Derby Day!

After having such a good time at the Sevierville Derby party benefitting the United Way, it looked like a good idea to attend a similar party on the day of the Kentucky Derby in downtown Knoxvegas. The party last Saturday was at the historic Southern  Railway Station in Knoxville hosted by Knoxville Rotary Club. My date was a local Rotarian who knew several people in that district, but neither of us had ever attended an event at that locale. It turned out to be a very nice event. Here is what happened.

We arrived a little after the 3:00 start time and walked in on a red carpet. However, the Sevierville event was a little nicer in that a photographer took pictures of arrivals on the red carpet. The photographer for this event took pictures inside the door, with attendees standing in front of a nice backdrop. This may be an oversight that they can take more advantage of next year. From the moment you enter the Sevierville event, you feel like it is rather grand because the red carpet greeting by a photographer sets the tone.



The historic railway station has several areas/levels. We enjoyed open windows and doors, taking advantage of the nice weather that day. A light breeze and sunshine fit the bill.


Attendees received two drink tickets and unlimited food. I had forgotten how wonderful Derby pie can be! There were many tables inside and several outside. There were no assigned seats so we sat by a table in the doorway in order to enjoy the inside and the outdoors.


The name of the band, Hillbilly Jedi, never ceases to amuse me. However, they play so many good songs that people really enjoy them. I have seen them play at Calhouns on the River. You can’t just sit in a chair when they play. Try and catch them somewhere sometime!

13150044_10204371218000338_1528785504_nThere was a silent auction with very nicely framed pictures of sports and music icons. Several nice Invicta watches and jewelry items were also up for bid. There was a contest for best bowtie and best ladies hat. Although I was not involved in that, several people commented on my hat which I bought at the Derby Ladies Social here in Sevierville. I proudly told them that I got it at the Sassafras store near the Pottery House Cafe in Pigeon Forge.

Here a jacket that you must see!


I overheard him tell someone that he had to go to Memphis to get this jacket. Later, I had a chance to ask him more about the jacket. This Rotary Vice President said that he had recently traveled to Memphis and went to a store where Elvis bought most of his jackets. And he bought this one there!

Here is the name of the store on the jacket label.

13115346_10204371228720606_2080915808_nIf I go back to Memphis some day then this store is a ‘must see’ on the list. Wonder if they make ladies’ suits too?

When it was time to watch the actual race, there was a super large screen TV to watch the ‘run for the roses.’ We got a little nervous when the cable cut out a few times, putting a ‘no signal’ message on the screen, but the cable had no problem during the race itself and everyone was quite excited to see Nyquist win. The room was full of spectators and everyone roared with excitement at the end of the race.

Earlier in the day, we got to take our picture with an absolutely beautiful horse. It must have been almost 18 hands tall. So graceful and handsome it was. A special picture with all the regalia too!


The Jockeys and Juleps II Derby Party by the Knoxville Rotary Club was a nice fundraiser and I was so glad to have attended it. I hope that they earned a lot of funds that day to boost their projects this year. In addition, the historic Southern Railway Station is a grand place to host an event so if you get an opportunity to go there then you will really enjoy it.

Add it on the list for getting out and about…

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