Volunteers Helping to Keep Sevierville Beautiful


The line did not take too long for the Extreme Cleanup this morning. Even if it were long, I didn’t care because I had to get rid of some things.



What a service! My garage already looks better after dropping off my old computer, speakers, monitor, and keyboards. Plus my first generation Fitbit.

Live-it Ministries was at Extreme Cleanup accepting clothing and other donations. Paul Danis said that they are located at 11935 Chapman Highway in Seymour. They accept donations throughout the year and even have a 10,000 foot warehouse to use for these items.


He said they gladly accept many household items that still have some use left in them. He was very gracious and wished me a ‘blessed day.’

As I approached my electronics drop-off point, I noticed a familiar face. Someone that I see every day at work. Someone who puts his energy into helping the community and the planet itself. An environmental superman.

I saw Mark Mundo!


Thank you so much to Mark Mundo and all the volunteers for helping to Keep Sevierville Beautiful. I, for one, am extremely grateful for the opportunity to dispose of electronic equipment in a way that is not an insult to the environment. I waited months for this event and feel relieved to have more room in my garage. Mr. Mark gets my superhero award for this week!

Enjoy this weekend.

On to the Rossini Festival.

We are out and about…

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