An Art Happening Featuring David Freeman: June 22, 2017


It was a ‘full house’ by the time that I arrived to the Sevierville Commons Art Council Art Happening on Thursday evening. It was the largest crowd yet and quite an event. Here is what I saw at the Art Happening downtown.


David Freeman is a freelance artist and commissioned in portraiture. This talent is quite evident in the portrait of Lee Murray, pictured above. Freeman estimated that it took over 120 hours to finish this portrait. I admit that portraits are my favorite. I have spent time in the Prado Museum looking at works by Goya, Velazquez, and El Greco so I was fascinated by this local example.


I stood close it the portrait and marveled at the rings on the hand that sparkled and the skin tone looked so real. You can see the ring shining from where you are now online reading this post. Amazing!

Freeman told me that it is difficult painting hands because of the angles and softness. The skin tone in the painting was translucent, with an almost 3D effect. I held my hand against the painting and it had almost the same tones. The artist also enjoys painting nature, water, and horses in particular. Here is a link to his website.


This was one of Freeman’s first paintings. It was done for a little boy. This painting is on masonite with a leather background,on a wooden frame. It is exquisite.


Charlie Johnson and his daughter, Stefani Johnson, enjoying the Art Happening.


Works by Freeman displayed on the walls of Courthouse Donuts/Dyers Downtown.


Deborah Sams and Sophia Conerly supporting the Sevierville Commons Art Council event.


Marchella Yanguzazova, Daria Jamison, and Camille Spires attending the Art Happening.


Melinda Derrick and a long-time friend, artist Mary Phillips.


An interesting lesson—Freeman took his drawing of Elvis and demonstrated how to enlarge it using a grid. You can use this technique to enlarge any drawing.

Here is the process, and the final result. It was very interesting!


Freeman’s daughter, Julie Mullins, and featured artist for July, David Freeman.


Do you remember this actor? Great drawing!


Mary Ruden, and friend, talking with Sevier Commons Arts Council President and Events Chair, Laurel Kiewitt.


Featured singer for the July 2017 Art Happening was Lynn Rose.


I was able to capture a picture of five artists featured in past Art Happenings by the Sevierville Commons Arts Council (from left to right): Andrea Wilson, Crystal Lynn Sharp, David Freeman, Jill Greene, and Mary Ruden. What a wealth of talent we have in our county.



I loved the table centerpieces featuring paint brushes and flowers. So appropriate!


The refreshments were perfect for a July evening and gracefully served.

Courthouse Donuts outdid themselves for catering the event. The Caprese bites in the first picture above were most popular. The dip in the middle picture had a nice jalapeño heat—but not too much. The chicken salad on cucumber slices were wonderful. I am going to try to make these some time for my friends.


It was a busy evening downtown for the Thursday Art Happening. I took a last look through with window on my way out. Nice reflection of the courthouse through the window. Elvis, in the background, approves!

See you out and about in Sevierville…



Art Happening Downtown Sevierville, October 19, 2016

It was a nice evening downtown Sevierville at the third Art Happening, presented by the Sevierville Commons Arts Council. There were quite a few new faces at this event at Dyers Downtown. Music, art, snacks, presentation of the featured artist, and talks by Y-12 Credit Union and a representative from the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center completed the fast paced evening.


Featured artist for October is Nelson Ziegler, a painter and artist who created the wood pieces featured at the top of this story. They were stunning! Ziegler is also an award winning watercolor and oil painter. He graduated from the Art Institute of Boston and Northwestern Academy of Watercolor. Below are some examples of his paintings.



Arts Council member, and recent Art Happening featured artist, Jill Greene, left. Nelson Ziegler, featured artist for October 2016, on the right. I must take photography classes from Jill some day!


Music performance by Stephen Goff and Tryphena Layman. See more of them at Harpoon Harry’s in Pigeon Forge. Look for Stephen Goff and the Royals. His contact info is .  Below is a moment from their set.


Sevier Commons Arts Council President, Laurel Kiewitt, pictured left. Andrea Willson, also an Arts Council board member, pictured right.


Christina Crofoot, an artist and Outreach Co-ordinator for SCAC (Sevier Commons Arts Council).  Arts Council President, Laurel Kiewitt, addresses the group.


My friends, Sheley and Joey Rose of Sevierville, enjoying the evening.


Local artist and art-preneur, Chuck Ottolini, pictured left. Christina Crofoot, center. Jim McGill, Executive Director of the Sevierville Commons Association and Membership Co-ordinator of the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce.


We really enjoyed this duo and hope to hear more of them soon!


Keener Shanton, and his sister, Stephanie Shanton, supporting the Sevierville Commons Arts Council. These SCHS alumni have been keeping busy! Keener is Head Distiller at Old Forge Distillery in Pigeon Forge. Stephanie is a high school Biology teacher at Signal Mountain High School.


Chuck and Keener talking art.

Joy O’Shell, Outreach Director of the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center, talks with artists in a brief presentation. The Sevierville Commons Arts Council just received a grant from the center to provide opportunities for local artists. This is great news!


Brandon Cole and his mother, Crystal Lynn Sharp. She is Volunteer Co-ordinator for the Sevierville Commons Arts Council.


Rusty Curtis and Natalia Spratlen, representatives from Y-12 Federal Credit Union, gave information especially helpful to art-preneurs.


Refreshments from Courthouse Donuts! Sheley loved the chicken salad and will come back for lunch some day soon.




As I was leaving, I noticed attendees outside looking at the window art and conversing with the artist who created them, Crystal Sharp.

People were standing outside enjoying nice temperatures and fresh air while enjoying conversation and paintings. This is what a great downtown can be. It is happening now. Our downtown is ‘on its way’ and the Sevierville Commons is driving this revitalization. As the picture below shows, the Sevierville Commons Arts Council is also helping to lead the way.


The Sevierville Commons Arts Council will be planning the next Art Happening soon. Drop by if you get a chance. You don’t to be an artist, rather just enjoy art. An Art Happening is one of the best ways to get out and about in Sevierville.