Sevierville Commons Arts Council Holiday Market: Saturday, December 17th, 2016.


The Sevierville Commons Arts Council ended a successful 2016 with the Holiday Market Christmas on Bruce Street. The day was chilly and festive. There was much to see and I left with some things to take home. Here is what I saw on Saturday.

I had only an hour for the market as I had to meet a friend in Knoxville for a special event later in the day. It was a quick day. First, I ran into my former classmate from Morristown West, Carol Bridgewater Rouse, who had come from Morristown to attend the market and to go to the Two Coyotes Studio to buy a special necklace. Carol is the art teacher at Morristown East and had seen Bev Guinn Jones’ necklace on my Facebook post. It is special and goes with our current situation after the wildfires in Sevier County. Here is another picture of it.



Featured artist for the December Art Happening, Crystal Lynn Sharp, with beautiful creations. I need the light colored bracelets on the left.


More lovely things from Jill Green and more.


I love beautiful things made of glass. Jill makes these by hand herself.


Artists, and council members, Christina Crofoot and Crystal Lynn Sharp hanging out with a fur friend.


This is real and it really works. A Batman spotlight. They used it for a special event one time and were contacted by someone that the light was too strong at night and to reduce the power.  I want one!

Too many cool things by this vendor to put on the blog. Check the Facebook page I use for extra pictures to see more. The Facebook link will be at the bottom of this article.


The Move Factory entertained with a special participant!


The ‘make-it-and take-it’ area was busy with people eager to make something special to take home. I was well impressed with the two ornaments that I saw there. Fabulous!


Santa approves! fe792a2c-f677-47e2-b0cd-dfaccac76177



I bought one of these repurposed wood trees to hang Christmas cards. Love them!


The Holiday Market is dog friendly!

fullsizerender2 Sevierville Arts Council members with the the Sevier County Courthouse in the background.


Beautiful yarn, textiles, and more.


Gary Wade and son, Zach, stop by to support the Sevierville Holiday Art Market.

Pictured from left to right: Jill Green, Gary Wade, Andrea Wilson, and Zach Wade.


I found the perfect man at the Holiday Market!


One quick stop at the pork rinds vendor for a couple of barbecue bags to go. He said that they are also sold at Bass Pro Shop, Old Mill, and an Apple Wood store.

Excellent paleo snack!

I hated to leave the Holiday Market on Saturday. I enjoyed it immensely.

The Sevierville Commons Arts Council deserves kudos and applause for their work this year invigorating our downtown. I just learned of them last spring and have followed their work since then. The Art Happenings, summer farmer’s market, Christmas on Bruce Street Holiday Market, and more, have made my life, and that of my friends, much richer. Consequently, they have had great impact in revitalizing downtown Sevierville this year. What a great job they have done in 2016. They are already planning things for next year. Next year, 2017 will be even grander. Stay tuned for more!

Go to my Facebook page for more blog pictures. Here is the link

See you out and about in Sevierville…

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