Finally, the new Walmart Marketplace

It took a while, but I finally made it out and about after work to the new Walmart Marketplace on Dolly Parton Parkway. Ordinarily, this would not be an interesting kind of blog post; however, this is a new business and I wanted to visit it—so why not mention it in a blog post?

Here are some good things. Especially from a Paleo perspective.

Teachers, be sure to scroll down to the last picture in this post to see a special item especially for us! Something we need to carry in our lunch box every day.

13169849_10204351045296033_1130894696_oThe parking lot always seems packed, but is actually not that big when you pull into it to park. This picture was taken from the far end of the lot so you can see that it is not that big after all. No big walk.

13184590_10204351045456037_222632906_oDrinks and water for 50 cents by the door.

Good price for avocados, but watch out for soft ones. Grainger County tomatoes! May be early for those on the vine, but it won’t be long!

Good prices for almond milk and Greek yogurt.

13120931_10204351046016051_804980005_oMandi told me about the good prices for hummus and it is true.

Coupons work here. Good coffee so will look for coupon for it.

Good prices for your fur baby.

I was impressed with the nutrition aisle. Big selection and lots of vitamins too.


No line!

Go in the front door, then take a left.

13128746_10204351045576040_2106085927_oVery large Fuji apples. Good price!

13120673_10204351047096078_1279917993_oVery few people were in the pharmacy at 4:15. There appears to be a drive-through window as well. I can see the advantage to using this Walmart pharmacy if you lived on this side of town. Traffic was minimal compared to the other store.

13120819_10204351047976100_1712166814_o-2Great price for this container of gum. Almost $4 at other places.

And finally…

the number one item for teachers in May. You could use this right now. I know.

This item is essential.

I looked for the biggest box in stock and here it is!

Stock up!


In summary, the new Walmart Marketplace is smaller due to being a store and pharmacy only. You can get in and out quickly. I will still visit the other stores, but this one has good things going for it. Furthermore, it will be a nice convenience for those living on this side of town. The traffic light makes it easy to get in and out too.

Getting out and about to shop…

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