. 

We also have the best doughnuts in East Tennessee. Go to Courthouse Donuts in downtown Sevierville, across from the courthouse. 

Those are some fun things going on this Labor Day weekend if you get out and about in Sevierville. 

Enjoy the weekend! 

First Downtown Sevierville Farmers Market of the Season: May 26, 2017

You could tell that Sevierville is ready for summer and the downtown farmer’s market. A warm day brought shoppers and strollers out to Bruce Street. These pictures show a little of what was going on yesterday. Ready for summer!

The hours allow you to also fit in a lunch downtown at Bistro 109 or Courthouse Donuts.

The Sevierville Commons Arts Council members were conducting ‘make and takes’ for young and old alike. There will be 3 more dates for ‘make and takes’ so bring your family. It is free! The following screenshot shows the dates.

Music from the gazebo enriched the shopping experience. The duo, The Reunited, are from Gatlinburg and play around the Southeast.

Here is clip from their music at the market yesterday.

Musicians, Kate Phillips and Steve Laciak, take a quick break to talk to local artist, Chuck Ottolini.

Use these links to learn more about the music of The Reunited. https://www.reverbnation.com/TheReunitedDuo


Check out this info for a summer art camp by the artist shown above.

I love these beautiful art magnets.

Check this booth out if you like bread and pastries!

I got several Christmas gifts from this artist last summer and they were a hit!  She can take a picture of your pet and create a small sculpture.

I love this repurposed chair.

Grainier County tomatoes are arriving!

I could only drop by for a minute yesterday. See more pictures on the Facebook page for this blog, as well as Instagram.
It was a beautiful day to be out and about in Sevierville! 

A Meal Fit for a King: Jon Gatlin from the Oliver Royale Restaurant at KaTom

It was a meal ‘fit for a king’ at the KaTom demonstration on Wednesday evening at KaTom Cooking Supplies. Featured was the cuisine of Jon Gatlin, Executive Chef of the Oliver Royale Restaurant in downtown Knoxville. This is my favorite of all the places on Market Square so I knew that I had to go. As it turned out, there was quite a crowd at KaTom for this demonstration. Here is what I saw there.

Executive Chef, Jon Gatlin, prepares for the event.

The Oliver Royale is connected to the Oliver Hotel in Market Square and a restaurant that you would certainly enjoy. Gatlin said that they will soon change to a spring menu because they celebrate the seasonality of food and what is grown in our area. Beverages are really good as well. I like this restaurant so much that I took my niece there before a Goo Goo Dolls concert this fall. Perfect for a special occasion.

First course served was a mushrooms and frisee salad with crispy farro and a soy vinagrette. Everyone loved it!


Attendees: Regina, Anne Hewitt, and Stephanie Kidd.

Second course was seared scallops. They were perfectly cooked.



I spent my high school years in Morristown so it was a surprise to meet some friends of my parents at this demonstration. Pictured below, from left to right: Lea Wayne Perkins and Billie McElvoy. I think that Tish Jones is shopping at this moment. I don’t blame her!



My table had a fun crew. Pictured are Harriet Berrier, Karen McNabb, Sharon Huskey, Donna Jones, and Faye Andrews who is also from Morristown.


The third course was beef tenderloin with smashed cauliflower, roasted mushrooms, brussel sprout leaves, baby swiss chard, and blue cornflower. Yes, we ate that too. It was good!




Our hostess, Laura Dickerson, with a blue cornflower. The flowers were very mild.


Enjoying photos with Chef Gatlin after dinner.


I enjoyed seeing Lee Wayne Perkins and several other Morristown people on Wednesday. I never fail to meet some new ones at these events since KaTom is so convenient to the interstate and just a few exits away.

Everyone enjoyed the food Wednesday evening as Gatlin is a very talented chef. He attended Bradley County High School and attended their culinary school. Later, he attended the Cordon Bleu in Atlanta. Now, he is Executive Chef at my favorite restaurant on Market Square in Downtown Knoxville, the Oliver Royale.

