A Wonderful Evening : United Way of Sevier County Presents a Taste of Autumn, 2016


It was a nice September evening for our first Taste of Autumn event, presented by the United Way of Sevier County. We made our way through the Sevierville back roads to avoid rod run traffic and to arrive at the Gatlinburg Convention Center / the WL Mills Conference Center in time for this unique event.


Friends gathered at table five with our generous host, Dr. William Pippin. I was honored to sit with VIPs at the Pippin Dental Care table. And what a fun group it was!

It was nice to get out and about with VIPs like Sheley and Joey Rose.


It was a treat to sit with local VIPs, Larry and Janice Sorrell.




Food booths were along three sides of the room. There was almost too much to choose from.

The Margaritaville gumbo was great and I would definitely order it at the restaurant.

The beef brisket sliders from the Park Vista Grill were one of my favorites.


Bubba Gump’s shrimp and grits helped them win most of the tokens that attendees used to vote for ‘favorite restaurant.’ They won the event for most popular food, the Golden Spoon Award. Who can argue with shrimp and grits?


This is a shrimp.


Some people don’t mind if you take their picture. Super nice booth for Fox and Parrot and Wine a Little Wine Bar. Need to revisit the Fox and Parrot Tavern on Glades road in Gatlinburg in the near future.


Others like to make a memorable photo too. Fun booth, this one!


This one was one of my favorite booths. Please come back next year!


An excellent Master of Ceremonies.


Amy Harper, Executive Director of the United Way of Sevier County.

So fun meeting Henry Cho before the show. Here is a picture of Henry Cho having his picture made with Dr. Pippin.


I had wanted to see Henry Cho last year when the tour brought him to Knoxville, his home town. When I heard that he was performing at the Taste of Autumn then I knew it was a ‘must see’ event. It did not disappoint! His humor is clean, yet it has a keen edge. He points out truths that we all see in life. He also deals with stereotypes in a gentle, playful, yet hilarious way. Married couples and parents will really appreciate his comical observations of life.


We had a great view and laughed for the duration of the show. My favorite jokes were too many to name.


He picked people out of the audience during parts of the show and we were nervous that he may turn his attention to us. All was well. We were spared any comedic jabs and enjoyed it all. He is one of the best comedians around today. If you ever get a chance, you must see Knoxville’s own Henry Cho!


As we walked out of the convention center, we enjoyed the nice evening sunset with nice temperatures.


And an iconic Gatlinburg night scene.

To be sure, the Taste of Autumn 2016, presented by the United Way of Sevier County, was a wonderful  event and should not be missed. It takes a bit of effort for me to leave from work to arrive by 5:00, but it was worth it. Even more, it helps the United Way of Sevier County, an agency helps more than 15 non-profits in our area.

The United Way goal this year is to raise more than $525,000. This event kicks off the fund raising year so let’s get behind them to meet this goal!

 Go ahead and pencil The Taste of Autumn into your calendar for next year. It is one of the best  September happenings in Sevier County.

Look for more pictures on the United Way Facebook page.


 I will post more pictures tonight on the Out and About in Sevierville  Facebook page.


One thought on “A Wonderful Evening : United Way of Sevier County Presents a Taste of Autumn, 2016

  1. Melinda September 19, 2016 / 12:35 am

    I see lots of familiar faces and lots of good food!


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