Buc-ees is on the way!

The Buc-ees super convenience store/gas station will arrive in Sevierville around summer 2023. You can see the building going up now, located on the hill on the right before exit 407. There are 40 Buc-ees stores so the Sevierville site is an important location as they expand through the Southeast. My friends and I could not wait until next summer, so we decided to see a play at the Cumberland County Playhouse and stop by the Crossville Buc-ees to see it for ourselves on the way home. Here are my impressions from the visit and what we may expect at the Sevierville store.

  1. Lots of gas pumps. I have heard Buc-ees may have 90 pumps or more.
2. Lots of super clean restrooms. Guaranteed that you will never have to wait.

3. Any snack that you can think of can probably be found at Buc-ees.

Notice the Little Debbie Cakes that you can buy individually and the wall of treats.

4. A huge selection of jerky—a keto snack.

5. The famous Buc-ees brisket. I first saw this from a Youtube influencer who visited Buc-ees and bought several snacks, plus brisket in Texas. Brisket is one of my favorites so that was what we got for supper. There is a ‘grab and go’ area for food to choose chopped or sliced brisket. I opted for chopped, which was very good, but I will try the sliced version next time. We forgot to take a picture of our sandwiches.

6. Healthy food choices too

7. Seasonal decor. I was not expecting to find seasonal decor at the convenience store, but there was quite a bit there and it was fun to browse.

8. The Buc-ees beaver mascot is everywhere. It must be one of the most successful examples of marketing / branding in the travel industry at this time.

9. Unique gifts and souvenirs.
10. The best coffee and drink area along the U.S. interstate system. It is a coffee lovers dream!

Lots of choices and any kind of sweetener or creamer that you could think of.

Anyone need any ice?

After spending an hour browsing, I made my way to the cash register.
Buc-ees will be a great resource for travelers and locals alike with their selection of things to eat and drinks, gifts, and gas. However, there was one thing that was very confusing to me. With all the fresh food and snacks ready to eat—there is nowhere to sit and eat. No dining area. No picnic tables. Nothing. Travelers must eat on the go, carry it to your destination, or go to a rest area to eat, which is what we did on our trip. On the other hand, no dining areas must save the company money in regard to cleaning and trash so it may be a good idea for them.

We enjoyed Buc-ees and I know that I will stop by frequently to buy coffee, drinks, and brisket. It is a very clean and efficient place for visitors coming in or going home. We look forward to this mega-convenience store at the gateway to the Smoky Mountains. See you at the coffee fill up area!

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