Donuts to Dancing: Fundraiser for the United Way of Sevier County

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I was running late for a noon appointment in Knoxville, but had just enough time to run into Courthouse Donuts and check up on two contestants in their fundraiser for the United Way of Sevier County in advance of the Dancing With the Stars competition next month.

img_2868 4

The competition, as I understand it, has two parts. Fund raising and dancing. This a lot for someone to take on so I wanted to stop by and help these two hard working members of the community who have a long history supporting the United Way of Sevier County.


Parking is so easy on Saturday mornings. I parked in front of the new yoga studio and walked around the corner to Courthouse Donuts for the fundraiser. Courthouse Donuts is the heart of downtown Sevierville, in my opinion, so that was a good place to be this morning.


When I arrived around 11:00 a.m., the competitors were a whirlwind of energy. Pictured left to right: Marcie Shrandt with dance contestants Mike Comer, and Jaclyn Kile.


I knew that $5 from each order of a dozen doughnuts went to the fundraiser so I looked at the menu to make a decision. An assortment was the easy option. I just looked at the last line on the menu and will order that next time!


Jennifer Dyer was busy preparing the treats for all customers. She is a strong supporter of multiple organizations in Sevier County.


Amy Barnett showing her support for the Comer/Kile team at the fundraiser.


As I picked up my order, many people were starting to line up for their donuts too.


Team Kile/Comer supporters from left to right: Amy Barnett, Amy Harper, Jodie Everhart, and Marcie Schrandt.


It was time for me to run so I took one last look at the activity behind the counter. I asked the team if they have danced before. Mike Comer replied, “hell, no!” Asked if he would do it again? The same answer! For those reasons alone, I think that it would be great fun to attend the main event next month!

img_2769 7

Jaclyn Kile and Mike Comer have been practicing for their performance 2-3 times a week in addition to fund raising for the United Way. I can’t think of anyone better to win the mirror ball for dancing or the fundraising award for the United Way of Sevier County.

I am rooting for them! img_2761.jpg

United Way Presents 2nd Annual Downtown Sevierville Progressive Dinner 2018


I attended the first Progressive Dinner presented by the United Way of Sevier County last year so I knew that it was going to be a nice evening. I met Sophia and Janice in front of Courthouse Donuts at 5:30 and we were on our way. It was a laid back, relaxing evening and a rare chance to visit Bruce Street in the evening. Follow along and enjoy with us…


We met at the gazebo on Bruce Street to begin the evening with fellow supporters of the United Way.


Healthy appetizers were plentiful and tasty.


Festive decorations revealed one of my favorite things to found at these events— delightful little chocolate covered moonshine candies. Only Sophia and Janice could tell you how excited I became to see these treats. They are delightful!


It was good to see friends supporting the United Way from both sides of the table. It was a pleasure to talk to Terry here. The table could not have been prettier and the hosts could not have been friendlier. I highly recommend the Old Forge Old Fashion.


Old Forge consistently offers high quality service and cocktails at Sevier County events. However, they had more to offer later. Well done!


We love Greek food so these appetizers were quite nice. Great choice!


At 6:00, we were called to order and thanked for supporting the United Way of Sevier County. Next, it was explained how to split into two groups for the next dinner courses.


My group crossed the street to have a salad course at the Arts in Common Gallery.


We really enjoyed the fresh Strawberry Spinach Salad from Healthy Balance restaurant. Also, we enjoyed the visual treats beheld in the gallery. So many beautiful things. You must visit soon!


Our next course was served a few doors down at the Sevierville Heritage Museum. The food was so good that I tried to replicate it today in my crock pot.


It was fun to wander around see things in the Heritage Museum. You could easily stay for a couple of hours on your first visit.


Sevierville Alderman and Sevierville Commons Board member, Jim McGill, and Sophia Conerly, also a Sevierville Commons board member, enjoying the displays.


This exhibit was interesting. I danced on the Cas Walker Show when I was 6 years old. Twice. I hope no one reads that sentence.


Look at the prices on this old flyer in the Heritage Museum.


