Our favorite boutique is back: Loralei’s!

An old friend is back in town and we are so glad. Lorelei’s is my favorite boutique anywhere. Today is opening day. You can take some friends and drop in from 5:00 – 9:00 this evening for the VIP Diva Night. There will be refreshments and treats from Pink Squirrel Cupcakes. Beverages.


The new location is 1235 Dolly Parton Parkway in The Shoppes at Bears Landing. This location is across the street from Sevier County High School and beside of Burger King. Parking is easy too.

Also, you can find this store on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



Lorie Lea Yount had a Loralei’s store in a different location in Sevierville six years ago, but the building was sold so she had only a few months to make a move, eventually opening a store in Knoxville Center Mall. It is very successful so she is opening a second store here, in her hometown. I have fond memories of a previous Sevierville location, an older white house, because she allowed us to take Tai Chi lessons in an empty upstairs room. How many places can you do that?


Lorie is a 1992 graduate of S.C.H.S. so you will always be able to find some purple and white treasures in her boutique. I, personally, own an adjustable band ring with purple and white bear paw design. Love it!


There are different sections in the boutique: bath, baby, ladies apparel, jewelry, fragrances, and food. Two featured jewelry companies are Gingersnaps and Endless, a which is a company owned by the originator of Pandora jewelry. I like them because they use interchangeable stones and inserts.


Make your own bath salts bar! They smelled divine!



Who knew that Judge Rader makes honey? I would like to see him making it some time! Here it is: Mojo Bee Co. This is extremely local if you are interested in taking honey to fight off allergies.



A local lady creates many of the skin care items.




Lorie says that many of the candles, room sprays, and scents are made in Charleston.

I want to investigate the area pictured below more on my next visit because it offers several products using coconut oil. Very healthy!



Beautiful presentation and merchandise!


The bottom shelf has a unique gift idea. These are puzzles made in Nashville, specializing in scenes from Tennessee. You can work the puzzle, glue it together, and then frame it. A fun, yet consumable gift!

Books, cards, scented labels. All your gift needs.




I hope that some of these bangles will be still be there next week!



Ladies wear has a plus size section that goes up to 3X. These pieces are so pretty! I like the dress featured below.


Lorie says that store  primarily sells merchandise from local vendors, 95% made in the U.S.A.

If you like this orange and white Tennessee scarf pictured below then you need to buy it before I return next week!


Cute dressing rooms.

Next week, I want to go back to look at these cute things. Grab them while you can!

I know that Loralei’s owner, Lorie Yount, has faced some challenges over the years due to a devastating motorcycle accident. She and her husband were hit head on by a drunk driver. She was not expected to live, but she did. She was not expected to walk. Doctors told her to find something that she liked to do to keep busy. Lorie started the store in a wheelchair. Then, she progressed to using a walker. Later, after six months of physical therapy walking in a pool, her movement improved beyond the doctor’s expectations. Lorie was able to walk. She says that she still has a lot of metal in her body, but she has overcome those bad days. Lorie says that she loves her stores and meets a lot of good people. Clearly, she loves them because it is a delight to visit such a lovely place.

I have bought several birthday and Christmas gifts from Loralei’s boutique. In fact, my sister Suzanne still enjoys her orange scarf that I gave her a few years ago. Even though she lives in Morristown, Suz recognizes the store name: Loralei’s. You are guaranteed to find a gift or treasure there every time. So glad this store is back in Sevierville! Welcome home!


Go see Loralei’s boutique when you are out and about in Sevierville.



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  1. Melinda June 17, 2016 / 2:19 pm

    I’m going today!


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