Get the scoop tomorrow! Apple Valley Creamery celebrates 25 years

The best deal in town tomorrow (Saturday, June 25th) will be found at the Apple Valley Creamery. To celebrate 25 years, the Creamery will sell ice cream scoops for a dollar! Families, take heed!

I have not been to the Creamery in a while so I decided to drop by this morning after shopping the 50% off sale at Banana Republic, Tanger Mall. (The sale is good!)

Turn right at Walgreens on the Parkway then you will find it on Apple Valley Road. Upon entering the parking lot, I saw the nearby hot air balloon ride. Fun! Maybe that will be a blog for another day. Message me if you would like to go some time because I am nervous about heights.

Samples are always a great idea!

It was nice to walk by the apple trees growing along the way to the Creamery. The green apples are growing well.


I follow, and contribute, to TripAdvisor so this certificate is always a good sign!


The view within the front door reminds you of ice cream parlor memories from childhood. The bakery smells are so nice!


I would advise going early or later tomorrow to get $1 scoops!

Gifts that you can take and make at home.


I was wondering if this was an original ice cream churn for the Creamery.

Buy a machine and make your own!


So many decisions!

So many flavors! Here were my favorites.

Alas, it was a bit early in the morning for me to eat ice cream so I didn’t sample anything. However, the Creamery will be a great place to come with my nieces and nephews some summer day when we are out and about in Sevierville. 

Here is the website for the Apple Barn Creamery.

One thought on “Get the scoop tomorrow! Apple Valley Creamery celebrates 25 years

  1. Melinda June 25, 2016 / 1:29 am

    Their pumpkin pie ice cream is a real treat in the fall!

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