Who remembers these Green Stamp books?


I love nightfall on Bruce Street with the tent illuminated for dinner!


Dinner was very good and made me start thinking of the holidays coming next month.


Janice Sorrell and Sophia Conerly enjoyed the tent in the cool weather before dinner.


Harriet Berrier and Fran enjoy the Progressive Dinner. After a long career as an educator and principal, Harriet is running for the office of school board. Don’t forget to vote!

IMG_9033 2

Wine service during dinner.

IMG_9036 2

There were many young people who contributed to this event, as well as in attendance. Pictured left to right: Sierra Williams, Austin Williams, Katie Williams, Emma and Thomas Newman.


I took a picture of Sophia taking a picture after dinner. We shared a table with Jim McGill, his wife, and more.


Elise Massey helps with the S’mores table by Courthouse Donuts. We got to make our own and they were a nice finish to dinner.


This event was really enjoyable due to the efforts of many people, particularly those pictured above. Pictured left to right: Katie Williams, Amy Harper, Sierra Williams, and Elise Massey.

IMG_9019 2

A cigar bar was available for those who wanted to indulge, or just stock up for the golf course.


Dinner success was guaranteed with United Way Board member Elise Massey and her husband on the scene. I saw them working hard and appreciated their efforts!


My favorite thing about the dinner may be the outdoor fireplace–and it photographs beautifully. See what I mean? Sierra and Katie take the chill off at the fireside.


By 9:00, it was time to go home and get ready for the next day. This event was so nice because it was laid back, relaxing, and fun—all at the same time. The start time of 5:30 allowed people to transition from work to the event while enjoying both sunlight and sunset on Bruce Street. The restaurants are always good and have served as a dynamic force in downtown for years so I am always glad to see their fare at events. Bravo to Bistro 109, Healthy Balance, and Courthouse Donuts.

Thanks also go to event sponsors.



My friends and I have enjoyed the United Way Progressive Dinner for two consecutive years and look forward to attending again. I believe that they have everything down for efficiency and maximum enjoyment—plus, you know that you are helping at least 17 groups in our community that are served by the United Way. See a list of them at this link:

This Progressive Dinner was excellent! It is one of my favorite ways to be out and about in Sevierville.

Fun at the Ladies Derby Hat Social 2018


The Ladies Derby Hat Social in April ushers in spring events for me. It is a prelude to the Night at the Derby event on April 20th, presented by the United Way of Sevier County. This is my third year to attend the hat social and it is still great fun. Follow along for the fun…


Emily Whaley, Donna Rolen, and Amy Harper don their most festive hats at the Ladies Hat Social event.


There was a beautiful assortment of hats in colors to suit every taste. I already have two hats so I enjoyed trying on a few more—just in case.


My friend Karen always enjoys this part and commented that it would be fun to bring that era back, to bring back the time that ladies wore hats. Karen is wearing a cabi Spring ’17 top that matches the trim in that beautiful pink chapeau.


This hat was fabulous! This lady looked ready for the Derby.


You can nosh in a healthy way at this event. This is the plate that I always want when I see something catered at/by Courthouse Donuts.


You can tell when someone is wearing the perfect hat for them. This young lady looked beautiful in every hat.


My friend, Sophia, looks simply smashing in this one. Love the colors! She is wearing the Te Amo blouse and pants from the cabi Spring ’18 collection.


IMG_0709 2


But I also liked this Derby hat too. It had such panache. Decisions, decisions…


I am fascinated by the little hats called ‘fascinators.’ The first ones that I saw were in a photo of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. Did the Brits start the ‘fascinator’  trend?


Donna Huffaker and Marvelle Sewell were available to help with hat selections. Sassafras is my favorite shop in the Old Mill area in Pigeon Forge. Here is a link to the store Facebook page.

Here is a link to the Old Mill.  You could eat at the Old Mill and spend hours in that area.


Jodi Ramsey wears my favorite hat of the evening. What beautiful colors! Orange and white, naturally. I hope Sassafras orders more of those soon. I must have one!


