Senator Doug Overbey Rallies Voters at Sevierville Golf Club Today

Senator Doug Overbey visited the Sevierville Golf Club today for a rally from 5:00-7:00 to encourage voters to support his re-election. People were able to talk to Senator Overbey, meet his family, mingle with other supporters, listen to great music, and eat ice cream under the roof of the outdoor meeting area at the golf course. I arrived at 6:00 and was able to do all of that just in time.


Pictured left, Sen. Overbey’s campaign manager, Erika Ivey, with Dr. Melinda Hallem. Melinda and I chatted for a few minutes and then we went to talk with the candidate. Melinda says that “the purpose of the rally is to encourage people to get out and vote. As a young adult in Sevier County, our state officials make a large impact on our lives. I am excited to re-elect Doug Overbey.” I agree!

Next, I met Joe Karl from the Seymour Herald.


Joe Karl and his family supporting Doug Overbey today.

When asked about Overbey, Karl replied that he knows several politicians, but he cannot think of anyone who he could vote for again—except for Doug Overbey. Karl says that Senator Overbey is accessible. You can talk to him when you need to reach him. Clearly, this is a strength that Overbey brings to our county.

Next, I introduced myself to Senator Overbey’s wife and met his family.


Daughter, Kathleen Overbey Thomas, said “It has been rewarding to meet people, particularly at these rallies. We enjoy getting feedback from people about what they think about issues. We see everything that our father does behind the scenes, all the work that he does, and we appreciate meeting supporters. We also enjoy seeing the smiles.”


I was excited to meet Senator Overbey again, having met him in May at Harriet’s retirement celebration. He was very accessible then and allowed me to take a picture with Mayor Atchley as they were standing together.

After I introduced myself as a local blogger, I had to think fast on my feet when Senator Overbey told me to ask him a question. After a few seconds, I asked him this: When you are re-elected, what is something that you would like to do that you haven’t had a chance to try or to finish yet?

Overbey responded: “We need to keep our ‘eye on the ball.’ So many things are happening in our state, but it is important not to get distracted. We need to keep making Tennessee a great place to live, a great place for children, for education, and for creating jobs.”

Definitely, I think that all teachers in Tennessee agree and thank him for his work for public education. Harriet Berrier, retired principal from Sevierville Primary School, approves of the job that Senator Overbey has done for public schools during his time in the Senate. Harriet says, “Doug Overbey has the best interests of his constituents always on his mind. I admire Senator Overbey because even though his stance may not be the most popular —he does what he feels is best.” Certainly, Overbey has her full support as a voter.

As a teacher myself, I have appreciated his work to improve public education. In addition, I have watched Senator Overbey in meetings for the Senate Education Committee, broadcast live on TV from Nashville. Everyone needs to do that some time to see public servants in action. I watched Senator Overbey conduct the meeting gracefully, efficiently, and professionally. It was well done and I was very pleased.

Meet Doug


Rally entertainment was provided by Sevier County’s most popular group, Jimbo Whaley and Greenbriar.


I was excited to see this group play music today. Afterwards, I was able to talk to Jimbo, a SCHS 1988 alumni who was a former student of mine. He was quarterback of the football team and a lively student in my Spanish class. Now, he has a son going to U.T. this year! Has it been that long? So good to see him today!


I was expecting Mayfields Ice Cream, but as I talked to the vendor, it turned out to be a brand that I was unfamiliar with: Chadwicks Churn from Friendsville, Tennessee. It was very good!


The vendor said that several friends got together to start the business. Unfortunately, one of them has become seriously ill, but the other two co-owners carry on with the business. There were several good flavors there and attendess enjoyed them.



Love the name! It is gourmet. Worth the drive, I think! IMG_5228

It was a nice day for a rally at the Sevierville Golf Club. Storms were in the distance, but moved on toward the lake. Temperatures were nice so I moved out to the course with my pitching wedge and putter to get a little practice in after the rally. After all, this needs a bit of work.


In conclusion, I was excited to give well wishes and support to Senator Overbey, who has been such a friend to Sevier and Blount Counties, not to mention teachers and students in Tennessee. I have friends who are Democrats and Republicans. I, myself, am Independent. We all like Senator Overbey, his work, and his goals for our state. He crosses all party lines—and that is special, especially this year. I support him in this re-election and will celebrate when he wins.

Best wishes to Senator Doug Overbey in the coming weeks!  Many, many Sevier Countians are pulling for him!

On August 4th, get out and vote!

See you out and about in Sevierville…

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  1. Melinda July 17, 2016 / 3:41 am

    You ROCK!


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