March 2019 Art Happening Featuring Audrie Prince


Warmer weather made it nice to get out and about on Thursday so I was excited to arrive downtown for the Art Happening. Featured artist was Audrie Prince.


The street was busy for 5:25 in the afternoon due to the Art Happening and a bustling dinner crowd at Graze Burgers.

IMG_3666 2

The weather was so nice that the doors remained open to enjoy a breeze.

IMG_3706 2

Audrie Prince also goes by the name Autumn Leaf in her work. She and her husband relocated here from Maine to enjoy the mountains and do what they love: art and aviation.


Her work is beautifully displayed on the wall of the Arts in Common Gallery downtown. Prince is a multimedia artist who draws, paints, uses textiles and metals in her work.


I, of course, chose the bear carving as a favorite.

Audrie has Penobscot roots; therefore, much of her art reflects nature and animals. The natural world. Prince is the only artist in the world who uses birch tree bark via paper cutting . She carves it using exacto knives and other implements.


My colleague, Lee Anne Litton, would love this pig painted on feathers. So sweet! I have never seen anyone paint on feathers so that is unique.


Fans and friends of the artist gathered around the collection.


These are friends who have also acted in local theater productions with the artist. From left to right: Isabella Otter, Rendi Johnson, Judy Caldwell, and Cindy Johnson. After talking with them, I realized that I need to see some local productions soon!


Audrie Prince also creates jewelry. These necklaces, modeled by her friends, were stunning!


Also attending the Art Happening downtown were Rita Eakin, Jenny Dennis, and Catherine Fain Talbot. If I am not mistaken, Jenny’s paintings are featured on the walls  in the background of this picture. She already has two works commissioned in Knoxville.


George and Jara Gillett enjoyed the Art Happening at the Arts in Common Gallery.


Music sets the mood and it was nice. Tony Negron played some Smoky Mountain Delta Blues for the event. Find him on Facebook at


Refreshments at each Art Happening are unique and delightful, especially after a long day at work. These were wonderful!

IMG_3696 2

My favorite treats were the home made Petit Fours. Amazing! My compliments to the chef.


IMG_3700Sevier Commons Arts Council board member, Crystal Lynn, and Audrie Prince take a moment to address attendees on the importance of the arts in our community.

IMG_3709 5

Audrie Prince also goes by the name ‘Autumn Leaf.’ Here is a beautiful necklace and some ways to contact her.

IMG_3688There are more things being offered at the Arts in Common Gallery downtown. The Make It and Take It Workshop above will take place this Saturday, March 23 from      10:00 a.m. -12 p.m. Find more on the organization Facebook page.

The Sevierville Commons Arts Council offers many opportunities to enjoy the arts in downtown Sevierville. Take advantage of these wonderful events. See you there!

A Visit to the Art Happening in Downtown Sevierville, February 2019

IMG_3386 3

The light from the Arts in Common Gallery was a beacon to all on a cool, rainy February evening. I parked across the street and hurried inside. Fighting off a cold or something going around, I still wanted to pop in to meet featured artist, Joan Swanson, and to see some of her work. It was a nice event and I was glad that I could make it.


Street parking was still available, but you had to walk a little due to the Art Happening and the newly opened restaurant, Graze Burgers. It is always good to see busy streets in downtown Sevierville!


My car was parked just steps away from the Arts in Common Gallery.



I quickly ran into Andrea Wilson, board member of the Sevierville Commons Art Council, and featured artist, Joan Swanson. I like this area reserved for featured artist work because it invites you to look and linger a while. Natural light from the windows, wood flooring, and neutral wall color makes a perfect stage for local art. Swanson’s landscapes were well presented and I enjoyed taking my time to peruse them. Beach and mountain scenes are my favorites.


Joan Swanson specializes in landscapes and pet portraits. You can find her pet portraits on the website .

IMG_3351 2

Look at these amazing pet portraits! They are extraordinary!

IMG_3350 3

I could not tell the difference between oil and pastel paintings. Joan told me that pastels go behind glass in a frame and oils do not. A simple fact, but something cool that I learned last Thursday at the Art Happening. Ask artist questions for you will learn a lot.