Desserts for the Ladies Hat Social are always a temptation.


The door prizes are an exciting moment during the event. In fact, they can offset the ticket price in a good way. There were several gift baskets and a gift certificate worth $25 at a local boutique; consequently, the $15 ticket was recouped with most of the door prizes.


A view from our table shows someone winning a door prize, presented by Amy Harper, Executive Director of the United Way of Sevier County.


IMG_0704 2

This hat was so pretty that I considered buying another one. I am wearing a cabi Bell jacket, Purr came, and the Drop Sparrow necklace. The hat brought the outfit together nicely.

The time quickly came to an end and we left thinking ahead to the upcoming event, Night at the Derby, presented by the United Way of Sevier County. It will take place on Friday evening, April 20th, from 6:00-9:00 p.m. You can buy tickets or buy a table reservation. Here is a link to the United Way webpage.

Here is also a link to the event Facebook page.

Call the United Way of Sevier County for more ticket information.

The Night at the Derby is a fun event that helps to support the organization’s mission. The United Way of Sevier County partners with many agencies in Sevier County to provide critical programs in the community. This is one of their most important fund raisers of the year so get you hats, dresses, and coats ready. We’ll soon be off to the races.

It is one of the most fun things to do while out and about in Sevierville. 


A Grand Event: Night at the Derby 2017

There was a grand fete in town last Friday evening to benefit the United Way of Sevier County.  After attending it last year, this has become one of my favorite events of the year. Come along as I show you why Night At the Derby has become a favorite with my friends and I.

First, the red carpet sets the tone for a special evening.

Upon arrival, you must first find a table on the patio. Then, start making plans for your wagers and races. I was too busy working on this report so I was only able to participate in the last race, putting all my funny money on three horses. I got a third place!

Next, you will see fun Derby hats and ensembles. Jennifer Dyer’s hat was a favorite!

Our first snack was the Tennessee Brown from Courthouse Donuts. So good!

Marcie Schrandt and Mike Comer, a board member of the United Way of Sevier County.

This cheesecake from the Diner is probably worth the ticket price itself!

Alison Ragsdale, a board member, and Amy Harper, Executive Director of the United Way of Sevier County.

Emily Whaley, event Chair; Jaclyn Kile, and Brenda McCroskey enjoying the festivities inDerby finery.

So many good things to eat!

The Shanton’s preparing to take a Derby photo at the photo booth. That was really fun because you could choose the background, preview it, and it was printed on the spot. The photo was included in the ticket price. So much fun!

I was so happy to meet Linda Ogle and her adorable friend! Both support the United Way.

One our favorites was there—-Healthy Balance. Sheeley Rose will be disappointed that she missed that.

The best chocolates that I have ever had in my life. You need to seek these out. However, you probably will not be able to share them at work.

Several Sevier County distilleries were present at the event and adding to the fun.

Jessy Hardy’s  magnolia hat was one of my favorites!

The Wilderness gourmet crew was ready to impress—and they certainly did! Pictured from left to right: Michael Russo- Executive Chef, Ricardo Rojas- Director of Culinary Operations, Lishia Lira- Mountain Market Deli Manager, Penny Dixson- F&B Manager.

Sophia and Keith Connerly with Pinkie Mistry.

Ashley Burnette, Jennifer Dyer, and Angie Taylor wearing beautiful Derby hats while supporting the United Way.

Jane Howes, Senior Center Director, wins for pure creativity!

Cheri and Al Schmutzer enjoying the races while supporting the United Way of Sevier County.

Bryan and Anna McCarter in Derby attire!

Larry Sorrell and Todd Thompson. Thompson was the auctioneer and gave us some tips before the bidding began.

This whole look was just stunning. Jackie Thurman, dressed in Derby best,  while supporting the United Way.

This trip looked amazing!

I have never seen Dale Carr in an auction—and it was fun to watch. I didn’t bid this year, but was tempted by several trips.

I loved my hat from Sassafras at the Old Mill!

