Put On Your Thai at Thai Basil: One of Our Favorites in Sevierville


This is probably the best Thai restaurant in East Tennessee. Maybe the whole state. If you haven’t visited yet, it is time to put on your Thai and go to Thai Basil in Sevierville.

I recently met friends for lunch as it seems to be our favorite gathering place for that. Here are some of our best recommendations. Enjoy!


This is something to be proud of.


(Overlook the glare.)  Others recommend Thai Basil as well.

First, here is a link to their lunch menu on the website. http://www.thaibasiltn.com/lunch.html

For lunch, you can order your choice of a starter, main dish, protein, and level of spiciness. Go with mild if you can’t stand much ‘heat.’


Start with the lemongrass or coconut soup. I came last winter when I wasn’t feeling well and it really helped a lot.


Spring roll bliss.


I always order Pad Woonsen with tofu. The noodles are bean thread noodles and very low carb. It is always an explosion of flavors.


My friend ordered pork with garlic black pepper.


I like the decor and usually sense a nice ‘zen’ feeling while dining here.


The pictures on the wall make you want to travel to Thailand soon.

The waitstaff are excellent. They will give you a warm greeting and seat you immediately, if a table is available. The staff are quick and efficient. The food always seems fresh and cooked perfectly. I recommend getting a mild degree of hotness. Medium is too much for me!


I could write more, but it is time for lunch! If you are a tourist visiting the area, Thai Basil is a local secret. Take a look if you like this kind of feel. Thai Basil is an exotic way to get out and about in Sevierville.



Mom’s Vintage Kitchen in Downtown Sevierville


(This restaurant has moved to a new location. Check their Facebook page for updates. )

A new restaurant opened downtown on April 1st and I finally made it there. You are going to love this new place for breakfast and lunch. Take a look now at Mom’s Vintage Kitchen.


The restaurant is located on Bruce Street next to 20/20 Optical.

There will be a special each day. I hear that the chicken and dumplings special is most popular.


The vintage decor is charming and will take you back to another time. There are many different places to sit, both tables and stools.


My favorite sitting area may be the stools.

Christie Champ started as a baker at the Bee’s Knees. Then, she began selling bread and pastries at the Sevierville farmers market last year. When the building space became open, Champ began remodeling in March and Mom’s Vintage Kitchen was open by April 1st.

IMG_4019An employee, Alexis, is pictured left. Christie Champ is pictured right.


A menu board filled with wonderful possibilities.


Mom’s Vintage Kitchen specializes in fresh, home-made ‘in-house,’ gluten free products. They also do not cook with oil. In fact, the restaurant is one of the gluten free stops for the Knoxville and Sevierville areas.


There is a milk-shake bar and ice cream shop there. We love Mayfield’s brand!

Catering is available and they make custom cakes. I took the two pictures below from her menu. I like the ‘doctor’ cake on the left.

As if it couldn’t get any better…they are soon going to add gourmet coffee, espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos!


My friends have already had lunch here and share great reviews. For example, one friend, Tad Wynn, ate there today and gave the food two ‘thumbs up.’ He reports, ” My ham and Swiss sandwich was exceptional – fresh, homemade bread and plenty of ham! They have daily specials, also. I can’t wait to try the beef stew and chicken and dumpling.” Another friend, Sheley Rose, was very impressed with the food this week and wants us to go meet for lunch there next week. She said that she tried several cookies and lemon is her favorite.


We have a new place to go downtown now so don’t hesitate to visit this restaurant for breakfast or dinner. It will be a gluten free option for many. See you out and about in Sevierville. 


Not your usual hamburger: BURGERFI


It was later in the evening and we needed to stop somewhere before the movie. After hearing Christie and Katie describing it at lunch, I knew that we had to go to BURGERFI for a quick bite. Just on the left past Tanger Mall, you can get to Governors Crossing Theater in just 5 minutes—even with traffic. It was the first visit for Lisa, Melinda, and I to the restaurant. Here is what we saw..img_8112

I knew that the prices would be more than a typical fast food place, but was glad to see the sign above and so I didn’t mind it so much.

If you like the drink machine at Fire House Subs then BURGERFI drink machines will suit your fancy. I have avoided soft drinks and diet drinks for a while, but had one here in the name of research. If you choose Diet Sprite then you will have at least 8 possible flavors to add to your drink. Caramba!


Order in the back, get a ‘buzzer,’ then pick up on the left.


I ordered a simple cheeseburger, but next time will try the CEO if someone will split it with me.  The ladies at lunch today insisted that this one is the best.  In my opinion, the prices are no higher than places in downtown Knoxville.


The cheeseburger with a brand on the bun!


There are several kinds of fries. These are the Parmesan kind. You have to share with someone! Trust me.

Wine and beer on tap.


The biggest ceiling fan in town.

Now, I will try to clear up one point of confusion for some of us. I thought that the ‘FI‘ in the restaurant name indicated Wi-Fi, but it does not. You won’t get a WI-Fi password here. The menu has a slogan like ‘ the burgerfication of the country, one burger at a time;” to wit, the term ‘FI.’

Frank Allen’s Market is voted the Best Burger in Sevier County and I’ll stand by that. However,  if you want one later in the evening, then this is a good one to try.

Go to the Out and About in Sevierville page on Facebook to see more pictures and the menu.

Click here for the link.