There is a New Nail Salon in Town: Noire the Nail Bar


I noticed a new nail salon in the shopping center near Buddy’s Bar-B-Que and had to stop in. This place is a little different and has some new things to offer Sevierville. Sit back and look at my trip to Noire the Nail Bar on highway 66 in Sevierville.


The hours are good. I was a ‘walk-in’ about 3:15 in the afternoon.


The salon is new and very posh.


As with other places, the colors were available on the wall display.


However, you select the color from this collection. They want you to relax so you don’t need to ‘lift a finger.’


The area for children was quite amazing. It was like a fairytale come to life.


You definitely would feel like a princess sitting at this station.


It will probably stay exceptionally clean with each station covered in plastic for easy cleaning.


There are several manicure areas and a nice large, flat screen TV on the wall.


It was nice to use a brand new back massage pad. This one really does a good job.


I was busy editing photos on my phone, but they very nicely brought me a couple of magazines to read. Good ones too.


The prices vary. Read the print carefully and note the differences between the verbs and prices. For example, ‘clipping,’ ‘shaping,’ and ‘trimming’ will be different prices. Study the menu of services carefully.  It will be important in order to get exactly what you want in the service. I asked for a pedicure that was in the middle of the price range because it was closer to what I usually get in town. It costs more than other places, but the leg massage was twice a long—a bonus.


Above, you can see prices for children under 10 years old.

IMG_5212This is what sets the nail salon apart from most. I didn’t have high expectations for the wine because it is not the focus of the business. However, it was not bad at all. I am not sure what brands they use, but you will have a choice between red and white. I had to go see my father afterward so only a taste for me. Nevertheless, it was a very relaxing experience and one does feel very pampered. It is like a spa feeling.

Many ladies I know have a favorite nail salon and an affordable price is a priority. This place may cost more than others in town. However, if you want to try something new, Noire Nail Bar would be a good place to go. I can imagine people coming here for birthday parties, pre-bridal showers, college friend get-togethers, and more. There is a very nice atmosphere here and you will enjoy that aspect.

As with any new salon that you visit, be alert during any phase of a pedicure that involves cutting implements. I only visited Noire the Nail Bar once and my experience was positive, so I can’t speak for everyone. However, I enjoyed it and will go back again some day.



Charlotte’s Creative: A New Arts Center in Downtown Sevierville

IMG_3770 (1)

(This business is no longer located downtown Sevierville).

If you are interested in opening a business in downtown Sevierville then I recommend that you make haste because spaces are filling up quickly—which is great news! Several art galleries and a restaurant are taking shape. I visited an art space last Friday after the farmer’s market and can’t wait to go back. Let me take you to Charlotte’s Creative on Bruce Street.

IMG_3771 (1)

I saw mention of Charlotte’s Creative grand opening on Facebook so I knew that I could nt miss it. It is almost across from Sims Barber Shop on Bruce Street. It is very near the Sevier County Heritage Museum. Here is a link to her Facebook page.

IMG_3777 (1)

Charlotte’s Creative is beautiful inside! The front section is like a combination shop/gallery. Love the rugs! Everything is arranged beautifully!


Artist, Charlotte Wear, and a friend, are ready for the grand opening event on Bruce Street.

IMG_3774 (1)

Books for sale by a local author.

IMG_3775 (1)

The violins are beckoning!

IMG_3780 (5)

Charlotte Wear has taken classes from the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, as well as the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The artist has finally created her dream space in downtown Sevierville. In this space, there will be a shop, a teaching area, a working area, and maybe a performance area. She will teach classes with diverse kinds of media. Her goal is to teach at least classes 3 days a week using metal, glass, textiles, or clay, and more. My friend and I are trying to decide which class to take first.

IMG_3792 (2)

Paige McClure attending the grand opening of Charlotte’s Creative.

IMG_3785 (1)

A gallery wall.

Entertainer, Sam Lewis, played music for the evening event. Charlotte told me that she had heard him play at Barley’s in Knoxville and enjoyed his music very much.  Sam Lewis has opened for Leon Russell and played with Chris Stapleton. That sounds like a good pedigree to me!



You can hear Lewis’ music on these CDs. Here is a link to his Facebook page. You can see that he has a busy schedule!


Artists and family attend the grand opening evening event.


These earrings are beautiful. Must shop here soon when I have more time. You can always use another set of earrings!


Charlotte Wear introduces singer, Sam Lewis to a full house.


Remember that name—Sam Lewis. He is a rising star.


As I went to my car to go to a cookout, I noticed that there were many cars parked downtown. Some were at Charlotte’s Creative. IMG_3867

Others were arriving to get a good seat for the movie, “9 to 5” with Dolly Parton.


Things are busy on Fridays now in downtown Sevierville—and that is a very good thing. Get out and enjoy!

See you at Charlotte’s Creative for a class some time when we are out and about in Sevierville. 

Casual Pint Craft Beer Market Open in Sevierville


If we were in England right now, then this would probably be your local pub. 

