Quite the Treasure: Treasures From the Heart store benefits Sevier County.


My friend Elaine volunteers at the Treasures From the Heart store in downtown Sevierville, sponsored by SMARM (Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministries). Two weeks ago, she asked us to come visit the store after our get-together at the downtown Farmer’s Market, followed lunch at Courthouse Donuts. If it is a store then we must go!

Treasures From the Heart is close to downtown. It is located on 230 Court Avenue, just a couple of blocks walk from downtown Sevierville.  So off we went to investigate further on foot.

Find their website at this link:   http://smarm.org/thrift-store/

Facebook page :



There was a Ladies Night Out event last month to introduce people to this unique store. I was unable to attend; however, the pictures and comments on social media later showed that the event was a great success. I was curious. Now, I can see why it was so popular.

Whoever fashioned these store windows did a fabulous job! Very inviting. Makes me want to run in and look at all the dresses!

I walked into Treasures From the Heart and spent at least 30-45 minutes in there looking around. Here are some things that impressed me…

  1. 100% of the profits stay here in Sevier County and benefit our citizens. Elaine said that a large portion of the proceeds directly help children.
  2. The store is very clean and organized. Very pleasant.
  3. I felt like I was in a regular department store.
  4. Someone told me that the building is where Dolly Parton held her first performance. That is a huge reason to visit!
  5. I found quite a few things that I would consider treasures—some things that I have looked for in Knoxville thrift stores, but had never found. Not found until I looked at Treasures of the Heart store in Sevierville.
  6. The price is right. And you never know what you may find.

Here are some of my favorite things…

Special occasion glassware.


Sports fan logo clothing. Go Vols!

Unfortunately, I didn’t see any Gator or Crimson Tide things in there on the day of our visit.     : )


Bangles, bracelets and other jewelry. Nicely arranged!


Is this silver? Martha Stewart would buy the whole box and use it for her table settings at her Maine house, not worrying if it matched exactly. I may have to go back and get this…

These dresses were exquisite. I was impressed with this area.

This dress is a showstopper! It had matching shoes too.

This may be a secret…

..but I heard that ladies come here to shop for a dress when they are going on a cruise. They can wear it a time or two, no one knows them so the dress would not have been seen before, plus they do not have to spend a great deal of money to look great. I loved this dress! Yes, I think that I need to go back soon…



Golf irons and woods to hit the greens.

This jacket was nice! Name brand, better price.

Did I mention that Treasures of the Heart in downtown Sevierville applies 100% profits to our county?

A great selection of beautiful glassware! Almost every kind. I don’t have room in my cabinets, but I may try to make some space.


Two perfectly good ‘rollators.’ (That is what I call them. My mom had one and I still have it. Very helpful when you need one. For a foot injury, etc. )


A player piano anyone?

This is the only store that donates 100 % of proceeds to our citizens in Sevier County.

A tuxedo jacket!

Costumes. I love these.


A snowsuit.


Did Dolly once use these steps on her way to her performance in this building? I’ll bet she did. Walk in Dolly’s footsteps here.


There was only one of these ‘horn of plenty ‘ holiday silicon baking forms. November is just around the corner.


Belts cost a ridiculous amount of money, even at discount stores. Look what you can find at Treasures of the Heart in Sevierville.

This store donates 100% of the proceeds to Sevier County citizens. Did I mention that already?

I was impressed with this store. It was on par with the one that I love to frequent at Litchfield Beach. Even better. I plan on returning in a couple of weeks. Hope that glassware and the blue dress are still there…

There is so much more to find at Treasures of the  Heart store in Sevierville. Find these pictures and more at the Out and About in Sevierville Facebook page.


You are sure to find a treasure or two here when you are out and about in Sevierville…

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