Citizens National Bank: Serving the Community


Imagine that you are working outside in the hot sun for four or five hours. Imagine that you are in non-stop motion and speaking loudly for that entire time. You start feeling the heat, fatigue, a little hoarseness. Then, imagine that someone grills you a sizzling burger right there on site. You can choose a grilled hamburger or hot dog, chips, and a drink. Next, you get to take a break and have an impromptu picnic with co-workers and students.

That visual becomes real every year for us due to the efforts of Citizens National Bank. We have Fun Days (field days) in May at Sevierville Primary. On the first day of the games, Citizens National Bank sends a team to grill lunch for all our students, teachers, staff, and administrators. Over 800 people. I absolutely look forward to this lunch every year!


(Pictured: Grilling team for Citizens National Bank of Sevierville.)

Jodi Ramsey, Marketing Director, told me that Sevierville Primary was the first school adopted by Citizens National Bank almost 20 years ago. Since then, the bank has adopted 13 more schools in Sevier County. That is 13 days of grilling in May!

Jodi was excited as she told me how the lunch is a way that the bank can offer an ‘end of the year reward’ for the kids. In addition, she explained that it is a way to demonstrate appreciation to the teachers, staff, and school administrators. What a great service to our school.


Pictured : Grilling team for Citizens National Bank Sevierville.

The grilling team arrives two hours before lunch to make preparations. Next, they cook (in the case of our school) about 400 hot dogs and 480 hamburgers. After everyone receives a lunch then the team works another hour to take everything down, about three hours for the entire event.

Jodi Ramsey described Sevierville Primary School as an ideal setup for the grillers due to the close parking lot, grass, and outdoor classroom with multiple tables to set up everything. Plus, they enjoy seeing children having fun nearby, with the mountains in the background. I agree—it is a perfect setting.

The month of May is over and team may be finished grilling for a while, but I know that about 800 children at my school will always remember the smiling, gracious people from Citizens National Bank who came to see them and cook great burgers and hot dogs. In fact, all the teachers and principals always remember the service with gratitude.

I look forward to this lunch every year! Thanks to Jodi Ramsey and her team from Citizens National Bank! You guys make our Fun Days a special event. Thank you for your service to the community!




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  1. Melinda June 10, 2016 / 5:59 pm

    I look forward to that single hamburger every spring!

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