Dolly parade from my couch

Sometimes you can get ‘out and about’ from the comfort of your sofa!

The last time that I went to a Dolly parade must have been over 20 years ago. It was the day of the terrible storm. We were standing on the street with an umbrella waiting for the parade to start as the clouds got darker and darker. I was actually getting very nervous. And then the thunder began. Laura Lindsey Long was holding the umbrella and made the call to move back to the car. “I think that we need to go now because the metal umbrella just shocked me.” Well, that was I needed to hear so we made haste to the car. Later, I heard that the bands and other parade units had to run for cover in the gift shops until the storm passed. Was anyone else there for that parade? Did anyone take cover in a store, hotel, or restaurant?

In the meantime, the traffic makes me less want to go to the parade. Where to park? Where best to stand?

On Friday afternoon, I came home late from work and was able to watch much of the parade on my couch as it was ‘live streamed’ by the Dollywood Lumberjack Adventure. From the comfort of home! And it was kind of fun.

You can go to Dolly’s Facebook page and see some video of the parade, including the beginning when she first boards the float for the Dollywood Lumberjack Adventure. Click the link to go for a look.

This is what I first saw when looking for the live streaming event.


The camera could swivel 360 degrees, mostly focussed on Dolly, but often moving around to capture surroundings. Here are some screen shots I got from my IPad if you missed the parade.


She is loved by young and old!

13199422_10204361032825715_1315875878_oWhen I tapped the screen, the sound came on and then I noticed something interesting—flying emoticons! They were everywhere. You will notice them on the bottom of some of the next screen shots. Hyper technology!

Great to see her old band from Sevier County High School band leading the way. Directed by Betty Anne Smelcer, they are outstanding!

Go band!

13148002_10204361033265726_533375535_o13161083_10204361034185749_739178262_oGreat band! 

Big crowds! 


Then I started noticing the comments under the live video. People were posting from all over the world. Australia, Great Britain, and all over the continental U.S.


The person above who works at the Nike Clearance Store should get a raise! Wonder if Dolly dropped by later?

13184723_10204361033505732_469159295_oShe had very good security.


Loved her Lumber ‘Jill’ outfit. It looked like it was designed by John Paul Gaultier! This screen shot of her is lovely!

Beautiful mountains in the background. A nice weather day.

13148048_10204361034265751_2137808680_oIf you want to keep up with Dolly, it looks like her Facebook page is the place to go as evidenced by all the international comments and well wishes.  I am just now catching on to that.

I have never watched a parade via live streaming video, but it was rather  fun.

And a way to get out and about from the comfort of your own sofa…

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