Basketball in summer? Yes! Time for the Pilot Rocky Top League!

The games started with a long moment of silence for Pat Head Summitt. We knew that the end of her fight with Alzheimers disease was imminent.  It was the longest, most contemplative group- moment- of -silence that I have ever experienced. A truly somber crowd.

Then, the basketballs began flying at the Pilot Rocky Top League.img_4749


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From what I understand, the Pilot Rocky Top League invites college players to participate in teams for two weeks in June as a way to keep them working out and practicing skills. It is free to the public! There is air conditioning. Popcorn too!



My basketball ‘friend’ and I decided to go last night because we liked the match-up between teams Rice Buick GMC and DeRoyal Industries. I like to watch my favorite Vol player, Detrick Mostella, plus Shembari Phillips. I passed Mostella as he walked in the door but was too shy to get a picture with him. The trick to that is to go up to them between the games when the young kids approach them. I think that would be a good time for taking pictures. Will try that next year.



The Rice Buick GMC team (in white shirts) also had 4 players from Carson Newman. I heard that they were freshmen so it was interesting to watch them play.You can see two of them here.  Love the CN teams!



A few players that we wanted to see  were not at the game, including incoming Vol, Lamonte Turner, and veteran Bobby Maze. Hopefully, they can play  tomorrow.


Lady Vols often come to the games too.



Mostella questioning a call in this picture. There is usually not a lot of defense, but lots of attempts to dunk. We got to see some dunks (and attempts) by Robert Hubbs in the previous game too. Fun!

There are always Sevier County basketball fans to be found at the Rocky Top League games, both on the court and in the stands. For the past two years, we enjoyed watching SCHS alumni Devin Schmidt play in the league. He is one of the most talented players that I have ever seen play the game.


You may recognize these Sevier County friends! These young players recently attended a U.T. basketball clinic so they got to meet players and get to know them a little bit then. I saw the boys go up to the Vol players for autographs between games. They had a ball! (No pun intended.)

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The announcer for the games is rather crazy and animated, for lack of a better word. You will get used to it though. Kids like it and get to participate when the shot is ‘good.’ I liked to listen to his response when a player missed a shot. The announcer ‘ribs them’ a little when they do—which you don’t get to hear during actual games. They also endure crazy nicknames from the announcer like ‘hip hop John Stockton’ and the ‘evil sombrero.’ (I warned you it was crazy.)

Championship games will be tomorrow, Wednesday, June 29th at Catholic High School. Consolation game for teams #3 and #4 at 6:00.

Championship game at 7:30.

If you like basketball then it is a great way to get out and about! 

Website for Pilot Rocky Top League.

Play ball!


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