A Visit to Wanderlust Salon and Spa

I have several spas that I like in this area. They are special in different ways. However,  when Jennifer messaged me yesterday about Wanderlust Salon and Spa then I knew that I had to visit soon. In fact, I was lucky enough to be there just a couple of of hours later. If you don’t know about this place then follow along for a quick overview until you can make your own appointment. This is another ‘don’t miss’ place that should be on your radar. Come with me to Wanderlust Salon and Spa.


According to this sign, it would meet almost any spa need. I already know the location because I use A+ Alterations next door. It is on the right on the way to Walmart, before the Pilot station.


I like this sign and am sure that there is a story behind it. I asked about how the salon got started and understand that it was opened by a lady who was working somewhere else but had a dream to open her own business. There is a lot more to the story, but I will wait to hear more next time. I had booked a 25 minute massage right before closing time so time was of the essence!

img_2652 2

I was excited to see that this is an Aveda Salon. My hair has been in the care of Aveda salons over the years and I like their products.

img_2653 2

I loved the sparkly floors and cute foot rests for the shampoo bowls. Cute!

img_2654 2

The vibe is unique and you will enjoy the visuals and decorations. Also, I heard Oasis playing in the background so that was a good start for my visit.

img_2655 2


The salon is quite spacious. The next picture will show what really caught me by surprise.


The spa part of the business is actually upstairs. You walk up a cool “Harry Potter” kind of stairway to the spa. It gives you the feeling that you are going to a special place!

img_2661 2

The hallway contains at least 12 different rooms. It is quite spacious and I love the ceiling lighting.


I liked the robes hanging in the dressing room. Just lock the door, change, put valuables in a locker, take the key and go across the hall into a relaxation room.


The lighting creates a nice ambiance in the hallway. Hot and cold beverages were available so come a little early or stay a little late to unwind.


My time in the relaxation room was brief so I will unwind a little longer there on my next visit to the spa.


I had a wonderful 25 minute massage and can’t wait to go back for at least an hour. I remembered the massage therapist from another spa in town and was delighted to see her. She was wonderful!


All too soon, my massage was done and it was time to go. I found a hair finishing product that I needed and added it to my total. Certainly, I was glad not to have to drive to Knoxvegas to get it. The ladies were very friendly and helpful making the visit easy and relaxing, making you want to return soon.

Here is link to the Wanderlust Salon and Spa website. https://wanderlustsalonspa.com/hours

Wanderlust Salon and Spa

1338 Parkway, Ste 5, Sevierville, TN 37862

(865) 366-3100





10:00 am – 5:00 pm


10:00 am – 5:00 pm


10:00 am – 5:00 pm


10:00 am – 5:00 pm


10:00 am – 5:00 pm




Or, check the Facebook page.


Both the website and Facebook page have a lot of photos. If you want a salon cut with a modern edge then this may be the place to go in Sevierville. I loved the color work in the photos as well.

I am always glad to get tips from friends in regard to new places to visit in Sevierville. In this case, I could tell by the way that Jennifer described the Wanderlust Salon and Spa that it would be special and the massage would be divine. As luck would have it, they fit me in before the day was over. It is a new place that I recommend when you are out and about in Severville. 

It is Time for a Reality Break! Try Reality Break Massage Therapy


It was only the third day of the new year and I was ready for a reality break! An ad for Reality Break Massage Therapy appeared on my social media a few weeks ago and I noticed the name of the owner/therapist. I immediately made plans to visit at the first opportunity. I had an appointment on Wednesday and couldn’t wait until the day arrived. Here is what you should know about Reality Break Massage Therapy.

First, you should know that the owner/therapist is Nikki Grooms. I met her years ago at Oak Haven Spa when she gave me my first therapeutic massage—and it was fabulous!  In fact, I never forgot it and always judged massages by the one that I received from Nikki Grooms. She gave me her business card and I never forgot her name. Over the years, I lost track of her, but found her again due to the social media ad and a Facebook ‘share’ from another client, local artist Bev Gwinn Jones.

Here is some information from her bio: Nikki Grooms has been a licensed massage therapist since 2005. Her resume includes working at Oak Haven Spa, the St. Somewhere Spa at Margaritaville, and Blackberry Farm. In addition, Nikki has worked for several chiropractors. Nikki opened Reality Break Massage in 2016 with a vision to offer quality spa services at quality prices. It is personalized therapy as well.


