Sevierville Downtown Farmers Market, July 29, 2016

I got a late start yesterday for the Farmers Market, but still managed to notice some cool things.

Artist, Millie Derrick, shopping at the market.

Linda Hyder showing recipe information and samples of broccoli salad for the U.T. Extension Office. So good!

You can get a free gift too. Yesterday, it was a collapsible colander.

The ‘Make and Take’ activity of the Sevierville Commons Arts Council remains quite popular.

Screen print T-shirts!


Bring a favorite tank and do that too.

County Mayor Waters supports the Arts Council activities.

He created two shirts for his grand-daughters. I am impressed!

Well done!

A family traveling from Houston stopped by the Sevierville Farmers Market to browse and relax before traveling on to Pigeon Forge.

The children were delighted to make a pretty shirt or jewelry to take home.

I love the jewelry too!

It was a good day to be out and about in Sevierville….