For Those About to Rock Neyland Stadium…

It is the night before the Vols season opener with Appalachian State and Vols fans are getting ready to rock Neyland Stadium.


A big thanks  to my sister Diane for the tickets!

I was excited to go to the game, but became even more so when I heard about Appalachian State and the history making game with Michigan.

As for the game tomorrow, don’t forget the new security rule:  about no backpacks and large purses allowed in the stadium.

Neyland Stadium Information & Policies

Just to play it safe, I decided on getting one of the clear purses. The only place I know to get them in town is Loralei’s Boutique.

When she posted a Facebook post today that she had some of the clear bags then I was there 20 minutes later to pick one up. A nice little cross body purse so I won’t have to carry it while hiking across campus to the stadium.


Also, you can use it at UT basketball games and events at the Tennessee Theater. It will come in handy for a lot of events.


While at Loralei’s Boutique, I saw a lot of good things for Vols and Smoky Bears fans. Even more.

Go to the Facebook page for this blog to see more pictures of things at Loraleis Boutique in Sevierville. Here is the link.

Wearing of the orange tomorrow at work. I bought this from a colleague, Allison Cummings. I asked her if she could make one and she did it. You can never have enough orange and white and …bling! (Notice the shiny elements in the white area.)



My friend Katherine shared this yesterday. She is a huge fan and I can count on her to be ready for the games. She finds the best memes! Getting really excited for the Vols. Can you feel it?

And if you wanted one more thing to get excited about in regard to the Vols, check out the Jalen Hurd treadmill video —if you haven’t already seen it. Fierce!

I have a gym friend who can do the exercise depicted in the fourth picture down. I saw him doing it today. That is pretty fierce too.

A lot of Sevierville area friends will be rocking Neyland Stadium tomorrow.

Go Vols!


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