I always enjoy going into the Arts in Common gallery to see the displays. There is always something new to see.

IMG_3369 3

Music was provided by Tony Negron, an instrumental, finger style guitarist. It was delightful.


There are always refreshments so come to the Art Happening right after work.


Everything is beautifully displayed.

IMG_3370 3

You are sure to find a gift at the Arts in Common Gallery. Shop while you visit.

IMG_3368 2

Arts Council board member, Laurel Kiewitt talks with Cheri Auman during the Art Happening.


Local artist, Jenny Dennis, was enjoying the event. Look carefully at the four paintings on the wall because she created those pieces. You will be seeing more of her work in the future!


Arts Council board member, Andrea Wilson, took a moment to address the crowd, encourage involvement with the group, and to detail upcoming spring events.

IMG_3381 3

I met Art Happening attendees Cheri Auman and David Freeman. Freeman has been a featured artist before and will soon be again.

IMG_3375 2

I always admire the beautiful, distressed brick walls in the gallery. The inset bookshelf is a lovely way to display art for the public. You can also purchase things if something catches your fancy.

Alas, an hour soon passed and I was ready to head home from a long day. Find the Sevierville Commons Arts Council on Facebook at this link.

See you at the next Art Happening on March 14th. The featured artist will be Audrie Prince. It is one of the best ways to be out and about in Sevierville. 

IMG_3380 2


An Art Happening Featuring David Freeman: June 22, 2017


It was a ‘full house’ by the time that I arrived to the Sevierville Commons Art Council Art Happening on Thursday evening. It was the largest crowd yet and quite an event. Here is what I saw at the Art Happening downtown.


David Freeman is a freelance artist and commissioned in portraiture. This talent is quite evident in the portrait of Lee Murray, pictured above. Freeman estimated that it took over 120 hours to finish this portrait. I admit that portraits are my favorite. I have spent time in the Prado Museum looking at works by Goya, Velazquez, and El Greco so I was fascinated by this local example.


I stood close it the portrait and marveled at the rings on the hand that sparkled and the skin tone looked so real. You can see the ring shining from where you are now online reading this post. Amazing!

Freeman told me that it is difficult painting hands because of the angles and softness. The skin tone in the painting was translucent, with an almost 3D effect. I held my hand against the painting and it had almost the same tones. The artist also enjoys painting nature, water, and horses in particular. Here is a link to his website.


This was one of Freeman’s first paintings. It was done for a little boy. This painting is on masonite with a leather background,on a wooden frame. It is exquisite.


Charlie Johnson and his daughter, Stefani Johnson, enjoying the Art Happening.


Works by Freeman displayed on the walls of Courthouse Donuts/Dyers Downtown.


Deborah Sams and Sophia Conerly supporting the Sevierville Commons Art Council event.


Marchella Yanguzazova, Daria Jamison, and Camille Spires attending the Art Happening.


Melinda Derrick and a long-time friend, artist Mary Phillips.


An interesting lesson—Freeman took his drawing of Elvis and demonstrated how to enlarge it using a grid. You can use this technique to enlarge any drawing.

Here is the process, and the final result. It was very interesting!


Freeman’s daughter, Julie Mullins, and featured artist for July, David Freeman.


Do you remember this actor? Great drawing!


Mary Ruden, and friend, talking with Sevier Commons Arts Council President and Events Chair, Laurel Kiewitt.


Featured singer for the July 2017 Art Happening was Lynn Rose.


I was able to capture a picture of five artists featured in past Art Happenings by the Sevierville Commons Arts Council (from left to right): Andrea Wilson, Crystal Lynn Sharp, David Freeman, Jill Greene, and Mary Ruden. What a wealth of talent we have in our county.



I loved the table centerpieces featuring paint brushes and flowers. So appropriate!


The refreshments were perfect for a July evening and gracefully served.

Courthouse Donuts outdid themselves for catering the event. The Caprese bites in the first picture above were most popular. The dip in the middle picture had a nice jalapeño heat—but not too much. The chicken salad on cucumber slices were wonderful. I am going to try to make these some time for my friends.


