July 15, 2016: Sevierville Downtown Farmers Market

What a difference a day makes! This was downtown between storms yesterday.


This was the courthouse today at 10:30.


It was only 79 degrees, mostly cloudy, and so comfortable. The best weather of any of my visits so far.

Everything is so pretty right now. Come and see!

I met my friend Janice at Courthouse Doughnuts. We saw Sofia Connerly there too. I ordered a coffee and my friend had lunch, a Maui Waui (sp?) sandwich on pretzel bread. It looked fabulous!


Next, we strolled to the Downtown Sevierville Farmers Market. We saw Anne Marie on her way home. While walking by 20/20 Optical, Janice pointed out an interesting way to plant now. I saw it was in a pot in front of the business. Do you see the peppers amid the blooms?


The Sevierville Commons Arts Council had several tables set up by the history museum. You could ‘make and take’ art home!



Sophia Conerly, Member of the Sevierville Commons Association, and my friend, Janice Sorrell. Supporting the Sevierville Commons Arts Council!



I had never noticed this area beside of the Sevier County history museum, but it is very nice! Plenty of room for several tents and shady— a plus in summer months.

You could screen print your own T-shirt.  Loved this!

We tried a demonstration for taking sheep’s wool and hand spinning it into yarn. I now have a greater appreciation for how this works. Many thanks to the artists and volunteers who manned this area by the history center. Can’t wait to come back—and I will come earlier next time. Bring kids, because it is fun!

On to the market…


We talked with the guy selling local honey. It is made in Gatlinburg. The beekeeper apparently has over 1500 bee hives!

You can get a sample too. There is a recipe to reduce cholesterol on the left side of the label. The comb itself is so interesting to view. Have you ever tried to chew it like gum?


Next, we stopped at a table with handmade clay figurines. They are quite good!


Noah’s Ark.


The Nativity figures.


I showed her a picture of my chihuahua. She may try to make a figure of that. If you have a beloved pet, I’ll bet that she would make a figure of the pet. So reasonable!



And the mother even does alterations!

A healthy new recipe to try from the U.T. Extension office. Good!

Several of these volunteers are Master Gardeners as well.

If you buy a hot dog or lemonade they you can contribute!

Gift ideas for manly man! I know a couple of people who may get this for Christmas…


Janice and I lingered over the flower seller’s table as my friend has great luck growing plants. Her yard looks like Southern Living outdoors. This vendor’s flower farm is only 2 miles from downtown.

Prices were so good. Sunflowers a dollar each. Can’t wait to go there next time.


Here is the name of their business and a link.


They do arrangements for events, weddings, etc.


Their book has many examples of work they have done.


So nice to run into my friend, Danyelle Bledsoe!

That’s what happens when you get out and about in Sevierville on a Friday afternoon.  


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