Cherokee Country Club Executive Chef David Pinckney Returns to KaTom With the Best Menu Yet

Always a crowd pleaser, Cherokee Country Club Executive Chef David Pinckney brought it again to the KaTom cooking demonstration Monday evening. His relaxed manner and elegant recipes make for an effortless, gourmet evening. Here is what we experienced during the cooking lesson on Monday, June 26th.


The first reason that people sign up for this class is chef name recognition. The second thing may be where he works, Cherokee Country Club, because we imagine the food is so good there! The third reason is the menu planned for the evening—and it didn’t disappoint. (Oops…I forgot to get a picture of just the chef so I’ll use the one above.)

The Menu

Gala apple salad with English Claret cheddar, mixed baby greens, apple cider vinaigrette, toasted walnuts and Benton’s 2 year country ham

Boursin chicken with herbed panko bread crumbs

Yukon gold potatoes and mushroom stock sauce

Chocolate Ganache with pecan crust and salted caramel sauce


Executive Chef David Pinckney leads the kitchen at Cherokee Country Club after working 25 years at the Orangery. (He started there in high school.) With that kind of professional pedigree, you can bet that he is one of the best chefs in East Tenneessee. When he comes to KaTom, always make sure you reserve a spot!


This time, I made some new friends at my table. Pictured right is Faye Andrews. I have met her several times and enjoy her perspectives on cooking, restuarants, and travel. She is a delight at these events. New friends, Vickie (pictured left) and Dan Lynch are from Morristown—and, coincedentally, live almost across the street from my sister Suzanne. They also enjoy these events. This is the second time that I have seen them so it was fun to meet them and share their table. Vickie’s sister, Janet Benett, sat beside me. She drove from Greeneville for the event and was a very nice table companion.


Benton’s two year country ham is ready for the salads.


These attendees are from Knoxville, Dandridge, and from out of state. They had great seats!

Preparations for the chocolate ganache.


I was so happy to see my colleague, Nancy Hayes (pictured left), and her daughter, Charlotte Tatum.


We had a great view from our table as well. Sound and screen technology are excellent so you see and hear everything with no problem.


There was a moment of excitement when the brandy was ignited. It made quite the impression!


Mushroom stock sauce.




More colleagues from Catlettsburg, Sevierville, and Pigeon Forge Primary Schools. Pictured are Denise Barnes, Sami Moore, Sherry Moore, and Rebecca Smock. It was their first demonstration at KaTom and they enjoyed it thoroughly.


This is an effective way to make salad dressing. I am going to try to make the apple cider vinaigrette tomorrow with my Cuisinart.


Preparing salads for service.


The Gala apple salad with English Claret cheddar, mixed baby greens, apple cider vinaigrette, toasted walnuts and Benton’s 2 year country ham. The perfect summer salad.


Boursin chicken with herbed panko bread crumbs served on top of Yukon gold potatoes and mushroom stock sauce. Divine!


Preparing the chocolate ganache for service. These were, by far, the largest blackberries that I have ever seen. They came from North Carolina.


You can probably tell by looking at the picture how rich, satisfying, and decadent this dessert was in each bite. One could never have a better dessert than this chocolate ganache with pecan crust and salted caramel sauce. We could have stopped with two bites…but no one did. It was one of the best desserts that I have ever had at a KaTom cooking event. We applauded the chef.

I enjoy the presentations by David Pinckney for several reasons. First, no matter what preconceived notions you may have about him because of where he works, Pinckney is very friendly and approachable. He is happy to answer any questions and stopped several times so I could take a picture. The executive chef is very comfortable in the kitchen and doesn’t worry if everything is perfect. He works in a ‘flow’ and it is relaxed, laid back, and well timed. Finally, his selections for KaTom demonstrations are rather elegant, but anyone who has some cooking experience could attempt these recipes. It is a nice combination of things and we hope that he returns soon.

If you are interested in KaTom cooking events then look them up on their Facebook page and click under the ‘events’ category. Here is a link.

Or, just call them (865) 225-1559.

