Farmers Market + Celebrity Canine Visit+ New Art Opening + Visit to United Way Office= A Lively Day Downtown: Friday, June 17, 2017

IMG_3688You may remember my previous story about a visit last Friday from Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund and his brother Oakley. I was just walking to the famers market and there they were! Mayor Waters came out to welcome them to the city. I texted Anita that I would be a few minutes late.

IMG_3726 (1)

The dogs and their owners spent the week in Sevier County and then did a book signing in Knoxville on Saturday. Such cute pups and well behaved!


Next, I met Anita at Courthouse Donuts for coffee, but there was there was not much time to chat. By 11:30, time was passing quickly for the market closes at 1:00. We were off to the market.


First stop, the ‘make-it-and take-it’ booth, sponsored by the Sevierville Commons Arts Council.


I tried my hand at screen printing a t-shirt. I chose hot pink animal paws on a white T-shirt. There was also a jewelry making table and more. It was free and very busy. IMG_3753

People created a design on their shirt then let it dry while they shopped. This was the last “make-it-and-take-it” opportunity for the year. Council members obtained grants to provide the sessions this summer. If you are a business and would like to help them provide more sessions this summer, just contact the Sevierville Commons Art Council. Here is a link to their website and contact info:


These kids loved the ‘make-it-and-take-it’ booths at the farmers market. Look at the necklaces that they made! I admired them and wished that I had time to make one too. Their mother and I do HIIT classes together at NFC.


We saw our friend, Gina Davis. She had bought a basil plant because some kind of wildlife has been eating the basil at her home.

IMG_3756My favorite things at the farmers market!


A downtown worker taking a break and walking through the market.


I like this vendor from Grainger County. Always friendly.


Sophia Conerly, member of the Sevierville Commons Association talking with Jim McGill, Membership Co-Ordinator for the Chamber of Commerce.

IMG_3795I saw a lot of Methodists downtown last Friday!


More shoppers enjoying the market.

No music in the gazebo last week. Only the sound of a chain saw working it’s magic.


I missed the chain saw artist at work, but hope to catch him again in the future. These bears are adorable!

There is a new creative space on Bruce Street and it is good! Stay tuned to my next blog story for more about Charlotte’s Creative Space, by local artist, Charlotte Wear.


Jim McGill, Chamber of Commerce Membership Co-Ordinator, is happy to see busy vendors and shoppers downtown.


The plants downtown have never been more beautiful!


A new restaurant is going into the Fox Building and it is going to be exciting. There will be a back patio, as seen in the drawing posted in this window. This is one of the best restaurants in Market Square in Knoxville, but there is a usually a long wait for a table. It is coming to our town soon. Stay tuned for more info!


I noticed a new corporate office downtown.


On the way to another store, Melinda and I ran into Amy Harper, Executive Director of the United Way of Sevier County. Amy asked if we wanted to come up to see their office. And what a nice space it is!

IMG_3829 I loved her view of the courthouse. She often sees people/tourists/visitors taking pictures at the Dolly Parton statue and has the perfect view from her window. Wonderful natural light coming in through the windows.


Amy Harper and Emily Whaley in the United Way office. Emily just chaired the Night at the Derby fundraiser last April. Make sure you go next year!


In the meantime, get ready for Drums on Dam, part 2 !


I barely had time to do everything on my agenda so next week I will plan on arriving much earlier to the downtown Sevierville farmers market. It was a busy Friday while we were out and about in Sevierville. See you there!

First Downtown Sevierville Farmers Market of the Season: May 26, 2017

You could tell that Sevierville is ready for summer and the downtown farmer’s market. A warm day brought shoppers and strollers out to Bruce Street. These pictures show a little of what was going on yesterday. Ready for summer!

The hours allow you to also fit in a lunch downtown at Bistro 109 or Courthouse Donuts.

The Sevierville Commons Arts Council members were conducting ‘make and takes’ for young and old alike. There will be 3 more dates for ‘make and takes’ so bring your family. It is free! The following screenshot shows the dates.

Music from the gazebo enriched the shopping experience. The duo, The Reunited, are from Gatlinburg and play around the Southeast.

Here is clip from their music at the market yesterday.

Musicians, Kate Phillips and Steve Laciak, take a quick break to talk to local artist, Chuck Ottolini.

Use these links to learn more about the music of The Reunited.

Check out this info for a summer art camp by the artist shown above.

I love these beautiful art magnets.

Check this booth out if you like bread and pastries!

I got several Christmas gifts from this artist last summer and they were a hit!  She can take a picture of your pet and create a small sculpture.

I love this repurposed chair.

Grainier County tomatoes are arriving!

I could only drop by for a minute yesterday. See more pictures on the Facebook page for this blog, as well as Instagram.
It was a beautiful day to be out and about in Sevierville! 

Sevierville Downtown Farmers Market, July 1st

I decided to park in a new location for my second visit to the Downtown Farmers Market so the lot across the street from Sevier County Bank was a good choice. It was on Main Street and only a short walk to meet my friends, Anita and Melinda, at Courthouse Doughnuts. This is the best place to meet because good coffee is waiting for you there.

The courthouse area was festive and ready for the July 4th holiday.


We decided to first meet for coffee at Courthouse Doughnuts, chat, then continue to the downtown farmers market after a caffeine fix.


Anita said that the iced coffee was wonderful—almost like a dessert. My regular coffee was very good. In addition, I liked the set up to serve yourself. So convenient and inviting. No doughnuts for us today. We have to get ready for the beach!



 Cute sign! I need to learn some gossip to earn some coffee.


Courthouse Doughnuts is truly the ‘hub’ of downtown, especially during the daytime hours.  This business offers window and wall space for local artists. In addition, it allows groups to meet in the adjoining room.

My friends and I sat over our coffees and chatted, catching up on summer news and plans. Soon, we saw Sofia Connerly , who joined us at our table. We met her in April at the United Way Ladies’ Derby Hat Social and had a splendid time. She told us about some exciting plans for downtown in the coming months. Stay tuned!


Soon, we ventured out to the market. I was glad to see the truck from the Humane Society nearby. They had some adoptable pets in the gazebo area. I went to say hello and met a sweet, friendly pup. You can make a donation in their box on the table as well. They are doing a good work for the community.


There were some fabulous door decorations to browse. Orange and white, please!


Anita and Linda catching up!


It was nice to see the Lees.


 Linda Hyder is a Family Consumer Science Extension agent from U.T. If you see her at the farmers market then you must stop by and see what recipe she has to sample. Today, it was a refreshing cantaloupe salad with mint and a ‘secret ingredient.’ (You will have to ask her about that when you see her.)

Linda gave us a sample in a small cup along with a copy of the recipe. I will try to make this salad soon. It reminds me of my friend Elaine’s watermelon salad. Delicious!


Here is a link to her webpage.


We ran into another S.C.H.S. colleague!  Mr. Hanlon was enjoying the good weather and low humidity today.

So glad to run into friends today.


It is pretty downtown nowadays.

Try to pay a visit to the Downtown Farmers Market on Fridays when you are out and about in Sevierville…