A Sevierville Tradition: Lunch at Frank Allen’s Market

With summer waning, I won’t have many opportunities to go out for lunch during the week so it was time to go to Frank Allen’s Market for —what I hear is— the best burger in town. Because I got ‘off track’ last week, I contacted a friend who could help me get there and tell me all the good things to order. We met for lunch last week and here is what I found…the best burger lunch in town.


I thought that the grill was within a BP station, but it is actually located in a Marathon station. Not the Marathon station near Walmart, but the one closer to Sevierville and Belk. If you are a tourist or new in town, Frank Allen’s Market  is on the Parkway as you go toward Pigeon Forge. Located on the left side of the road, it is beside the ‘Big Foot’ car attraction. Also, across the street from Kings of Real Estate.

Be careful because TripAdvisor currently shows an incorrect location, at a different Marathon station. Someone has contacted them to see if can be corrected.


Tad met me in the parking lot and we went inside. Take a left inside the door and you will see the grill area. Oh my! I was struck by several things. First, the cleanliness of the dining and all food prep areas. Second, there is a lot of seating options here. We counted 15 stools at the counter, 8 booths, and at least two tables. We sat at the counter so I could see all the action.


You order at the counter and pay at the door.


Frank Allen’s Market, according to Tad, has been in this location for six year. Previously, it was in another location down the Parkway, but moved because it had outgrown the space. I hear that it can get super busy at lunch so we got our space at the counter early.


Frank Allen has been in business over 63 years. His daughter and son-in-law run the store now. It is a Sevier County tradition!


I ordered a cheeseburger. It was so good. Everything is fresh. Here are the reasons for the high quality: 1). burgers are patted out each morning and are comprised of ground round, 2). buns are steamed, 3). fries are cooked when you order them so they are always hot, 4). ketchup containers are cool, 5). serve yourself fountain drinks, 6). lettuce on burgers is shredded ( I like that sometimes), 7). they make their own slaw.


You never know who you will see at Frank Allen’s Market!

You can see locals, visitors, tourists, politicians, and celebrities. Our recently re-elected state Senator Doug Overbay has frequented Frank Allen’s Market. Sometimes politicians’ visits will be announced in advance in the local newspaper.

Dolly Parton likes the slaw dogs and Paula Deen has eaten here. Lawyers and others sometimes send their clients and colleagues to get a burger here. Many people bring their grandchildren here for their first FAM burger. Many pictures are shared on the Facebook fan page, listed at the end of this article.

Tad prefers a classic ‘Grumpy Meal,’ pictured below.


During lunch, Tad and I discussed politics and local news. Then, we reminisced about jokes and things that we enjoyed when we were young teachers at Sevier County High School. Coaching for the Senior Olympics at S.C.H.S. from freshman teams to seniors, telling a student that they were a surprise performer in the Talent Show, and a couple of silly pranks at Mr. Roach’s Christmas Party at his home.

As it was time to leave, I spied a potential gift for my young nephew near the counter.


Tourists can find souvenirs too.


Here are some tips for those who have never visited Frank Allen’s Market.

  • The grill is open from 6:00 a.m. to around 6:00p.m. This info is posted online.
    Address930, Parkway, Sevierville, TN 37862
    Phone(865) 453-3617

    Sunday 8AM–8PM
    Monday 6AM–5PM
    Tuesday 6AM–5PM
    Wednesday 6AM–5PM
    Thursday 6AM–5PM
    Friday 6AM–5PM
    Saturday 6AM–5PM
  • Breakfast is served all day. When the biscuits run out then they are gone for the day. They can cook pancakes when the grilled isn’t extremely busy. Ham and biscuits are served in the morning.
  • There is a Facebook page called Fans of Frank Allen’s Market. Click this link to join the fun.  There are over 3,500 fans registered there.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/103675799666187/

My friend Tad is the moderator. He does a great job.

In the words of a customer named Ronnie, who was leaving the counter as we sat down to order, ” You won’t find any better anywhere. Hot dogs are good too.”

In summary, Sevierville offers a lot of burger options, but if you want to get something special then there is one place to go.

Frank Allen’s Market is the best burger place / grill choice when you are out and about in Sevierville. 

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