Go to the website and you will immediately see the beautiful design.


You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook.

KaTom is drawing a nice crowd with their cooking demonstrations with local celebrity chefs. It is a fine way to get out and about in Sevierville. 


Cooking with Barbara Tenney at KaTom

Renowned East Tennessee cook, Barbara Tenney, presented a menu at KaTom Wednesday evening. I have seen at least 10 of her presentations so I couldn’t wait to see her at KaTom. Here is how our cooking event went at KaTom.

It is fun to walk in and find your place at a table. I had a great seat.

Tables were set in a simple, elegant display. You get a copy of each recipe too.

A friend, Sophia Connerly, joined me for this presentation. Also at our table were a mother and daughter from Morristown, a professor from U.T., and a personal chef/ chef from the Lonesome Dove restaurant in Knoxville.

Notice the home- made treats from Barbara at each place setting. Cookies and a sweet mix. Divine!

The menu featured chicken and dumplings and pot roast with a Barbara Tenney flair!

I am one of her devoted fans. Barbara Tenney, the legend, is pictured on the right. Love her style too.

Get there early so you can shop!

Every seat has a great view.

Chicken breasts cooked to perfection. Broth to cook the dumplings.

Dumplings measured to perfection by a scoop.

Par excellence!

It was wonderfull!

View from the overhead screen.

And the pot roast extraordinaire. I took leftovers for lunch the next day.

We can’t wait to see Barbara Tenney again out and about in Sevierville.

See more pictures on my blog Facebook page.

Sevierville 10 Day planner: December 6-17, 2016

There are several things coming up in Sevierville for the next 10 days amidst the other holiday goings on. Here are some good things that I see in the next 10 days.

Tomorrow, you can drop by Courthouse Donuts from 5:30-8:00 for the December Art Happening. Mingle with artists and enjoy the works of the featured artist of the month, Crystal Lynn Sharp. There will be an Artreprenuer talk at 6:00 p.m. (Art + business)

At the Art Happening, you will have a chance to hear local duo the Pea Pickin’ Hearts. They are one of our favorite local musical groups. Follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/peapickinhearts/


KaTom is hosting Barbara Tenney on Saturday from 11:00-1:00 for a holiday appetizer demonstration. It is free! Just drop in any time, sit at the counter, and watch Barbara work her magic. You will probably get to sample it too. Barbara Tenney is well known in Knoxville for cooking classes, catering, and demonstrations on WBIR TV. She did the Thanksgiving Day demonstration last year on WBIR.


I attended Barbara Tenney’s demonstration a couple of weeks ago. It was a Mexican hot chocolate and spicy snack mix. I got to watch, sample, and bring something home. Plus catch up with her because I have attended about ten of her cooking classes over the years. She has taught at Williams Sonoma at West Town Mall and Butler and Bailey Marker in the Rocky Hill area of West Knoxville. We love Barbara Tenney!


The Downtown Sevierville Holiday Market has been postponed to next weekend. Plan to attend and support your local downtown artists and small businesses! It will be a great time to pick up last minute gifts for Christmas too. For example, here is a necklace that I bought last weekend from local artist Bev Guinn Jones and her Two Coyotes Studio. Wear the mountains. Find her studio on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BevGwinnJones/


The flyer for the Holiday Market shows all the things available: pictures with Santa, food, drink, and make-it-and-take- Christmas ornaments.


There are some good things happening in town. See you out and about in Sevierville!


Sevierville’s 54th Annual Christmas Parade: December 3, 2016

The Sevierville Christmas parade was held on Saturday morning at 11:00a.m. through downtown. After a terrible week with the wildfires in the county,  it was cheering to see a sign of normalcy and tradition in the parade. I met friends at Courthouse Donuts downtown for coffee and a big window view of the street to watch for the beginning of the event.


