Dog Show Tomorrow!

My favorite event at the Sevier County Fair is tomorrow—the Sevier County Humane Society dog show!

I attended last year and was completely delighted. If you or family members love dogs then you need to see this event! It is free and you can park pretty close to the gate because the fair doesn’t open until 3:00. 

I park close. I make a donation at the door. Mingle with pet owners and see cute dogs. Sit on the bleachers and watch the show!

The Fair website says 1:00, but the Humane Society website says 12:30 so get there early. You can park near the gate and enter the Cattle Barn free because the Fair does not open for a couple of hours. 


The dogs are so cute and I was inspired to teach my older dog some new tricks. Get out and about in Sevierville tomorrow and see this fun event for the whole family. 

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