Sevierville Sunrise Rotary Serves Up the 34th Annual ‘ I Love Sevierville’ Luncheon


Almost within the shadow of the Dolly Parton statue, the Sevierville Sunrise Rotary Club sponsored the I ♥ Sevierville lunch on Friday, September 3o, 2016. You could not have asked for better weather to enjoy a lunch on the courthouse lawn. Lunch, entertainment, door prizes. It was nice event produced by a hard working organization. Here is how it went…


Members were packing lunches by 6:00 a.m. That is EARLY!  They take their name seriously. (Photos supplied by a Sevierville  Sunrise Rotary Club Member).


I parked across from my bank, Sevier County Bank, and walked downtown. The truck was loaded up and going for the event.


I have ordered a box lunch at work, but this was the first time that I could go to the lunch myself. If you work downtown, are retired, or can meet friends here for the event then you will find it to be a treat. This is the 34th annual event, hosted since 2003 by the Sevierville Sunrise Rotary Club. It takes place on the courthouse steps from 11-1:00 p.m.


The band warms up before the event. I was REALLY impressed with the acoustics in front of the courthouse. There should be a lot more things taking place here in the future because music sounds great here. You can see how the elevated veranda makes for a natural stage. Sound quality was outstanding.


Whoever set up tables and decorations did a fabulous job! Love the seasonal things.

I counted 10 long tables, 80 chairs, and lots of benches so seating is no problem.


Rotary members getting ready for the lunch rush. Left, David Reller, right, Clyde Rennie.


First rush for boxed lunch pickups.



These ladies were early and ready to enjoy the event. They call themselves ‘the Lunch Bunch.’


Sevier County Sherrif, Ron Seals, supporting the Sevierville Sunrise Rotary Club lunch. I saw this nice orange and white shirt going by and knew that I had to get a picture. Go Vols!


More Vol fans from the Sheriff’s office supporting the Sunrise Rotary Club.


These downtown folks enjoy taking a break outside in 70 degrees and sunshine. They  enjoyed the I ♥ Sevierville lunch which supports  Sunrise Rotary Club projects.


Below is a video shot that captures a musical moment. You may like this song…

The band, self-named the Senior Citizens Band, played good music in various genres. My favorite was their third set which was bit jazzy.


A ventriloquist had a fast moving comedy set. The crowd liked his jokes and quick delivery. Kyle Scribner plays the sheriff at the Hatfield and McCoy theater. Not sure if he ran into Sheriff Seals before his set. Kyle is available for parties, corporate events, trade shows, and banquets…as a ventriloquist, of course.


The Sevierville Sunrise Rotary Club serves many in our community. The evidence is on the back of the lunch ticket where you see their projects and scholarships. If you are interested in joining this club, meet them on Thursday mornings at 7:00 a.m. at Courthouse Donuts downtown.

Clearly, this is an organization that is out and about and doing great work in Sevierville. 


Dolly approves!

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