From downtown Sevierville, you may need 25 minutes to arrive at the spa as it is in the Seymour/Boyds Creek area. It is mainly a two lane road and you will inevitably get behind a slow moving car so leave early enough to arrive on time. You don’t want to miss a minute. It is a lovely drive through the countryside. The sight of rolling hills, cows, and rivers will start melting the stress away. The picture above is actually on the way back home.  I couldn’t resist the mountains.


The ad mentioned a Peppermint Bliss treatment so I knew that was the one for me! How cute the bed cover was with the little peppermint sticks.


Look at the numbers the mailboxes to find the house if it is your first visit. It is located in a beautiful neighborhood. I pulled into the driveway and Nikki met me outside. Then, she walked me to the spa entrance. Everything is decorated for the season and so cute. Once in the door, you are close to a restroom, shower, and the spa area.


Everything you could need is there.



The spa room has soft lighting and music to enable relaxation and therapy to begin.


The decor and lighting make it so cozy and comfortable.


There are a variety of oils which will enhance any session or treatment.


Ninety minutes later…Voila! I emerged a new person!

Her bio states that Nikki graduated in 2003 from King College with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a minor in Business and Economics. In addition, it says that “her passion for massage and helping others continues to grow as she works on expanding her small business.” This is certainly true and evident during your session.

To book an appointment with Nikki Grooms at Reality Break Massage Therapy, you can go to the website    https://realitybreakmassage.amtamembers.com

or click this link to see prices and book online     https://squareup.com/appointments/book/C3M98FJ2J5P60/reality-break-massage-therapy-sevierville-tn

Clients can also call or text (865)789-0086 . Texts may be returned quicker than phone calls.

I was so happy to connect with Nikki Grooms again and plan to have another massage soon. In fact, I hope it to become a monthly therapy. After all, people in my field need a break from reality as often as possible!  I’ll take mine at Reality Break Massage Therapy.



A Visit to the Spa at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort

IMG_0084 2

I was sorry that I missed a friend’s birthday party here last week. They reported that it was a nice experience. Fortunately, an appointment was open after work this afternoon so I was able to fit in a treatment. The spa was offering a special for locals who work in my field so I knew that it was the time to visit the spa. What a nice experience!

Welcome to Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort Spa.

IMG_0085 2

The front porch was inviting, but it was nearing time for my appointment so I couldn’t linger.

IMG_0086 2

The spa is located downstairs so stop at the top and enjoy the view. If you look toward the center of the photo then you can see the top of two extreme water slides in Splash Country.

IMG_0087 2

You don’t need an appointment to visit the spa so enjoy the beautiful ambiance!

IMG_0091 2

Having visited here before with my sister and her children, I know that this is the best spot in the building. The view is breathtaking. Take it in!

FullSizeRender 92

It is an extraordinary presentation of Dolly’s albums and music. Amazing!

FullSizeRender 91

The entrance of the spa is spacious and it radiates light.

IMG_0098 2

Once inside, the decor is comfortably posh.

IMG_0104 2

Everything is pretty.

IMG_0102 2

There is a door to the right that goes out to the patio. People can lounge there and enjoy a snack or beverage. I can imagine how nice that could be with friends on a warm day.

IMG_0105 2

The robes and slippers are hung with care. The lockers are almost invisible and blend in with everything in the room.

IMG_0106 2

The couples treatment room is ready.

IMG_0108 2

Even the floors are lovely.

IMG_0111 2

Bathrooms/changing rooms are immaculate.

IMG_0113 2

My room was so nice, warm, and cozy. Your mind will float away within minutes.

I tried an aromatherapy massage by Michelle and it was one of the best that I have ever had. She really does and good job and takes pride in her work. In addition, she makes sure that she is exerting the right pressure for you. The hand and scalp massage was superior to most that I have experienced in other places.  I was completely comfortable. Be sure and ask for Michelle!

A variety of products are for sale at the front desk.

IMG_0122 2

Checkout was quick and easy. Dee was warm, friendly, and helpful. In fact, I forgot my little gift bag on a table so she made an effort to call and text me before I left. I really appreciated that she went to that effort for me.

IMG_0123 2

You can’t help but admire the design as you leave the spa.