It was cozy inside with the courthouse just in view.


People were lining up for these as we waited so I was able to snap a picture.


A nice crowd was gathering at the intersection and ready to see the parade.


It takes a little while to leave the staging area at FBC, go down the parkway, then turn down Court Avenue, but you get plenty of warning when the procession is heading your way. We were ready to cheer them on.


First in line were the fire trucks and first responders. Well deserved applause from the crowd.


Here is a one minute video clip of the beginning of the parade.



Opening banner.

Parade Grand Marshall was Sevierville’s Citizen of the Year, Ellen Wilhoit.


Here is a 25 second video clip of the Grand Marshall.


Chamber of Commerce and community leaders.

Here is a one minute video clip of community leaders, peanut butter collection, and the Sevier County High School Band.

If it is a parade, then you have to have majorettes!


The S.C.H.S band never sounded better!



Every parade must have beauty queens!


Festive tractors.

A line of festive Benzes.


Cory Anderson leading the scouts.


More scout friends.

Here is a video of the scouts procession.


If you have a dog with you then you have a good chance of being in this blog.


Festive pup!


Love the horses with reindeer antlers. So pretty!


We were especially amused by the pest control company float with these two unexpected Christmas guests, pictures above. Love the kid in the middle!

There were a number of church floats reminding us of the reason for the season.



For some reason, my camera didn’t snap the ultimate parade unit—Santa! I have borrowed a photo from artist, Bev Guinn Jones, who owns Two Coyotes Studio on Court Avenue. She took some photos of the parade from her upstairs studio window. She is letting me use the one she took of Santa here. Thanks, Bev!


Kids were excited!  Mr. Claus was riding in a nice carriage with a beautiful white horse. If you took a good picture of Santa, send it to me and I’ll edit and insert it below.

There were too many pictures to use in this story. To see more of your kids, friends, and neighbors in the parade, go to the blog Facebook page for pictures. Click this link now.


Part 2: The Best Thanksgiving 5 K in Tennessee. The Smoky Bear Turkey Chase 2016.

This is part 2 of the story about the Best Thanksgiving 5K in Tennessee —right here in Sevierville ! If you missed part 1, it will be under this post or can be found in archives. This part will begin with a couple of the awards presentations and an adventure sport celebrity racing in our midst. First, here are the overall male and female award winners.


Brandon Mayo was the overall male winner with 17:25.31 time.


Overall female winner was Wesley Daniels with 22:07. 76  time.

There were many winners in the various age groups. Awards went to the top three in each category so you definitely have a shot in your age group. img_0334

My friend Kristi won first in her group! Proud of her!


My friend Kariss Waite won first place in her group too.

Then I won first place in my event! Even set a new personal record, two minutes faster than any race before. I can’t wait to run next year!

There were so many more winners that I couldn’t keep up with them and didn’t have my notebook to write down names, but you can look yourself by taking this link to the SCHS Foundation Facebook page.


Here is a link to the Facebook page for the SCHS Foundation 5 K.


As if the race wasn’t enough, there were a lot of cool door prizes. I won the second one, a rafting / zip lining adventure basket. Can’t wait for spring!

Now here comes the next surprise…


I ran into Joel Brannon on the way out of the stadium. We chatted a second, then Joel mentioned that there was a rather famous Spartan racer who had been with us in the race. I asked where he was and found him nearby. Here is the scoop…


This is Jamie McCart from Cincinnati, Ohio. He came to town to spend the holiday with his mother and sister who live here in the county. He also wanted to race in the 5K to keep in training. Interestingly, they couldn’t find the high school and almost were too late to be in the race. Fortunately, they arrived in time, but he said that he had no time to warm up. He literally walked from the car to the starting line then took off with the starting gun. What a story!    I just checked the stats and saw that he won his age group, 31-35, with a time of 18:21.35.


