Art Is Happening Downtown!


Melinda and I enjoyed the inaugural Art Happening exhibition by the Sevierville Commons Arts Council this evening. We arrived about 8:00 p.m. at Courthouse Donuts not really knowing what to expect, yet ended up spending an nice hour chatting with local artists and enjoying the visual exhibition. Here is what we saw…


Exhibition featured artist, Andrea Wilson on the left. Laurel Kiewitt, Sevierville Commons Arts Council President on the  right.

Andrea Wilson specializes in watercolors, etchings, and botanicals. She has won several prestigious awards for her work.



A nice thing about this event was the ability to talk to the artist face to face,  see many examples of their work, then ask more questions. From that, I also found out that Andrea Wilson is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild. According to that website, “membership means that an artist has made an achievement in their craft.” (


Bill May, Executive Director of the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, stands with featured artist, Andrea Wilson.


Board members of Sevierville Commons Arts Council.

Vince Stormes (pictured left) does metal smithing and creates jewelry. Often using beautiful stones. Jewelry always piques my interest! Especially if it is amethyst.


Artists Ronda Thayer and Camille Barton Spires.

Ronda is owner of Twisted Stix Art Studio. She teaches various types of art. In addition, I was interested in the fact that she can bring a Wine and Paint class to one’s home. Check her studio Facebook page for more details. Camille has a studio and teaches students of all ages. She teaches traditional and digital art such as Photoshop, page layout, and illustrated drawing. Without doubt, I would like to learn more of that kind of art some day.

Of course, everything was lovely! This room is perfect for showcasing art.


I never fail to be amazed at the delights found at events hosted at Courthouse Donuts. It is clearly the center of gravity in downtown Sevierville. What a gem it is and we are lucky to have that business here. In addition, what an asset that the owner is interested in other businesses and fostering activity and downtown events after hours.


Exhibits of student art.



Laurel told me that members of the Sevierville Commons Arts Council are very interested in the revitalization of downtown, which in turn invigorates the arts. Bringing the arts downtown can be a key component in that equation for both groups.

For now, Courthouse Donuts will host a rotating exhibition for local artists. Walk by the windows and take a look. Future events may include hands -on ‘make it & take it’ events with local artists as well as musical performances.

Board members want to stay downtown and to eventually obtain a space of their own. A Creative Center facility. Their vision includes obtaining a building to create mini-studios, retail and performance space, as well as an outlet for artists to sell their art.


As Melinda and I were about to leave the event, we noticed that the man on the far right was Malcolm Link, a local music legend. We both taught his son Jared at S.C.H.S. The opportunity was not wasted in telling Malcolm a few stories about his son, a natural comic—and a very nice student. If you knew Jared at S.C.H.S. then here is what he is doing now… Jared works in Los Angeles behind the camera on various T.V. shows  including Fear Factor, Wipe Out, and Guy’s Grocery Games on the Food Network. He is currently in Fuji for several weeks shooting the pilot for a new reality show. We don’t think that it is Survivor though.   What fun to catch up on that memorable student!

In conclusion,  there are several ways that we can help the Sevierville Commons Art Council. Offer to donate funds or equipment. Volunteer or offer your services to the group. Attend fundraisers. Follow them on Facebook at

What a great time Melinda and I had at the Art Happening this evening at Courthouse Donuts. I am so glad that we went!

I believe that Sevierville is near a ‘tipping point’ as far as revitalization and development downtown. Groups and events like this make me excited for the future. It will certainly give us more opportunities to get out and about in Sevierville…

2 thoughts on “Art Is Happening Downtown!

  1. Melinda June 4, 2016 / 2:37 pm

    We were just there an hour, but I had the nicest time and am excited about the possibilities of promoting the arts in a grand way in Sevierville. We have talented fine arts teachers in our schools who will also be excited, and many of them have other connections to professional groups. The possibilities are endless.


  2. Andrea E Wilson June 6, 2016 / 1:16 am

    Thanks so much, Deborah & Melinda. We loved having you there! Andrea


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