It was a busy evening downtown for the Thursday Art Happening. I took a last look through with window on my way out. Nice reflection of the courthouse through the window. Elvis, in the background, approves!

See you out and about in Sevierville…



First Downtown Sevierville Farmers Market of the Season: May 26, 2017

You could tell that Sevierville is ready for summer and the downtown farmer’s market. A warm day brought shoppers and strollers out to Bruce Street. These pictures show a little of what was going on yesterday. Ready for summer!

The hours allow you to also fit in a lunch downtown at Bistro 109 or Courthouse Donuts.

The Sevierville Commons Arts Council members were conducting ‘make and takes’ for young and old alike. There will be 3 more dates for ‘make and takes’ so bring your family. It is free! The following screenshot shows the dates.

Music from the gazebo enriched the shopping experience. The duo, The Reunited, are from Gatlinburg and play around the Southeast.

Here is clip from their music at the market yesterday.

Musicians, Kate Phillips and Steve Laciak, take a quick break to talk to local artist, Chuck Ottolini.

Use these links to learn more about the music of The Reunited.

Check out this info for a summer art camp by the artist shown above.

I love these beautiful art magnets.

Check this booth out if you like bread and pastries!

I got several Christmas gifts from this artist last summer and they were a hit!  She can take a picture of your pet and create a small sculpture.

I love this repurposed chair.

Grainier County tomatoes are arriving!

I could only drop by for a minute yesterday. See more pictures on the Facebook page for this blog, as well as Instagram.
It was a beautiful day to be out and about in Sevierville! 

Final Downtown Sevierville Farmers Market of the Year, October 2016

With the first fall break ever, it was a free day to visit the last downtown Sevierville farmers market of the year. Sunny and 70 degrees made a nice day to end the market run for this year. First, I met Elaine, Janice, and Anita at Courthouse Donuts for coffee and a ‘catch up chat.’ Then we headed out to the market. Here is what we saw.


Misty Benson transferred natural dye directly from plant to fabric. See the small, hammer- like tool used to lightly pound a fern leaf onto 100% cotton? Then use vinegar to ‘set’ the image so it won’t wash out.


Guess what this design is from? A kudzu plant leaf.


Also available were metalworking/blacksmithing gifts.


Next artist, Andrea Wilson was pulling print etchings for this artist.


Fun for kids at the downtown Sevierville Farmers Market!


Artist, Kelly Sullivan, demonstrates pottery techniques.

Here are some of our farmers market vendors this year.


Marvin Henderson, from Sevierville.

Jackie Diaz lives in Sevierville now.


Mike lives in Sevier County.


Patsy lives in Sevierville. If you want to order some animal figurines as a holiday gift or something then her email is . I am emailing her some pictures for gifts.

My friends and I headed back to Courthouse Donuts for lunch. Get a window seat so you can watch the comings and goings downtown. One friend said that the chef salad was excellent.


Another friend ordered the chicken salad sandwich.  It is fabulous!


Afterward, we walked a block to Treasures From the Heart to shop.

We looked at dresses first. Lots of nice ones there now. This one caught our eye.


The ‘show stopper’ dress is still here!


Of course, I checked out all the glassware again.


It was a nice walk to the car after a day with friends out and about in Sevierville. 


See you downtown at the Holiday Market on December 1st and 2nd. Stay tuned for more details forthcoming!



Art Crawl@ the Sevierville Commons 2016


It was perfect weather for the Art Crawl @ the Sevierville Commons last Thursday evening. I must say…it could not have been an easier, more relaxing, enjoyable event!


We were greeted by Arts Commons members, Stefanie Johnson and Anne Hewitt. They told us how things worked since it was our first visit to the Art Crawl. There were two rows of booths flanking the gazebo containing food and beverage samples. We decided to start with the shaded side.


Old friends and new.

Melinda Derrick, pictured on the left, Sophia Conerly pictured in the middle, and Sofia’s daughter pictured on the right.


Jill Greene and a fellow artist in attendance.


Amelia and Louis duo. (John on Saxophone). What wonderful jazz music to accompany the evening festivities.


My favorite restaurant, Bistro 109. The Waldorf salad was divine, as was the orange cranberry chicken salad sandwich.



