A Visit to Downtown Sevierville Farmers Market, Labor Day Weekend 2016


Since we were off work on Friday, it was a good time to meet Melinda and Elaine for a trip downtown Sevierville. The day started with coffee, a stroll around the downtown Sevierville Farmers Market for shopping , then back to Courthouse Donuts for lunch. The weather could not have been better. Here is some of what we saw…


First stop at the market found unique jewelry, some pieces using Indian nickels. There are some in the upper, right picture below.

Next, we found the Sevier County Humane Society in the gazebo. They brought four beautiful dogs ready for adoption. So sweet! You could visit the dogs, pet them, and take a walk with them to get to know them. The big, white one is named ‘Pee Wee.’

Members of the Sevierville Commons Arts Council at their table to promote the group as well as the upcoming Art Crawl at the Commons.


The event this year will feature local potters. I can’t wait! The Sevierville Commons Arts Council has a new website too. Here is a link to their new website.    http://www.seviervillecommonsartscouncil.org


They screen printed these shirts. Love them!


Heirloom tomatoes from Belmont Farms in Jones Cove.



Last month, a vendor who makes animal figures took a sketch of my dog, little Dolly, from a picture on my cell phone. It was ready for me today! It was only $5 and I was delighted with the figure!


Below is my dog figurine in a larger size so you can get a better view.


Some nice orange and white accessories. Go Vols!



Then, my friends and I made our way back to Courthouse Donuts for lunch. We love the big windows, art, and a view of street and courthouse activity. Plus, the food! We tried the cuban sandwich, chicken salad on pretzel bread, and the spinach salad. Divine! The half and half combo is my favorite way to order too. Doughnuts are good!

A new thing that I noticed was music during lunch in the back of the big room, Dyers Downtown. A talented duo called the Pea Pickin’ Hearts performed a variety of tunes. I have heard of them, but had yet to hear them live. What a nice way to spend the afternoon!

The duo travels around the Southeast, spending 80% of their time on the road. We’ll try to catch them again when they are in the area. Truly talented and created a wonderful atmosphere in the room. I think that I have found a new -favorite- local- group!

Here is a link to their Facebook page for more info, photos, and videos.


All in all, it was a great day at the Farmers Market. Maybe one of my favorites this summer. Find more pictures on the Out and About in Sevierville  Facebook page at this link


Have a great Labor Day weekend!

We are out and about



Downtown Sevierville Farmers Market Tomorrow



There are only a few weeks that I can go to the downtown Sevierville farmers market in the summer because of work obligations after mid-August so last Friday was a special occasion. I finally made it to the Friday farmers market!


Where do you park? I chose a parking area near Cedar Street.


With this handy bag, I was ready to shop.


The walk gave me an opportunity to observe the work on the Sevierville courthouse building. Then, I went into the thrift store to see if they still had those beautiful martini glasses. Alas, someone beat me to them.


The market was bustling by 11:00 a.m. There was a lot to see so I will just show a few things in this particular blog.

My first stop was a table by Courthouse Doughnuts. I stopped to watch as a lady was ordering home-made lemonade. It was delightful to see the steps and the final product.



It is made, and to be carried, in a Ball jar! They cost $3 for a pint jar and $5 for a quart jar. So charming—I love it!


The next table contained beautiful artisan soaps from Hartford, Tennessee. This was only her second Friday participating in our market. She was extremely nice and happy to talk about their work and products. The soap is organic,  made from either buttermilk or plant oils. The soap bars take a minimum of six weeks to ‘set.’


Cute bars of soap for kids!  (Or big kids too). In addition, Pat Brady said that they would soon be getting pink cotton candy soaps with gummy bears on top. Kids will love to lather up with gummy bears.


I was fascinated by the Geodes soap. Beautiful!


These Geode soaps would look so nice in the beautiful bathroom of my friend Janice. Janice’s bathroom sink has a beautiful dark counter with some sparkling pieces within it.

This artisan soap table was lovely so make sure you visit it at the market.


As I walked by the gazebo, I wished to hear music playing there. Although it was a little hot, music would be an exciting addition to the market some day. Singers! Musicians! It would be nice to hear in the background while we are shopping and a good way for musicians to get exposureIMG_4681


I found a booth selling poultry at one of the last tables around the corner of the market. These vendors come from Bulls Gap, Tennessee so they have a little drive early on Friday morning to get to Sevierville. They sell rare breeds of chickens. I asked her the names, but could not attempt to spell them myself. Instead,  I’ll let you see the pictures and maybe you will know the names. Comment below if you know them.


I asked how customers could transport the chickens home and they showed me that they were prepared for that too. Boxes will help get the birds to your house. (Millie, come and get some more chickens for the Big Ridge!)


Our condo association would probably not approve of a pet rooster so I only enjoyed looking at this booth, not buying anything.

Finally, it was time to get some tomatoes and vegetables to go. I usually end up here.


Henderson’s Produce hosts a stand at two farmer’s markets, plus their store on East Gate Road. They have a 10 acre farm to grow corn, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, watermelons and honeydew melons. They had just gotten fresh corn in that morning. Henderson’s store is  my favorite.


The downtown Sevierville farmer’s market will be open again tomorrow, Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The market is found at Bruce Street and the gazebo.


You will find over 30 vendors, both food and crafters. On your stroll, stop by other businesses there. I enjoyed a quick trip into the thrift store. I am meeting friends at Courthouse Doughnuts for a coffee first. Visit D. Garden, Moonshine Bakery, or grab a light lunch at Bistro 109.

Friday will be a fine day to go out and about in Sevierville.