Derby Event this Friday to benefit the United Way of Sevier County.

I walked into Marilyn’s Derby party 3 years ago and realized that I was the only one there without a hat. Yikes! How embarrassing. Consequently, it became a goal of mine to find one. I couldn’t find one in stores nor on so I was delighted to find one at the Derby Hat Social a couple of weeks ago. I only wanted the hat, with no thought to going to the event this Friday; however, a lady at my table had attended last year and had great praise for it. Wonderful treats, beverages, and auctions. She said that the auctions for trips went for incredible prices, especially considering the destinations and airfare vouchers. She said that she had attended alone since her husband had to work and still had an amazing time!

So now I have a hat and I am planning to attend the Night at the Derby for the United Way of Sevierville this Friday night, beginning at 6:00. There will be several of us there at a table so if you were thinking about going then you should attend! In fact, come and sit with us!

I saw the pictures from last year and can tell that it looks quite fun. A soiree!  Water, tea, lemonade, spirits! The food from local restaurants looked divine!

Hats are optional, but you can find lovely ones at Sassafras store, near the Old Mill Pottery House Cafe in Pigeon Forge.


I think that the United Way of Sevier County is probably one of our most valuable organizations due to the many groups that they help annually. If you help any group this year, I would recommend the United Way of Sevier County. The Night at the Derby would be a fun way to help the United Way, plus mingle with your friends and fellow Sevier Countians.

The tickets to this event are tax deductible. You may buy tickets at the door. Pay with cash, check, or credit card, including the auction items. They will probably post more information on their Facebook page tomorrow.

I will be wearing the hat pictured above.  (Several ladies assured me looked OK.) Remember the Night at the Derby on Friday evening to benefit the United Way of Sevier County. Come by and say hello to our group there. This Friday, we will certainly be …out and about in Sevierville.

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