The Old Mill was well represented in both food and art. Here are potters who create wonderful things for the Pigeon River Pottery store. They explained the creative processes to me. I have visited that store many times and always enjoy it!




The Schmutzers enjoying an exceptional evening in downtown Severville at the Art Crawl.


David Elrod and colleague were most helpful during the evening ,  exuberant hosts.


Courthouse Donuts never disappoints! Always love the presentation.


Chuck never looked so good as he did posing in this picture!


This year, the Art Crawl event featured pottery. Everything was so beautiful. I wanted it all!




Dr. William Pippin and Emily Kile supporting the Art Crawl.


WineShop at Home with Charlotte Tatum.


Food was expertly paired with beverages. There were few lines and the vendors were eager to show you their products in a festive environment.


My friend Sheley and I enjoy Healthy Balance and highly recommend it!

A brisket slider topped with the best bacon.

The Diner may have the best desserts in town. I took a slice of cheesecake ‘to go’ for lunch the next day. Unbelievable!


This local business recently won international awards for this product produced in Wears Valley. It was paired with Mae Mae’s Lunchbag.








The sun began to set and the temps became very comfortable.


A light breeze stirred as we heard soft jazz playing from the gazebo. You won’t find a better way to get out and about in Sevierville. 

Support the Sevierville Commons

and the Sevierville Commons Arts Council.


For these pictures and more, go to the Out and About in Sevierville Facebook page.



July 15, 2016: Sevierville Downtown Farmers Market

What a difference a day makes! This was downtown between storms yesterday.


This was the courthouse today at 10:30.


It was only 79 degrees, mostly cloudy, and so comfortable. The best weather of any of my visits so far.

Everything is so pretty right now. Come and see!

I met my friend Janice at Courthouse Doughnuts. We saw Sofia Connerly there too. I ordered a coffee and my friend had lunch, a Maui Waui (sp?) sandwich on pretzel bread. It looked fabulous!


Next, we strolled to the Downtown Sevierville Farmers Market. We saw Anne Marie on her way home. While walking by 20/20 Optical, Janice pointed out an interesting way to plant now. I saw it was in a pot in front of the business. Do you see the peppers amid the blooms?


The Sevierville Commons Arts Council had several tables set up by the history museum. You could ‘make and take’ art home!



Sophia Conerly, Member of the Sevierville Commons Association, and my friend, Janice Sorrell. Supporting the Sevierville Commons Arts Council!



I had never noticed this area beside of the Sevier County history museum, but it is very nice! Plenty of room for several tents and shady— a plus in summer months.

You could screen print your own T-shirt.  Loved this!

We tried a demonstration for taking sheep’s wool and hand spinning it into yarn. I now have a greater appreciation for how this works. Many thanks to the artists and volunteers who manned this area by the history center. Can’t wait to come back—and I will come earlier next time. Bring kids, because it is fun!

On to the market…


We talked with the guy selling local honey. It is made in Gatlinburg. The beekeeper apparently has over 1500 bee hives!

You can get a sample too. There is a recipe to reduce cholesterol on the left side of the label. The comb itself is so interesting to view. Have you ever tried to chew it like gum?


Next, we stopped at a table with handmade clay figurines. They are quite good!


Noah’s Ark.


The Nativity figures.


I showed her a picture of my chihuahua. She may try to make a figure of that. If you have a beloved pet, I’ll bet that she would make a figure of the pet. So reasonable!



And the mother even does alterations!

A healthy new recipe to try from the U.T. Extension office. Good!

Several of these volunteers are Master Gardeners as well.

If you buy a hot dog or lemonade they you can contribute!

Gift ideas for manly man! I know a couple of people who may get this for Christmas…


Janice and I lingered over the flower seller’s table as my friend has great luck growing plants. Her yard looks like Southern Living outdoors. This vendor’s flower farm is only 2 miles from downtown.

Prices were so good. Sunflowers a dollar each. Can’t wait to go there next time.


Here is the name of their business and a link.

They do arrangements for events, weddings, etc.


Their book has many examples of work they have done.


So nice to run into my friend, Danyelle Bledsoe!

That’s what happens when you get out and about in Sevierville on a Friday afternoon.