First Baptist Church Corn Maze 2016: An October Gift to Sevierville


The First Baptist Church of Sevierville is producing one of the biggest events that I have seen by any church for any community. They had over 8,000 guests last year. It should break that record this year.

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Love Loud Corn Maze! It is one massive, fun, fall afternoon. Take the family and a good camera. I was pretty amazed.

  • Free parking and free admission
  • Free games
  • Free entertainment
  • Free food ( hot dogs, cookies, ice water, flavored ices, and popcorn).
  • Free hayrides
  • Free marshmallow toasting
  • and more…

Parking is not a problem. There is a massive gravel lot. The property, across the street from the city park, is over 40 acres. They are using most of that property to share their love with the community this month—and you can feel it. Here is what I saw.


A large food tent with beautiful chandeliers.


Hot chili dogs.




Ice water!


You could smell the popcorn from yards away. A popular item!


Flavored ices. Kids loved these, of course.

Outdoor games. Lots of corn hole.


A local business that provides hands-on interactive (and some classic) games for parties and events. On the photo above, you can see the contact info and phone number. So nice!

Funny feet on the left. Corn cob ‘darts’ pictured on the right. Both from Days Gone By.

Jerry ‘Bear’ Hyder greeting people at the entrance. Always nice to see the Bear!


Can you say hay wagon?          It looks as big as Noah’s Ark!


My friend Gary posing well.


My friend Elaine ready for the opening day.


Tiny Tykes Train. Two different kinds!

The slingshot game used great precision and was quite popular. Even bigger than it looks here.


Animals for the kids to look at. Goats on high.

I only walked around the corn maze and was there about an hour and a half. If you go to do everything then you can have quite a good evening there. It would be nice to get there as the sun sets because there will be bonfires, toasting marshmallows, and even more fun.

It was an impressive, organized fall festival and I could feel the love. I felt like I was a guest in the Lord’s house. When I got home, I looked for the map to take a picture for this blog.


You can see the scope of the First Baptist Church Corn Maze by the map. I didn’t even make it into the maze, but it looks like a massive one. In fact, I only noticed the design of the maze when I came home this evening. Needing a picture, I turned over the map and noticed the intricate design of the maze. I’ll let it speak for itself.


A wonderful way to get out and about this month. You will be impressed.

See more pictures on the Facebook page for this blog. This link will take you there.

One thought on “First Baptist Church Corn Maze 2016: An October Gift to Sevierville

  1. Jeff October 5, 2019 / 10:58 pm

    Thank you all for all the work you did for the fall festival. Amazing job and you all were a big blessing to all that came. This was our first time but will not be our last if you have it next year. If you didn’t make it this year then you missed it . It was amazing. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN.


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