Rotary Club ‘Packs the Park’ to ‘End Polio Now’

I like to go to at least one baseball game at Smokies Park during the summer so the game yesterday to support Rotary Club International to ‘End Polio Now ‘seemed like a good choice.


I know that the Sevierville Sunrise Rotary Club is very active. They have pictures in the Mountain Press every week with speakers, projects, and scholarships. It seems to be the most active chapter in the county.

Below, we see Sevierville Sunrise Rotary member, Dr. William H. Pippin, of Pippin Dental Care, getting tickets to support the cause.



If you are searching for a club that works for both the local and world community then check out a Rotary Club in your area.


Look who is a member of the Farragut Rotary Club. It was good to see Alex Barnwell at the game. He is a financial advisor with Horace Mann. I recommend his services!


An afternoon storm made for cooler weather by the first pitch.


Perfect weather!


There is a saying…”no matter where you are in the world, you can always find someone wearing a sombrero.”


Smokies Stadium announces the goal of Rotary International.


The message is clear: end polio now.

Well done!


My favorite time during any ball game…


…is when the lights come up in the night sky.


See you at the ballpark when we are out and about in Sevierville. 

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