Teachers rally for Senator Overbey at Sevierville Civic Center today.

Sevier County Education Association and TEA hosted a ‘meet and greet’ event with Senator Doug Overbey today at the Sevierville Civic Center. A teacher, myself, I knew that this would be a great time to meet other colleagues in support of Senator Overbey’s re-election. I also wanted to meet the candidate again. What a nice morning it was!

First, I saw our Sevier County Mayor speaking with the candidate.


County Mayor Waters told me that Senator Overbey has been a strong supporter of Sevier County over the years. “He has been a strong advocate for Sevier County, especially for education and transportation.” Therefore, he wholeheartedly endorses the candidate for re-election. On a side note, I was delighted to hear Waters tell me that he was previously a teacher and principal at Jones Cove school from 1974-1978. He taught 6th – 8th grade and sometimes averaged 52 kids in his classes. There are probably some interesting stories there!

Next, I talked with Sevier County teacher Mary Jones, pictured below with her husband, Rusty.


Mary said, ” I know that my professional organization supports Overbey because he is paying attention to what teachers need. Furthermore, he shows that he is protecting us from ‘anti-teacher’ legislation. ” I can think of several of these things over the years and appreciate his actions as well.


More supporters for Doug Overbey: Allen Newton, Bryan McCarter, and Emily Whaley.


Retired Sevier County Teachers support Senator Overbey. Front row (left to right) : Tammy Waters, Senator Overbey, and Edna Loveday Rogers. Back row (left to right) : Nancy Sims, Roy Rogers, Dick Ramsey, and Sue Ramsey.

It is important to consider retired teachers in a constituency. Consequently,  these Sevier County retired teachers report that Doug Overbey is a good friend to retired teachers. Tammy Waters, President of the Sevier County Retired Teachers Association said, “I support Senator Overbey because he supports both active and retired teachers.” There is a lot at stake.

These teachers may retire, but they remain active in the community. Edna Loveday Rogers, for example, is on the Dollywood Foundation and Imagination Library.


She is also a director for Dolly Parton’s Chasing Rainbows Award, presented to a teacher each year who has overcome challenges and makes a difference in others’ lives.


Past winners include a blind teacher with a seeing eye dog who still teaches in a public school. Edna said that Dolly presents the award herself, making it quite special. This year, Rogers noted that the Home and Family Show on the Hallmark Channel taped the event.

Next, I saw two especially loved Sevier County retired teachers!


Brooke Blair and Norma Blair support Senator Doug Overbey. Need I say more?


I saw more teachers from our Sevier County Education Association such as Melina Brackins, Mary Jones, and Bridgette McCarter.


Teachers appreciate the work that Senator Overbey has done for our county, especially in regard to school funding and a more equal BEP distribution. Thank you!


The meet and greet was very comfortable and relaxed. Everyone had a chance to speak to the candidate. The lady pictured to the left goes to my church. Her mother is in her late 90’s and still a member of TEA. In addition, the mother is an Overbey supporter. When the lady (pictured left)  got the news about the meeting, she came to meet Overbey and take some pictures for her mother.


Senator Overbey speaking with S.C.E.A. member, Melinda Derrick.

Effective elected officials, and leaders in general, must be good listeners. I have observed that Senator Overbey clearly has that skill. I have seen him demonstrate this during the past two Sevier County rallies, in addition to his committee work televised from Nashville on cable TV.


Overbey supporters: Judy Bailey Ogle, school counselor from Seymour Intermediate school, and Charles Ogle.

I really enjoyed this meeting with Senator Overbey, teachers, retired teachers, and city officials. Truth be told, there were Democrats, Republicans, and Independents attending the event because the candidate crosses all party lines. He is a thoughtful, effective, and responsible candidate—and this appeals to everyone. Simply put, I wish there were more officials like Doug Overbey. We need more people in office with these leadership characteristics.

As a side note…

I was amazed by the 3D sculpture on the wall above the kitchen window. When you visit the Civic Center be sure to take a look. Incredible!


Courthouse Doughnuts can’t be beat. As he was leaving, Senator Overbey remarked he had thought about stopping there on the way into town to grab a bite to eat, but continued on to the S.C.E.A meeting. He walked into the event and …voila! There they were. He was very pleased.



After this blog post, I am sure that you know my recommendation for state senate for this district. Make sure that you get out and vote on August 4th if you have not done early voting already.


Don’t forget that there will be an Art Happening event downtown Sevierville this evening, Thursday, July 28th from 5-7:00.


It is another good time to get out and about in Sevierville…

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  1. Melinda July 28, 2016 / 6:13 pm

    Excellent! It was a fine way to spend a little time this morning. Now on to tonight’s Art Happening this evening.

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