The guy on the left is a Distiller at the Old Forge Distillery at the Old Mill. Isaac Lindsey also used to be in my class. I didn’t recognize him at first. You can run into lots of people at this event!

Pinkie Mistry, Sophia Connerly, and Michael Maddron.

My favorite restaurant presentation was this one by Bistro 109. The decorations by DGarden were exquisite. The food was divine! Chicken salad croissants, fruit salad, fruit kabobs, and pecan chicken. It was absolutely incredible! That is what I enjoyed for dinner at the Derby.  Dustin Manning outdid himself for this event. Visit Bistro 109 downtown Sevierville soon.

In summary, it may have been my favorite Night at the Derby yet. There was a generous selection of food, treats, and beverages from which to choose so you may be overwhelmed, but will recover quickly. The races are exciting to watch. The auctions are tempting. Ultimately, ticket prices are affordable and you MORE than get your money’s worth, while helping one of the hardest working charities in town. Plan to attend next year! It is a fabulous way to get out and about in Sevierville.

See you at the races!

Derby Hat Social 2017: Hang onto your hat! It is almost Derby time!

The United Way of Sevier County presented the Derby Ladies Hat Social on Thursday, April 6 at Courthouse Donuts for those who were interested in finding a beautiful ‘chapeau’ to wear at A Night at the Derby on April 28th. A ‘pop up’ hat shop was put into place for the hat social.  Derby finger foods and beverages were ready to serve at the event. My friends and I dropped by last year and ended up having a grand time at the hat social. This is what we experienced this year.



Beautiful hats from Sassafras were on display ready to be tried on and admired. Sassafras is our favorite store in the Old Mill area in Pigeon Forge. In fact, we always go there after dining at the Old Mill Pottery House. Everyone needs to go there! Here is a link to the store.



My friends and I knew from last year the best things to do at the hat social. Here is what you need to know if you want the best selection of hats. These are our recommendations!

  1. Arrive as soon as the event begins. Set your purses down on a table and go straight back to the hats. Wear a color that you may be wearing to the Derby event to help select the best hat.
  2. When you find a hat that you fancy, do not put it down! Keep it in hand and use the other hand to try on a few more hats. Try on many hats. Ask Donna Roland which one looks best and you will be sure to look good.


Witness the ‘hat protection’ technique in this picture.

I didn’t select the hat I am wearing in this picture because it overpowered my features.  I eventually selected the white one in my hand. Donna Roland, pictured left, assured me that it was the one for me. Learn more about Donna Roland from her website. She is an expert in Sevier County on fashion. Her website it beautiful!

Here is a link.


See, the photo above is blurry due to our speed at grabbing potential Derby hats!


I loved Joan Saas and her April themed hat. What a festive touch she brought to the event!


Our friend, Sophia Connerly, found her hat quite quickly. Love it!


I admired this hat and Pat Willoughby carries it with panache!


All these ladies looked smashing. Loved the little one so much! She was delightful.


Karen found the perfect hat for her immediately.  She bought this one.


Our gracious hostesses, Emily Whaley and Jackie Leatherwood.


I enjoyed meeting Joan Saas, Jan Lapides, and Pat Willoughby. They are Derby ready!


These ladies were stunning in their hats and attire. Pictured are Stephanie Postlewaite and Jennifer Duerer. Stephanie’s grandfather started the Mountain Press newspaper in Sevier County decades ago. I’ll bet there are some amazing stories there.


Ashley Burnette and Janice Bettis enjoying the event and supporting the United Way of Sevier County.


Marvel Sewell, Laurie Faulkner, and Donna Huffaker manning the Sassafras table and supporting the United Way of Sevier County.


After shopping, time to chat!


Members of the United Way of Sevier County getting ready for A Night at the Derby on Friday, April 28th. Pictured left to right are Amy Harper, Executive Director; Emily Whaley, Chair for A Night at the Derby; Kat Ogle, board member; and Jackie Leatherwood, board member.


Executive Director, Amy Harper addresses attendees and explains how the April 28th event will benefit 15 agencies in Sevier County.


