Sevier County Humane Society Dog Show gets two paws up!

We saw some great  dogs on Saturday at the Sevier County Humane Society dog show! First of all, here is a link to their website and Facebook page.

I parked close to the tent because the fair would not open for two more hours. There is always a jar in which to make a donation so I did that as I walked in.

The judges, pictured here, were ready to begin the show. Contestants were getting warmed up. Friends and family took their places on bleachers.

 Prizes were waiting to be awarded.
Ava ,the Rottweiler ,didn’t seem to mind her tutu.

Gaia, the Great Dane, was very well behaved and walked well on a leash. She won second place in the large dog contest.

I think this was Doxie, 19 years old! What a sweetheart!

Maggie Pie is a well behaved Yorkie mix.

Kia is an adorable Pomeranian. It would would end up winning an award.
 Bruiser, the Yorkie.

Kameko is a 16 year old Jack Russell terrier. So sweet.

Only one dog was signed up for the Best Trick category. Gaia won best trick.

Start getting your dog tricks ready for next year!

Best dressed pup.

Lando is a 4 year old Bull Mastiff adopted from our shelter. He weighs about  150 pounds! The family always adopts from the shelter.

Calling out the winners. Plus, telling the crowd about opportunities to foster puppies and kittens . This is to give the babies a good chance to stay healthy as well as to socialize them for their new homes.

Bella is a 4 month female boxer. Look at that friendly face!

Bruiser wins a prize, tying with Fanny.

And the Small Dog category winner is…

Picking out her prize!


The Humane Society reminded us of the information on their website and animals that you can see at Petsense for adoption. Don’t forget to give your dog monthly heartworm medicine because even one mosquito bite can start that painful and deadly canine illness. The shelter can always use volunteers to walk dogs, play with cats, foster animals, or help with fund raising events.

Bring your dog to the Humane Society Dog Show next year. It is a fun way for you and your fur baby to get out and about in Sevierville  together.

See these pictures and more on the blog Facebook page for Out and About in Sevierville. Below is the link.

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