It is an enjoyable way to get out and about in Sevierville. Save me a seat at the table!





Cooking With Class: Cherokee Country Club Chef David Pinckney at KaTom

I noticed a cooking class offered at KaTom Chef Supplies in Kodak and knew that I had to go when I saw that David Pinckney, Executive Chef for Cherokee Country Club, was doing the presentation. Long interested in the KaTom company since it arrived here, I picked up the phone and made a reservation. I set my GPS to that address and found it easily past Bass Pro Shop. What a pleasure it was to experience not only the store, but the recipes from possibly the top chef in Knoxville.


The drive is easy and there is plenty of parking.


If you like Williams Sonoma then you will go crazy in KaTom!


David Pinckney, Executive Chef for Cherokee Country Club.


There were eleven of us sitting at tables with a  full view of the kitchen demonstration area from an overhead mirror reflecting each step of the recipe. Everyone received water and you could bring your own beverage to enjoy with dinner.


Everyone receives a copy of recipes for the three course meal. Write notes as needed. The atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable. At my table, I met a retired couple from South Knoxville. The lady worked at the University of Tennessee. She said that they had attended these classes many times. Also at my table were two ladies who lived in Kodak, in the Grandview subdivision. Everyone seemed to know cooking basics, but you don’t need to in order to enjoy these classes.

Dessert takes more work so we saw that recipe first.



Chocolate Pate (Pa- tay) is gluten free and moist, almost compact like a brownie. I am a choco-holic so this was most anticipated. It must have been one of the best chocolate desserts that I have ever tasted.


Voila! Perfection on a plate!


Lobster Salad with Truffle Pommery Vinaigrette.


Pistachio Crusted Salmon.



With purple ‘sticky rice.’  I had never tried Norwegian Steelhead Salmon. It was divine!



Chef Pinckney first apprenticed at the Orangery Restaurant in Knoxville and was part owner for years. Then, he went to the Sunspot, another lcoal favorite. Chef Pinckney has been at Cherokee Country Club for the past 10 years. I have long wanted to try his creations so this was a wonderful opportunity to do so.

KaTom has offered cooking demonstrations for about two years. This was Chef Pinckney’s fourth visit for presentations.

Before the meal is ready, attendees have a change to browse the store and shop. I bought a few birthday gifts for someone.

Here are some things that I also liked on the showroom floor.



If I win the lottery then I will buy this for the Sevierville Primary School teacher break-room. Then one for SCHS. Then for the other Sevier County Schools!


This must be incredible! However, I should have asked Chef Pinckney how to use it.


Every color of KitchenAid mixer that you could ever want!


Cake pops!

The biggest selection of Zoku popsicle/ice cream products that I have ever seen.



Make your own cotton candy!

The cooking classes start at 6:00 and end no later than 8:00 p.m. To be honest, they are half the price of classes in Knoxville. It is rather unbelieveable.

To keep informed, simply look for the listings in the Knoxville News Sentinel, or even better, ‘like’ KaTom on Facebook.

Click on the events there.

I am a follower of Barbara Tenney who is doing a demonstration on Wednesday, July 27th. Love her!

Jeff Ross, from Blackberry Farm, will demonstrate on August 9th.

In conclusion, this is an incredible opportunity in our own backyard to enjoy recipes and learn from leading chefs in East Tennessee. The store is fabulous and at least three times larger than Williams Sonoma. I thought that only chefs could shop there, but it is open to everyone. When I mentioned that to the store clerk, she replied “arrive a shopper, but leave as a chef.”

I believe that Chef Pinckney is a world class chef and we are lucky to have him in East Tennessee demonstrating what he knows. In fact, he was the perfect person to introduce me to the  cooking demonstrations at KaTom Chef Supplies store in Kodak. His menu was perfect and the results were exquisite. I even think that I could try to make them myself after watching his presentation.

If you like to cook, or eat, then KaTom cooking demonstrations are a great way to enjoy a late afternoon meal while you are out and about in Sevierville. 

See you at the table!