And finally, the hat for me. My Facebook friends helped me to select from two hats. This one was the winner 2 to 1 on my social media poll.


You can buy your tickets now for A Night at the Derby, sponsored by Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede. Here is a link to the Facebook event page.

Here is a direct link to the webpage where you can buy tickets.

We attended A Night at the Derby last year and were quite impressed. That event, and the Hat Social, were two of my favorite things last year. Check my blog archives here to read  about the event last year. It is well worth the ticket price. In fact, you more than get your money’s worth—but, after all, it is a donation to the United Way of Sevier County. This organization helps over 15 organizations in our county, one of the most important charitable groups here.

See you at the Derby event on Friday, April 28th. It is a truly fun way to get out and about in Sevierville. 


United Way of Sevier County Presents 2nd Annual First Responders Challenge 2016, (Part 2)

Here is part 2 of  my story on the First Responders Challenge event held yesterday at Sevier County High School. What an exciting event for the whole family! The following pictures and videos will give you a look at one of the best events of the year in Sevierville.

Fun introductions by Bryan McCarter as teams enter the stadium for competition. My favorite intro was for the Sevier County Sherrif’s Department, but I couldn’t catch it in time on my camera. The fighting Hosses’?  Love all the intros.

Here are some pictures that I took quickly before the competitions began. (Message me if you see any errors.)


Hard charging Pigeon Forge Police Department was the winning team of the day. Gold!


Knoxville Police Department represented Knoxvegas well, winning a Bronze medal.


Defending champions from last year, the Alcoa Fire Department.


Pigeon Forge Fire Department


Sevierville Police and Fire, nicknamed  “Holsters and Hoses.” (One of my favorite teams to watch.)


Pittman Center Fire Department


Tug-of-War is fierce!

Police vs Fire for Pigeon Forge.

More strong competition in Tug-of-War.

The obstacle course covers most of the field and provides a lot of excitement!

Teamwork to get everyone over top. A big drop down to the other side.

Approaching the obstacle course.

The guy in the back crossed that high wall well. I was rooting for him!

Sevierville Police and Fire show how to cross the wall.

A lot of speed in the video below. Did someone run track in high school?

John Hutchens’ former track students?


Kyle Grainger from WVLT Channel 8


Michael Maddron, coach, pictured left. Bryan McCarter, announcer, center. SCHS track and event coach,  John Hutchens.


The maze trail is contained within a large truck. The contestants do not know anything about the inside design and it is completely dark. And small spaces! I could see how they bump their helmets on walls and things. I believe the event is timed. To me, this would be the hardest thing of all the events!

Look at the small opening in the bottom right. Very small. Full gear and oxygen tanks add more weight too.


Officer Akers works out at my gym. I asked why he wasn’t competing, but he said that he was scheduled to work. If he competes next year then look out because he works out hard at NFC.


Part of the Shults family outside the Sevier County High School stadium. I think that the sign above applies well to them. My friend Darlene is pictured in the cranberry color. Event Chairman, John Matthews, is pictured to the far right.


Have you ever seen anyone pulling a fire truck loaded with 1,000 gallons of water?

Timed event. Must pull to cones. Coach Hutchens calling the times!

sam_1005A tough team here too!

I had to leave soon after the fire truck pull due to an appointment, but will make sure that I can stay until the end next year. This looked very interesting. A huge container of water with a ladder across the top.

In conclusion, the theme of the day was ‘overcoming obstacles.‘ Justin Shults wrote about overcoming obstacles in his life as an essay topic when he applied for a scholarship. First responders overcome obstacles every day. The United Way of Sevier County helps to fund over 15 community groups to help others overcome obstacles. It was a common thread throughout the day.

I ended my visit on an uplifting note. It was a good moment to see the Shults family honoring Justin and Stephanie Shults.


It is obvious that our community loves this family.


Our community also loves Justin and Stephanie.

In honor of them.

Smoky Mountain First Responders Challenge 2016: Champions All. (Part 1)


I may have found the best event of the year. It is free, family friendly, involves athleticism, bravery, and obstacles. Welcome to the Smoky Mountain First Responders Challenge 2016, presented by the United Way of Sevier County.