Sevierville saw a new business open last week: the Casual Pint Craft Beer Market. I made it to the ribbon cutting ceremony by the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce. Luckily, I was in time to see them give the business a big Sevierville welcome. This new business opens a lot of options for Sevierville citizens and visitors alike. Here is what I saw.

First of all, there are two food establishments beside the Casual Pint. Buddy’s Bar-b-q (pictured above) and Penn Station subs. This is good for patrons who would like to eat a meal while there and watching a game.  The Pint will share an outdoor patio with Penn Station subs, which will be nice on warm days. (FYI …A nice convenience, I picked up free wifi from Buddy’s and Penn Station.)


Here is the Sevierville franchise owner, Roger McGee, pictured right. He is from Blount County, but preferred to locate the business here. He was drawn here by the opportunity for this franchise in Sevier County, as well as warmth from the people in our county. He had great praise for the mayor and the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce for helping to open his business.


In attendance was Jon Robinette, the Casual Pint franchise owner and director. His first franchise is located in Knoxville in the Bearden area. Robinette is pictured here with his children. He attributes the creation of the Casual Pint to his son Nathan, pictured right. Here is a link to the story of the Robinette family and the beginnings of the Casual Pint franchise.

The Sevierville Casual Pint franchise is the 17th opened by the Robinette family. The Pints are located in 5 different states.


The ribbon-cutting went flawlessly as the Casual Pint was welcomed by members of the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce and the mayor. Pictured from left to right are Jim McGill, Membership Co-ordinator for the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce;  Mayor Atchley;  franchise owner, Roger McGee; general manager, Matthew Bolt; and Casual Pint franchise owner and director, Jon Robinette.


It is very comfortable and there are three TV screens to watch a game. Two are pictured here.


There are 28 taps and over a hundred bottles from which to choose. The tap wall is impressive and will constantly change. When one tap empties then they will replace it with a new brew. Get the Casual Pint app to keep up with the flavors. Here is a link to the info.


The cooler offers many varieties, from bottles to cans.


There are more things on the shelves as well. The Pint will be serving low gravity beer until January 1st, then will be able to serve higher gravity pints. Prices range from $4.40 to $7 a serving. These are craft brews so most fans will say that the price is worth it.


Once they settle in, Roger McGee,  said that they would like to begin Trivia Nights and other events at the Pint. The Pint can be found on Instagram, Untapped, Facebook, and Twitter.

Hours are

Sunday 1-8, Monday – Thursday 11-10, Fridays and Saturdays 11-11.

To see more pictures of the grand opening and ribbon cutting at the Sevierville Casual Pint, go to my Facebook blog picture page. Here is the link.





Big Kickoff for New Sevierville Dairy Queen, November 2016

There has been much anticipation for the new Sevierville Dairy Queen and the wait is over. It opened this morning at 6:00 a.m. with a big promotion: free Blizzards all year (2 per month) to the first 100 people in line to buy a breakfast platter. Did I make the cut? Read on to see what happened this morning.


If there is another promotion like this then you may have to park in the Walmart Marketplace parking lot and walk over some curbs, dirt, and grass.


I could see the line wrap around the back of the building. I didn’t feel good about my chances to be in the first 100 people.

I walked up to the first guy in line (after assuring everyone that I wasn’t cutting line) and asked him what time he arrived to maintain first place. He replied that he arrived  at 8:00 the night before and set up camp, which you can see above. He said that he had camped out once before for a Krispy Kreme promotion and won doughnuts for a year. The next guy in line arrived at 3:15 a.m. to take second place.


Since I was already there, I counted people in line and found myself to be in the 70s, which made me eligible for free Blizzards for a year. So I thought, “why not?” I jumped in line at 6:00 a.m. and was in the door by 6:35a.m. img_8547



Will Connell, marketing manager from Murfreesboro, greeted customers and handed out a flyer for a new promotion next week. I’ll show you at the end of this blog. He said they have opened Dairy Queens in Seymour, Sevierville, and White House, Tennessee. There are 10% discounts for military, seniors, and students.

The counter was fast and efficient. They make breakfast to order so I got a number and it was brought out to me within two minutes.


The coffee is excellent!!! Make sure you get a refillable ‘to go’ cup. You will want one.

Now here is the promotion for next Tuesday…but be aware that this one is different. It could be a little tricky for some people; therefore, I don’t expect the long line that I saw this morning.


The first 100 customers must buy a DQ cake. Let me repeat…they must buy a cake. See the sizes in the small print above.


Cake prices vary from $20-30. (I Googled the prices.) However, do the math and you will see that it is worth it. A combo meal varies from $4 to $6.50. You get two per month. For two people, it will be $8 to $13 multiplied by 12 months. That is certainly worth a cake and Thanksgiving is just two days away.


I think that I will go back next Tuesday morning at 6:00 a.m. and predict that the primary school break room will have a DQ cake for lunch! It is a little early in the morning, but a fun way to invite a friend and get out and about in Sevierville all year.

See you at the new DQ!

For more pictures, go to the Facebook page for  blog pictures. Here is the link.


