Pioneers, scoundrels, and angels at WWW.

The Saturday schedule of Wilderness Wildlife Week offered several things  that I wanted to see. First, Don Williams is finishing a manuscript on his topic of the White Caps and Blue Bills,  two groups in this area around the 1890s. He will probably publish a book about the topic in the near future. So much history and research. Fascinating!

13262407_10204434177974298_488549500_oLater, I listened to a presentation by Mark Davidson on “Faith, Family, and Freedom on the Frontier: The Scots-Irish in the Southern Appalachians. He talked about their movement from Pennsylvania, through Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee in the late 1700s.

13271437_10204434178094301_1427181945_oBut what I really wanted to hear was what is regarded as the best gospel choir in Sevier County. Boyds Creek Church of God Choir sang gospel music of the Smokies “in the way that the church’s early African American members sang it,” stated the program. Led by Nichole Donohoo Stinnett, the choir moved everyone with their voices and testimonies. I think that my friend Sheley and I will be visiting their church one Sunday this summer to hear them sing more. Here are some highlights from their program. (Going to try to insert video too. Can be tricky—I’m still learning.)

13271945_10204434756308756_1041315714_oAnd our colleague, Chrissy Hopkins!

Trouble don’t last always.

No man can hinder me. Fare ye’ well, fare ye’ well.

Last song was “I’ll Fly Away.”  We were blessed to hear this talented group. Love them!

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