Art Crawl@ the Sevierville Commons 2016


It was perfect weather for the Art Crawl @ the Sevierville Commons last Thursday evening. I must say…it could not have been an easier, more relaxing, enjoyable event!


We were greeted by Arts Commons members, Stefanie Johnson and Anne Hewitt. They told us how things worked since it was our first visit to the Art Crawl. There were two rows of booths flanking the gazebo containing food and beverage samples. We decided to start with the shaded side.


Old friends and new.

Melinda Derrick, pictured on the left, Sophia Conerly pictured in the middle, and Sofia’s daughter pictured on the right.


Jill Greene and a fellow artist in attendance.


Amelia and Louis duo. (John on Saxophone). What wonderful jazz music to accompany the evening festivities.


My favorite restaurant, Bistro 109. The Waldorf salad was divine, as was the orange cranberry chicken salad sandwich.



The Old Mill was well represented in both food and art. Here are potters who create wonderful things for the Pigeon River Pottery store. They explained the creative processes to me. I have visited that store many times and always enjoy it!




The Schmutzers enjoying an exceptional evening in downtown Severville at the Art Crawl.


David Elrod and colleague were most helpful during the evening ,  exuberant hosts.


Courthouse Donuts never disappoints! Always love the presentation.


Chuck never looked so good as he did posing in this picture!


This year, the Art Crawl event featured pottery. Everything was so beautiful. I wanted it all!




Dr. William Pippin and Emily Kile supporting the Art Crawl.


WineShop at Home with Charlotte Tatum.


Food was expertly paired with beverages. There were few lines and the vendors were eager to show you their products in a festive environment.


My friend Sheley and I enjoy Healthy Balance and highly recommend it!

A brisket slider topped with the best bacon.

The Diner may have the best desserts in town. I took a slice of cheesecake ‘to go’ for lunch the next day. Unbelievable!


This local business recently won international awards for this product produced in Wears Valley. It was paired with Mae Mae’s Lunchbag.








The sun began to set and the temps became very comfortable.


A light breeze stirred as we heard soft jazz playing from the gazebo. You won’t find a better way to get out and about in Sevierville. 

Support the Sevierville Commons

and the Sevierville Commons Arts Council.


For these pictures and more, go to the Out and About in Sevierville Facebook page.



2 thoughts on “Art Crawl@ the Sevierville Commons 2016

  1. Melinda September 28, 2016 / 10:10 am

    How did I miss the cheesecake? What a fun evening.


  2. Janice Sorrell September 29, 2016 / 5:03 pm

    Sorry I didn’t make it. Looked likle a really fun evening and many of my best friends were there.

    Liked by 1 person

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