Jamie McCart says that he runs 5Ks to stay in shape and limber because he usually likes to compete in 10 miles or more. In fact, he said that he is preparing for a 200 mile race with a team. Each leg is virtually equivalent to a marathon. McCart is in the Hall of Fame at his high school for cross country and track. No doubt!

It should be noted that one of the special things Jamie McCart mentioned about the Smoky Bear Turkey Chase is that it starts and begins on a track. That makes it special because I can’t think of any 5K race that has that asset. I heard McCart ask his mother if that brought back memories of his high school days and she said yes. Lots of good memories. It is a great way to start and end a race! And what a nice track it is!


Jamie McCart pictured in the middle. His mother is on the left and his sister on the right. He is planning to move to Sevier County soon. What fun to have them here! If you are a male from 31-35 years old, your competition in races just got a lot tougher!

To see more about this adventure sport celebrity, just Google his name. Make sure you use a term like ‘Spartan’ or ‘Spartan racer’ so you don’t get the Scottish soccer player instead.

Here are some races and times for McCart.


Here are some pictures of a Battle Frog race and McCart is listed as an elite racer.

BattleFrog: Inaugural Louisville Race – 2016 Recap

And there is a lot more.

What a great way to get out and about in Sevierville on Thanksgiving morning. I’ll be there every year they have it from now on. Go run!

For more pictures, go to the blog Facebook page for pictures only. Click this link to access pictures now.


Sevierville’s One-Stop Christmas Shopping last Saturday, November 5, 2016




It was all hustle and bustle on Saturday morning at the 5th Annual One Stop Christmas Shopping in the Sevierville Civic Center. I had never been before and wanted to take a look since it was the fifth year in a row. I headed over around 10:40 a.m. and this is what I saw.


Crowds gathering around tables to look at gift ideas.


Local artist, Millie Derrick, displaying her pottery cups and bird houses in a unique stand!

These creations are so unique! I love looking at them every time that I see them.


Her creations are so unique. I have never seen this technique in pottery. It is delightful!


Millie has been selling her art at the Knoxville Farmer’s Markets for several years so her table is perfection!



I finally had time to talk to my friend and colleague, Larissa, about her product. I’m going to give it a try this week!


Loved looking at all the creative gifts.


When I smell the wonderful aromas from Allison’s room it makes me want some for my home. My friend Crystal will help me out with that tomorrow. If you like Scentsy, tell me your favorite fragrance. I have it narrowed down to seven.



There were several vendors with wonderful treats. I encouraged them to consider signing up for the Downtown Sevierville Holiday Market on December 2 and 3. It will need lots of Gingerbread Men, especially after the Christmas parade on December 3rd.

If you see this lady then stop and have a chat. Karen has worked with the Barker Lounge for dogs, plus she manages the Bloomingtails Boutique downtown, proceeds go to Pets Without  Parents. img_8199

She has participated in the Sevierville Commons Farmers Market this summer. I bought an orange and white Vols necklace from her for a great price.  An even more cool reason to have a chat? She is from Australia.


There were free treats for those who needed a refreshment.





This is located within the Bees Knees store. They are about to add more seating for lunch. Keep it mind!

On the way out of the building, it was fun to see two former students who are now working in city government. One is a Vice-Mayor, and the other, an Alderman. Good job, guys!


There was a lot to see and shop on Saturday. I know that I’ll go next year too when I am out and about in Sevierville. 

For more pictures, go to my Facebook page for this blog.

Click this link to go directly to the Facebook blog page for pictures.


Bama’s Million Dollar Band Practices in Sevierville: Saturday, October 15, 2016


About 14 years ago, the band director for the Alabama Crimson Tide Marching Band (the Million Dollar Band) called Doc Ramsey to ask if they could use the football field to practice their halftime show before heading to the UT Knoxville football game. Doc said yes, unlocked the gates for them himself, and a new tradition was born. On home games against Alabama, you can go to the Smoky Bears stadium around 10:30 a.m. to see one of the best bands in the SEC.

