Tamale Express

We heard about a new restaurant at 1354 Dolly Parton Parkway, in the small strip mall east of Sevier County High School. I had heard good things about it so Lisa and I decided to give it a try on Thursday after work. I liked Tamale Express very much and recommend it for foodies and people who like to try new things. This is not a typical Mexican restaurant that has chips and salsa as soon as you sit down. No Margaritas and maybe no tamales on a regular basis. However, Tamale Express brings something new to the local food scene.

We entered the restaurant and ordered at the counter. I ordered a #1 and Lisa ordered a #2. Be ready because the portions are generous and filling.

Birria is a meat stew or soup made with meat (beef in this case) and marinated with adobo made of spices, dried chiles, garlic, herbs, vinegar and cooked in a broth. It was excellent and not too spicy at all.

To our great regret, the restaurant was out of Choco-Flan. Next time! Also, we will try the street corn next time as well.

The fresh add on station was very nice with two kinds of salsa, cilantro, and more. We admired the beautiful tiles on the side of the of station.

The cashier remembered me saying that I had a late afternoon snack so he cut the sandwich in half and thoughtfully put the other half in a to-go box. My barrio torta had the softest bread—delightful! Dipping it into the liquid reminded me of another favorite sandwich: the French Dip. Very nice and not too spicy. The sandwich was quite thick so half for me was perfect.

Lisa’s tacos were excellent and she was able to dip them into the broth as well. Order a Jarritos soft drink! We ordered lime soda as a treat.

We loved the small little add-ons on the fresh bar. A little bit of lime and cilantro makes it extra good.

Of course, we loved the Frida Kahlo art displayed in the restaurant.


Screenshots from Google Images had given me ideas of what to expect at the restaurant. Choco-Flan!

In summary, Tamale Express offers something special for those who crave Mexican food that is different from the other places in town. We arrived around 5:00, probably earlier than the usual dinner time so the restaurant was not busy. We enjoyed a quiet, very authentic dinner just yards away from the high school. We plan on going again soon—but next time we will make sure that they have some Choco-Flan waiting for us!

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