The resort is ready for fall. Festive notes of autumn are here and there.

IMG_0129 2

This new event looks fun!

IMG_0130 2

I see our lovely friend Peggy, pictured right, in this ad for the spa.

IMG_0133 2

This Thanksgiving meal must be amazing!

IMG_0135 2

As you walk through the front door, you will want to linger on this porch and to sit a while  in the rocking chairs. How nice it would be to sit and look at the mountains for a while.

My friends and I will return to the Dollywood DreamMore Resort some day. It is a spa fit for a queen…like our queen of country music here in Sevier County.

The Dollywood DreamMore Resort Spa is a new favorite for when you are out and about in Sevierville. 


Need a break? Consider the Spa at Oak Haven!


Some colleagues and I belong to the monthly membership club at the Spa at Oak Haven and we take advantage of it on a regular basis. It is great for de-stressing, relaxing, and creating a general feel of well being. I like the treatments so much that I have gone an extra time or two during a month to make it through some stressful times. If you need a break, consider coming to the Spa at Oak Haven. Here are my tips for you.

First, call them to make an appointment. Here is a direct link to their website.


I, personally, like all the membership treatments and try a different one each month. The body scrub, facial, and pedicure are favorites.

You will be warmly welcomed at the door. There is a nice variety of merchandise on hand. Browse and do try some samples.

I suggest that you arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time to maximize your visit. First, you will change into a robe and light shoes, storing your belongings in a locker. Turn your cell phone to silent and I recommend that you leave it in the locker, if possible. Put the locker key in your pocket.

Next, be sure to go into the ‘relaxation room’ to linger over a magazine or even to shut your eyes and rest. The background spa music is quiet and completely relaxing.

The relaxation room is lovely and I enjoy staring up at skylights and the mural of cascades.



I highly recommend the sauna. In the winter, or on a cool day, this is worthy of arriving 30 minutes before your appointment. There is a timer and a temperature gauge. Sometimes, I enter it and find it not very hot because the timer turned it off with the previous client. That makes it tolerable and you can sit in the sauna for a longer period of time.


Nice touches are everywhere!


There is a full bathroom that is a bit lavish. I sometimes go there straight from the gym and shower at the spa. The towels are thick and soft. There are wash cloths and bath mats as well. There is anything that you could need.

It appears to be a large, handicapped shower. There is a shower head on the wall and one pointing down from the ceiling if you really want to get drenched quickly. You can use either one. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are available and they smell so good!

Even the bathrooms are a bit lavish. There are usually lotions and scrubs available by the sink. So nice!

Your esthetician, or masseuse, will come to the relaxation room to get you when it is time for your treatment. They will ask you a few questions, let you sign a sheet of paper, then step out of the room. Hang your robe on the door hook then lay down on the bed. Cover up and close your eyes for wonderful, blissful 50 minutes or so. Disrobe to your level of comfort. The bed is warm and heated in winter months.


Now, this advice is crucial. Do not eat an hour or so before your appointment. If you are having a treatment that requires you to lie on your stomach, you could be a little less comfortable than normal. The same goes for chewing gum before the appointment. That is all that I can say about that… And do not drink a lot in the hour or so before your appointment as you don’t want to interrupt your treatment for a ‘trip down the hall.’ Finally, I try not to completely fall asleep during a treatment in order to not miss anything.

One final tip…we gave a spa gift certificate to a good friend who had suffered the death of a parent and the grief and hard work that follows such an event. She said that that it really helped her and was much appreciated. I don’t think that she had been to a spa before and it was a wonderful experience.


When the treatment is finished, you can go back into the relaxation room and enjoy a cool glass of water or hot tea. Enjoy the sauna then, if you like.


On your way out, browse the wonderfully fragrant lotions and cremes. Maybe pick up a gift for someone. Stop by the desk to check out. There are little envelopes in which to leave a gratuity/ tip for your esthetician.

Voila! You will feel like a new person!

One website recently voted the Spa at Oak Haven as one of the best in Tennessee. The only one that topped it was the spa at Blackberry Farm! Here is a link to that article.


The Spa at Oak Haven is one of my favorite ways to get out and about in Sevierville.  We are certainly  lucky to have it here in our community. In fact, I am counting the days to next month so I call make an appointment for my next spa visit.

See you in the relaxation room!