I found out about the visit this year from Tabatha and Allison. Here is what I saw…


Eight buses and at least one 18 wheeled equipment truck.


The percussion section moving equipment down to the field. I counted over 6-8 xylophones.


A view going in from the visitors section. The band covers almost half the field. I heard that there were over 450 band members this year.

Lunch was set up and ready to go from our local Chic-filet. Terry said that band members are extremely polite, eat quickly, and are ready to head over to Neyland Stadium.


There was a lot of crimson and orange in the stands watching pieces of the show.


The legendary Doc Ramsey was at the top helping in the press box. He told me the story in the first paragraph above. He was the contact person for the Alabama band director years ago when this started.


Majorettes are in front. Color guard in the back of the end zone.



View from top of Burchfiel Stadium.


View from the very top of the stadium. I see the lunches waiting on the table in the left part of the picture. The mountains are beautiful in the background. Is that Mount Leconte? The bear statue is safe atop the SCHS gym.


On my way out, I had to get a picture on the side of the equipment truck. That is quite a nickname!


Finally, I ran an errand then waited along the parkway to see the famous motorcade that escorts the band out of town to the game. People told me that it is quite a sight. I waited quite a while. A long time. Then, I realized that the band must have left earlier than the. I gave up and drove home. As I got to the last red light on the way home, Allison texted that the band had just left. I was only about 10 seconds from turning off to my street from Chapman Highway when I heard a siren. An officer pulled around me and stopped in the intersection. I looked up into the rear view and saw the motorcade coming quickly toward me. It was a God moment because I had given up on seeing the motorcade. But He put his hand on it and placed me right in the middle. It was an amazing sight!

I jumped out my car with my IPhone (standing close to the car) and started taping the motorcade. Click this video to see what I saw! Exciting! (Keep volume down if you have dogs.)

Someone will probably notice how I jump into the car quickly when the second motorcycle officer comes speeding up behind me. Don’t try that if you find yourself in the middle of a motorcade. This was a fun and very different kind of morning to be out and about in Sevierville! 


Sevierville Two Week Events Planner: October 11 – 22, 2016

Think things are slowing down on the calendar?  Think again. Here are some events coming in the next two weeks that could be interesting to do. Finding the time may be the only problem. Here is a two week planner for October 11-22, 2016.


First Baptist Church of Sevierville opens the Love Loud Corn Maze and Hay Ride tomorrow. Look at the flyer above for complete info on dates and times. It is a rite of passage in October for corn mazes so enjoy! It is located across the street from the Sevierville City Park. There will be plenty of parking!

There will be a Culinary Fair on Wednesday, October 12th at the Walters State Rel Maples Institute for Culinary Arts. Booths will be set up like a city block using the theme “New York Street Fair.” Tickets are $15 for tickets that you can use to buy food from the students. The fair will last for nine hours, until about 7:00 p.m. Check the Sunday edition of the Mountain Press for more information.


There will be an Art Happening this Thursday downtown Sevierville. The flyer above has times, location, featured artist, and other information. These are casual, relaxing events where you can meet different artists from the area, view samples of their work, listen to music, and more. Courthouse Donuts/Dyers Downtown is such a nice venue for these events. See you there!


The last downtown Sevierville Farmers Market for the 2016 season will be this Friday. Some people will be out for fall break so that will be an opportunity to visit this market one more time for the year.


Wine and Paint Party on October 18, 2016 at Hillside Winery. Support Relay for Life.


Stomp Out Breast Cancer on Saturday, October 22nd. See the flyer above for details and support Relay for Life!


The first Bruce Street Brewfest will be downtown on Saturday, October 22nd from 1:00-6:00. Buy your tickets at the link below.


OK, the next event is more than two weeks away, but people need time to plan!


Click this link for more information. https://www.facebook.com/events/860812640719134/

You can see there are many opportunities to get out and about in Sevierville this month.