The morning was fun, inspiring, and motivating to all ages. The Mountain Press covered the event well in today’s Sunday edition so I will it to them to tell the major details. Event pictures and video are abundant on the Facebook page for Smoky Mountain First Responders Challenge so make sure you go over there to see the competition. Here, I will act as a digital storyteller and share what I observed in my time at this event. This story is expansive so I must cover it in two parts.  Here is what I saw at the beginning of the day…

First responders on location.


Helpers for the day.


Event coaches. Michael Maddron is ready.


I entered just as the event began. Plenty of parking and seats so bring the whole family next year.


The Smoky Mountain First Responders Challenge 2016 began with a tribute to two young people who were lost in the March 22 bombing in the Brussels airport. As we know, Justin Shults was from Gatlinburg. You can see the picture of Justin and Stephanie Shults in the photo above. Some of the proceeds at this event will fund a scholarship in their names for a student at Gatlinburg -Pittman High School. Applicants must write an essay on the topic of obstacles that they have overcome, like Justin Shults wrote about when he attended high school.


At the exact moment that the tribute to Justin and Stephanie Shults ended, I noticed two groups of Canadian geese flying overhead in a ‘V’ formation. The geese were loudly making noise,  as if saluting as they flew.  I don’t know if anyone else noticed this moment, but it seemed like a supernatural tribute from the sky, punctuating the one going on below on the football field. Time seemed to stand still for a moment.


Singing of the National Anthem.


United Way of Sevier County Executive Director, Amy Harper, pictured on the right. Rhonda Bletner, from the Moutain Press, pictured center. Her article in today’s Sunday edition was very comprehensive. Buy one before they are gone!


Bryan McCarter was the announcer for the day. I have heard him announce many ballgames at Carson Newman University, but the humor really came out for this event. From the team introductions to the timed events, his comments had us chuckling all day. A really talented sports announcer!


Coaches for competitions. Michael Maddron, pictured right, is ready for the games to begin.


Teams lining up and listening to how the day will go. I know that adrenaline was pumping!


Ready for Tug-o-War.

Obstacle course wall and tunnel. That wall was high!


Touring the course. Reviewing the rules.



Michael Maddron coaching teams for the obstacle course. (I wanted to sneak over to the stadium today to try to climb the big wall, but I think that they put it away. Maybe next year…)


And then the games were ready to begin at the Hardin-Robertson Field at Sevier County High School. A wonderful school and a great place to hold this event. (Go Bears!)

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this story. I should publish it later this evening. It will contain more pictures, stories, and a few videos of the event. It is just too big to cover in one story.

See more pictures on this blog’s Facebook page.

The Smoky Mountain First Responders Challenge by the United Way of Sevier County was a super charged way to get out and about in Sevierville. 

Be there next year!





A Wonderful Evening : United Way of Sevier County Presents a Taste of Autumn, 2016


It was a nice September evening for our first Taste of Autumn event, presented by the United Way of Sevier County. We made our way through the Sevierville back roads to avoid rod run traffic and to arrive at the Gatlinburg Convention Center / the WL Mills Conference Center in time for this unique event.


Friends gathered at table five with our generous host, Dr. William Pippin. I was honored to sit with VIPs at the Pippin Dental Care table. And what a fun group it was!

It was nice to get out and about with VIPs like Sheley and Joey Rose.


It was a treat to sit with local VIPs, Larry and Janice Sorrell.




Food booths were along three sides of the room. There was almost too much to choose from.

The Margaritaville gumbo was great and I would definitely order it at the restaurant.

The beef brisket sliders from the Park Vista Grill were one of my favorites.


Bubba Gump’s shrimp and grits helped them win most of the tokens that attendees used to vote for ‘favorite restaurant.’ They won the event for most popular food, the Golden Spoon Award. Who can argue with shrimp and grits?


This is a shrimp.


