Keeping Sevierville Beautiful: Extreme Home Cleanup, Spring 2017

Thank goodness for volunteers from Keep Sevier Beautiful or else I would have a garage full of computer equipment just taking up space. I dropped off some things yesterday morning and it only took minutes. This is one of the hardest working groups in our county so take a look at what they did yesterday. 

You pull into the parking lot where I saw my friend, Heidi, taking information. Then, they instruct you where to go next. 

Heidi let me take her picture. I just missed her son, Kollin, a senior at SCHS, and a student volunteer for the group. 

Everything is very organized and orderly. You don’t even have to get out of your car! It does not get any easier than that!
The first drop spot is for Live-It Ministries, a Christian group. Paul Danis, pictured above, says their warehouse is located at 11935 Chapman Highway. They accept donations Monday’s-Saturdays from 10-5:00. They accept almost anything. Donations can include clothes, household items, rugs, sporting goods—anything. 

I waited my turn for the computer drop-off stop. 

Mark Mundo helped me with my computer recyclables. He is a recycling, clean earth advocate so I was not surprised to him him working this event. 

Thanks, Mark!

This spot was for hazardous things that will not pollute our land now. A serious job here. 

Next, it was time to drop off some expired meds with the Sevierville Police Department. Officer Garner was ready to help. 

Actually, I did not drop off all these meds. 

You can see how meds are moved from the plastic containers for recycling. Then, the expired pills are taken to an incinerator for the final phase. Thus, ground water is not polluted later on. 

This is a invaluable service to our community and I try to take advantage of their help every year. Many thanks to Keep Sevier Beautiful for their service for it truly has an impact on our community. They clearly fight to make this a better world. A million thanks!

Here are a couple of their upcoming events. 

Look for this announcement next year. Also, you can keep up with their activities on their Facebook page. 

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