Our favorite boutique is back: Loralei’s!

An old friend is back in town and we are so glad. Lorelei’s is my favorite boutique anywhere. Today is opening day. You can take some friends and drop in from 5:00 – 9:00 this evening for the VIP Diva Night. There will be refreshments and treats from Pink Squirrel Cupcakes. Beverages.


The new location is 1235 Dolly Parton Parkway in The Shoppes at Bears Landing. This location is across the street from Sevier County High School and beside of Burger King. Parking is easy too.

Also, you can find this store on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



Lorie Lea Yount had a Loralei’s store in a different location in Sevierville six years ago, but the building was sold so she had only a few months to make a move, eventually opening a store in Knoxville Center Mall. It is very successful so she is opening a second store here, in her hometown. I have fond memories of a previous Sevierville location, an older white house, because she allowed us to take Tai Chi lessons in an empty upstairs room. How many places can you do that?


Lorie is a 1992 graduate of S.C.H.S. so you will always be able to find some purple and white treasures in her boutique. I, personally, own an adjustable band ring with purple and white bear paw design. Love it!


There are different sections in the boutique: bath, baby, ladies apparel, jewelry, fragrances, and food. Two featured jewelry companies are Gingersnaps and Endless, a which is a company owned by the originator of Pandora jewelry. I like them because they use interchangeable stones and inserts.


Make your own bath salts bar! They smelled divine!



Who knew that Judge Rader makes honey? I would like to see him making it some time! Here it is: Mojo Bee Co. This is extremely local if you are interested in taking honey to fight off allergies.



A local lady creates many of the skin care items.




Lorie says that many of the candles, room sprays, and scents are made in Charleston.

I want to investigate the area pictured below more on my next visit because it offers several products using coconut oil. Very healthy!



Beautiful presentation and merchandise!


The bottom shelf has a unique gift idea. These are puzzles made in Nashville, specializing in scenes from Tennessee. You can work the puzzle, glue it together, and then frame it. A fun, yet consumable gift!

Books, cards, scented labels. All your gift needs.




I hope that some of these bangles will be still be there next week!



Ladies wear has a plus size section that goes up to 3X. These pieces are so pretty! I like the dress featured below.


Lorie says that store  primarily sells merchandise from local vendors, 95% made in the U.S.A.

If you like this orange and white Tennessee scarf pictured below then you need to buy it before I return next week!


Cute dressing rooms.

Next week, I want to go back to look at these cute things. Grab them while you can!

I know that Loralei’s owner, Lorie Yount, has faced some challenges over the years due to a devastating motorcycle accident. She and her husband were hit head on by a drunk driver. She was not expected to live, but she did. She was not expected to walk. Doctors told her to find something that she liked to do to keep busy. Lorie started the store in a wheelchair. Then, she progressed to using a walker. Later, after six months of physical therapy walking in a pool, her movement improved beyond the doctor’s expectations. Lorie was able to walk. She says that she still has a lot of metal in her body, but she has overcome those bad days. Lorie says that she loves her stores and meets a lot of good people. Clearly, she loves them because it is a delight to visit such a lovely place.

I have bought several birthday and Christmas gifts from Loralei’s boutique. In fact, my sister Suzanne still enjoys her orange scarf that I gave her a few years ago. Even though she lives in Morristown, Suz recognizes the store name: Loralei’s. You are guaranteed to find a gift or treasure there every time. So glad this store is back in Sevierville! Welcome home!


Go see Loralei’s boutique when you are out and about in Sevierville.



Publix Grand Opening Today

I made it to the new Publix store grand opening in Pigeon Forge today. I like shopping at this store in Knoxville and know that I’ll go to this new one from time to time. (Probably will avoid Fridays and Saturdays when tourists pull into town.) It is nice to have another shopping choice in the county.


You have probably shopped at Publix before, but if not, scroll down to see some highlights of the grand opening today. I only went around the perimeter of the store because a trainer once told me that is where the healthy things are located.


Ample parking. Enter from the parkway. You can exit onto Wears Valley Road too.


My friend Sheley will be excited to see a Jersey Mike’s going in beside the grocery store. She is a fan of their chicken salad.


Making a good first impression!

Enter and go right to see the floral department and specials. I did not see a gelato station like the store in Knoxville at Northshore Drive. Nor did I see a  soup station nor a stir fry station.

The bakery has some spectacular desserts. If you have a special occasion then this may be the place to order something special.


This cake looks amazing!


This area allows customers to see a recipe (maybe sample it?) and to take a recipe card home. I think that they do one a week. This morning, it was praline french toast.


A nice selection of cheese.


I forgot that they have some of my favorite salads. Love these for lunch.


The hot bar had at least two entrees that were not fried. A plus!




My favorite department is always the produce section.


The meat department had a lot of tempting things. Time to grill out.



No lines in the pharmacy yet.


Restrooms located to the right of the entrance, but you have to look for the sign in the floral department. 




As I exited, I noticed a board with special events listed so check it out.

Happy shopping!