Some people don’t mind if you take their picture. Super nice booth for Fox and Parrot and Wine a Little Wine Bar. Need to revisit the Fox and Parrot Tavern on Glades road in Gatlinburg in the near future.


Others like to make a memorable photo too. Fun booth, this one!


This one was one of my favorite booths. Please come back next year!


An excellent Master of Ceremonies.


Amy Harper, Executive Director of the United Way of Sevier County.

So fun meeting Henry Cho before the show. Here is a picture of Henry Cho having his picture made with Dr. Pippin.


I had wanted to see Henry Cho last year when the tour brought him to Knoxville, his home town. When I heard that he was performing at the Taste of Autumn then I knew it was a ‘must see’ event. It did not disappoint! His humor is clean, yet it has a keen edge. He points out truths that we all see in life. He also deals with stereotypes in a gentle, playful, yet hilarious way. Married couples and parents will really appreciate his comical observations of life.


We had a great view and laughed for the duration of the show. My favorite jokes were too many to name.


He picked people out of the audience during parts of the show and we were nervous that he may turn his attention to us. All was well. We were spared any comedic jabs and enjoyed it all. He is one of the best comedians around today. If you ever get a chance, you must see Knoxville’s own Henry Cho!


As we walked out of the convention center, we enjoyed the nice evening sunset with nice temperatures.


And an iconic Gatlinburg night scene.

To be sure, the Taste of Autumn 2016, presented by the United Way of Sevier County, was a wonderful  event and should not be missed. It takes a bit of effort for me to leave from work to arrive by 5:00, but it was worth it. Even more, it helps the United Way of Sevier County, an agency helps more than 15 non-profits in our area.

The United Way goal this year is to raise more than $525,000. This event kicks off the fund raising year so let’s get behind them to meet this goal!

 Go ahead and pencil The Taste of Autumn into your calendar for next year. It is one of the best  September happenings in Sevier County.

Look for more pictures on the United Way Facebook page.

 I will post more pictures tonight on the Out and About in Sevierville  Facebook page.

A grand event: Night at the Derby

The Night at the Derby benefit for the United Way of Sevier County was quite an event and a grand time for all! What a soiree! Probably the best time that I have had in Sevier County to date.

First, my evening started with a snafu on the drive to pick up Melinda. I heard a ‘bump’ sound from the back seat in my car. To my horror, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that the back seat wasn’t latched and had fallen on my new Derby hat! It was getting smashed flat! The next red light gave me a chance to jump out of the car to rescue it. Yikes! It survived the trip and all was well.

Upon arrival at the event, attendees started the fun with a chance to walk down a red carpet and be photographed. Check-in, then another photo with more a formal background. You received ‘fun money’ and instructions on how it could be used.

The ticket price was a great value, in my opinion. A great value, indeed. It provided admittance, a free photo, play money for games, and all you cared to eat or drink. Honestly, this event could charge DOUBLE the ticket price for what we received at that event. I advise you to go next year in case the price should ever go up in the future. You have to experience it.


The building areas were well planned and made good use of space. The outdoor seating area was spacious, with plenty of tables and chairs for everyone. It was such a pleasant evening, talking with friends in the outdoors with the evening  breeze and sunset. The music playing in the background was festive and upbeat.

Food was fabulous! My favorite treat was the sweet corn tamale cake from the Chop House. Also, the salted caramel cheesecake from the Diner was divine. There were many healthy and decadent options.

The organized games were entertaining and quite fun. My friends quickly helped me ‘get up to speed’ on how to play the games. The trip auctions were very exciting! Destinations were popular. Next year, I would really get excited to see another trip auction to California, Chicago, or Las Vegas. It will be fun to see what they offer next year.

I offer congratulations to those who worked on this wonderful event.  The United Way helps so many people in our community. It was gratifying to see that they exceeded their goal this evening. Well done.

In summary, my friends and I had a grand time and will plan on attending the Night at the Derby again. We enjoyed three and a half hours of fun, food, drink, frivolity, and Derby fashion. My assessment is that Night at the Derby is the best event of the year in Sevierville. Don’t miss it next time!

Out and about in Sevierville…